Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Current Music Obsessions

I haven't written a music post in so long, I had forgotten how much I love sharing what I am listening to with you guys. You know I always love a good recommendation, so don't be shy and share your favourite tracks with me in the comments. I've been all over the place lately with my mood, and something that never fails me is a song I can get lost in. Instantly, this lifts me out of my pity pit and back into the real world where the things that are getting me down are out of my control so I just need to smile and move the fuck on.

So to share with you my top 3 songs that always put me in a bloody good mood:


I'm not ashamed, love a little Kanye and this song makes me feel like a badass bitch. I get so into it when I'm singing that I don't even register when people are trying to talk to me and that is how I plan to live my life. Can't see the haterz [lol as if I have haterz haha].


I went to see the awesome James Bay last Thursday and I hadn't heard this song of his until he performed it in front of me and it was an energising perfect song that encourages you not to be fake. Don't be fake, just be you.


I know a few people who are not fans of this song but Macklemore will always have a place in my heart because his voice just takes me back to hanging out in Smack in my freshers with my housemates and pretending to fan money. Also the lines: 
Going 38 man, chill the fuck out
Mow your damn lawn and sit the hell down
Makes me laugh. A lot.

What's your favourite song when you are in a bad mood?

Thank you for reading. Love you long time. Take care.

Love ♥


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