Monday, 30 November 2015

Kylie Lip Kit

There has been a bit of buzz around this product for quite a while now, and finally we get to see a finished product available to purchase. Naturally, I am talking about the Kylie Lip Kit, which has most likely already sold out. Kylie has been working on this product for two years now and she has released three shades as well as promises of more to come. Keep reading for more details, including swatches and prices as well as dupes. 

There are three shades available currently, and they are being sold for $30 each, although already people are selling these much coveted items for ten times the original price. Kylie is famous for her trademark mauve and brown 90's reminiscent lip looks and her three new lip products definitely stay true to that.

Candy K is a very light pink nude shade, it looks very pretty and perfect for both day-to-night looks. I believe all the products dry matte. An inexpensive alternative would be Istanbul by NYX (£5.50), their Soft Matte lip creams make a wonderful dupe to most matte liquid lipsticks. A high-end similar product would be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in shades like Pure Hollywood or Dusty Rose.

Dolce K is a darker shade than Candy K and more of a true brown-based nude, Dupes for this shade, which I like a lot better than Candy K as I think Dolce K would be flattering on a wider variety of skin tones, are Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina (£16). Stockholm and London (£5.50) from NYX is an alternative too. Matte Lip Paint from Coloured Raine in the shade Sugar ($13.60) looks pretty similar as well. Whirl (£15.50) from MAC would achieve a similar colour in my opinion as well. 

Lastly and possibly my favourite out of all of them is True Brown K, this reminds me a lot of Veronica from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Cannes from NYX would also work as a cheaper option as would Tulle ($4.80) from Color Pop.

Overall, I am not all that impressed with her Lip Kit. I think the colours are gorgeous and to be expected judging from Kylie's own makeup evolution, but they are all colours that have been created a hundred times before and for a lot cheaper. There is nothing especially unique about this collection, but time will tell. The formulation might be out of this world, so you don't have to take my word for it. I wasn't too impressed with the packaging either, it could have been a lot cooler and doesn't look like it is worth $30 to me.

In my opinion, NYX Soft Matte lip creams are the best bet for achieving a similar matte look in a 90s colour and they cost a sixth of the price. Can't go wrong really.

What do you think of this collection? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate your time. Let me know which one is your favourite shade as well and what alternative products you like to use to achieve your favourite looks. Hope you are having a wonderful week, it is the 1st December tomorrow so expect some Christmassy posts soon. Take care.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Missguided Beauty

I spent a few minutes last night scrolling through my Bloglovin with a cup of tea and came across a post on the Missguided new beauty range (click here to read that post). I took to the website to explore the products they stock for myself and share my top picks with you guys. It's not easy to find on the website, if you just search 'missguided beauty' it will take you straight to the page you want. 

There are 21 products in total, I am sure they will expand this section in due course as demand increases. The most noticeable brands I spied were W7 (who do great dupes of the Naked palettes from Urban Decay), City Color Cosmetics, an American brand if you couldn't tell by the spelling. I have heard City Color mentioned by many of my favourite stateside YouTubers. Balmi and Fab Brows are the other two stand-out brands. The Balmi lip balms are so cute I have seen them dotted on various beauty inclined Instagram pages and brows are still a trend that is going strong, although I personally haven't heard of this brand prior to now. 

My favourite products, I narrowed it down to just three are:

1. W7 The Glam Box (£20) - Great value for money and an ideal present, you get 3 palettes: Midnight Eye Colour Palette; Cheeky trio which boasts a bronzer, blusher and highlight shade; In The Buff Eye Colour Palette, a dupe for the Naked palette with twelve neutral shades perfect for day to evening makeup looks.

2. City Color Cosmetics Contour Palette (£10) - A contour palette with three shades, the deepest shade is the contour colour, a slightly warmer brown is the bronzer and there is a matte almost banana coloured highlight. It looks like a great palette, and I think the colours will hit a lot of different skin tones. 

3. W7 Duo Powder Brush (£8) - A perfect second purchase if the first is the contour palette. This brush reminds me of the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour brush. After reading some reviews, I have heard that the W7 brushes are soft and made of synthetic hair. Good quality for the price. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Have a lovely week. Don't forget to check out my Music For Monday post, follow and leave a comment with what products you are most interested in. Take care.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Music For Monday | Wolves

This is going to be a really quick post because I really need to get my ass to sleep. I changed my mind about twelve times about what song I was going to write this song about. I have been alternating between Justin and Adele mostly, but also One Direction creep in now and again. I'm so mainstream, I'm embarrassed. My current obsession is Wolves by One Direction, I cannot wait to sing it to strangers on the way to work. Long story short, after scrolling through every obscure One Direction video on the internet I cannot find this song. Normally, this would only fuel my determination and make me try that much harder but I really need to sleep. P.S. If you want to see something really disturbing google 'one direction wolves' and click on Images. The world is a scary fan-girl dominated place, and I want no part of it. 

One of the tamer images, and a moment of silence for the loss of Zayn in this glorious pack please. Thank you.
It's an upbeat song and worth 99p so if you want to listen to it then here is a link to purchasing it on iTunes, alternatively if you are really cheap, like me, you can just listen to it repeat on spotify and then sing it to yourself on your commute. It's basically the same thing. May your Monday be short and your tea be epic, because I refuse to believe that anyone who reads my shit drinks coffee. Coffee is only for serious human beings. On another note, if your Monday is particularly awful I suggest dragging yourself to your nearest Costa on your way to work/school or in your lunch break and getting a Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate because it will change your life. 

Thank you for reading, other songs I have been obsessed with are Adele's A Million Years Ago, Water Under The Bridge, and as for Justin I like Love Yourself (which I mentioned last week), Life Is Worth Living, I'll Show You, and Purpose. Lots of love. Take care.

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Too Faced Melted Chocolate | Overview

Too Faced make such adorable products. Their newest line of Melted lipsticks are no different, this time chocolate themed and fitting perfectly into the "Kylie Jenner" or 90's lip trend that has been taking the beauty world by storm for the better part of this year. To my knowledge, these are not yet released, but after seeing a photo of this collection on the toofaced instagram page, it looked too beautiful not to share. So without further ado, here are the colours. 

There are six new shades in total. From darkest to lightest you have Chocolate Cherries (a beautiful deep brown), Metallic Candy Bar (a true nude, surprisingly darker than most nudes out there), Metallic Frozen Hot Chocolate (a frosty slightly pink, beige-nude), Metallic Chocolate Diamonds (shiny champagne nude), Chocolate Honey (a muted pink) and Chocolate Milkshake (more of a true light pink).

Which shade do you like the best? I am torn between the two darkest shades, they look just scrumptious. I can only assume that they smell of chocolate just like all the other products in the Too Faced Chocolate range. Again, thank you so much for reading. I'll have a Music For Monday up for you tomorrow. Take care.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani

Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani have collaborated just in time for this Holiday season, as I am sure you are all aware. The palette looks so utterly beautiful, I couldn't not do a post about it. None of these pictures are my own, because in spite of my incessant sleuthing I can't find the release date for UK stores anywhere (if you know please share the news in the comments!). I do believe it will be up on their website tomorrow. 

There are 15 shades altogether with five shades on each line, kindly dissected by me row by row. The top two rows would make a perfect neutral palette by itself, and the last row is comparatively colourful which is a great addition.

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

Top Row: Blonde (a pale beige shade with a slight iridescence), Bathwater (slightly darker than Blonde with a pinkish gold tone) , Skimp (matte neutral beige), Steady (warm-toned yet still pale golden brown) and Punk (mahogany deep brown matte). 

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette Swatches
L-R: Blonde, Bathwater, Skimp, Steady and Punk.
Image from
Middle Row: Baby (straw-coloured shimmer), Anaheim (matte cool-toned taupe brown), Stark (matte version of  Baby but also slightly deeper in tone), Zone (medium brown matte) and Serious (deep grey matte).

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette Swatches-2
L-R: Baby, Anaheim, Stark, Zone and Serious.
Image from
Bottom Row: Pop (shimmer version of Blonde), Harajuku (cool-toned bubblegum pink shimmer), Danger (electric deep blue shimmer), 1987 (true gold shimmer) and Blackout (not a new shade, classic black matte).

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette Swatches-3
L-R: Pop, Harajuku, Danger, 1987 and Blackout.
Image from
Below you can see what the exterior of the palette looks like. I think Urban Decay (as always) did a phenomenal job with the packaging, it looks classic and funky at the same time which is just so Gwen, which means it's perfect.

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on this palette. I believe it goes live on their website tomorrow. My favourite shades are: Punk, Baby, Danger and Serious. Although, naturally, I love Blackout; it is my all-time favourite matte black and perfect for setting (and correcting) liquid eyeliner. Thank you so much for reading, I will be writing another post shortly. Don't forget to leave a comment sharing your favourite shade below. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care.

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Foundation Friday | Maybelline Better Skin

I have had the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation (£9) for a good few months now so I can finally do a reliable review on this product and go in-depth about what I like about it and what I don't like about it. It is created for stressed-out skin, which is a wonderful concept, similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation. For me, this is ideal as the slightest bit of stress in my life shows immediately on my face via dullness, redness, spots, but thankfully not dark circles or under-eye bags. This foundation claims to give you improved, basically better, skin after just 3 weeks of use, I have yet to use it that consistently but I'll definitely try to and keep you all updated. 

Good colour match for my skin tone and I have medium skin; I am in the shade Fawn. 
Great coverage. I skip concealer completely with this. Evens out skin, hides redness, brightens dull skin and covers most blemishes.
Very lightweight, it really does look like skin, in spite of the medium to full coverage you can achieve, and most importantly it feels like skin; very comfortable to wear.
It doesn't seem to transfer, but I always set my face with loose powder.
Fairly long-lasting, I still have decent coverage after approximately 8 hours at work.
Easy and quick to apply, just dot some on the face and use a flat kabuki brush to blend it out. Perfect for when you are in a rush in the morning or if you are applying makeup during your commute.
A hydrating formula yet it leaves me with a demi-matte finish (my favourite).
Perfect for daily wear.
SPF 20

Only 8 shades available, none of them suited to paler skin tones or deeper skin tones. Fawn is the second darkest shade, which is ridiculous to me.
Quite pigmented, I wouldn't recommend using this with a flat traditional foundation brush. A flat kabuki brush, duo-fibre brush or a beauty blender, even your fingers would be better as you'll have more control over the coverage. No matter the foundation, it is always possible to overdo it.
It's not a wow product, it won't blow your mind and I haven't noticed a change in my skin, however, as mentioned I will need to spend a little more time with it to see if it does have an effect. Although, correlation does not infer causation (thank you, useless psychology degree).

photo from makeupbyjoyce
Thank you so much for reading my review, I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. What is your favourite everyday foundation? Let me know in the comments below. I haven't tried many Maybelline products but after this experience, I am tempted to try more. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care.

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Music For Mondays | Love Yourself

Justin Bieber's latest album has officially dropped and he has released videos for all of the tracks on his YouTube channel (JustinBieberVevo). I have been obsessed with the first three tracks I have heard: Where Are U Now, What Do U Mean and Sorry. I love them all, but my favourite single from Purpose has to be Love Yourself. It is simply brilliant. You can listen to it by pressing play below.

He wrote this song with Ed Sheeran. My favourite line obviously is:
My Mama don't like you and she likes everyone
So much shade. Inevitably, people are going to be speculating about who the song was written about, if indeed it was written about anyone at all, but I have been listening to this on repeat to and from work as well as singing to myself while doing menial tasks. It really helps the time pass. Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday, I think the Biebs outdid himself with this album (FYI I am one of the rare people who actually like songs, or at least don't actively despise, like Mistletoe, Baby, and of course Boyfriend). I'm not ashamed. Let me know your favourite song in the comments. Thank you for reading. Take care.

Love ♥

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Ultra Contour Palette | Review

I have gathered quite a collection of Makeup Revolution products and really want to get down to reviewing them for you guys, It is so easy to get sucked into a good price, because their products are ridiculously inexpensive, but you don't want this to be a complete waste of your time. I am a firm believer in high prices not necessarily meaning good quality. You can find so many amazing products in your local Superdrug that it doesn't always make sense to splurge. However, after testing out a variety of Makeup Revolution products, I think they can be quite hit and miss. So without further ado, let's jump into my review of the Ultra Contour Palette. This is the powder contour palette, although they have recently released a cream version of this palette I haven't purchased that yet (not sure I will). 

You get 8 shades in this palette, I would say 5 are for highlighting and 3 are for contouring. Let's start with the cons and then end on a happy note.

They are not that easy to blend, You have to work at it but eventually you'll get it blended correctly, I do wish it took less time. The white highlight is a little too glittery for me, definitely more suited to lighter skin tones, however, the golden highlight annoyingly barely shows up on my skin: it's not very pigmented at all. The banana powder is okay but I do prefer loose powders for setting any highlight or concealer. I just feel it looks better. The other main issue I have is that all of the shadows are very powdery so things can get messy quickly.

The colours: they are pigmented and contain shades that would work on so many different skin tones. You can see from the photo above that they all show up quite well on a deeper skin tone. Even the lightest contour powder shows up on my skin, which is such a nice surprise. They show up immediately and are very matte. Of course, the highlight shades are not all matte but I feel like they could be better as mentioned. What I will say is that they all work really well as eye shadows. Great matte shades, perfect for everyday looks or even a chocolate smoky eye for the evening. It also has a brilliant decent-sized mirror and a good deal of product, so for £8 you can't complain too much. 

Overall Rating: 3/5
Not bad for the price but it didn't knock my socks off and I won't be repurchasing.

Love ♥


Monday, 9 November 2015

Hello | Adele Makeup

Adele has done it again. She has this rare and incredible talent to move you with her voice, no matter what she's singing, it makes you feel. Her latest single Hello which I'm sure you've heard as it is everywhere right now is on the same level as Someone Like You in my opinion. Although, her face and this song have been floating around with a vengeance on social media it is largely due to her incredible beautiful and classic makeup, in particular her contour and sixties eyes. You can see her in all her sepia sexy glory below. 

But before we get onto how you too can look just as alluring, let's take a moment to appreciate her magnificent vocal chords and butcher them as we sing along to every line. Side note: Dixon, yes Dixon from 90210, is casually chatting up a storm in this video and why, I ask, is nobody talking about this? 90210: great show.
Hello, it's me . . . 

I found two tutorials that I really like, if you wish to watch a tutorial that is, one is perfect for fair skinned and there is one suited to more olive skin tones. Remember these are "inspired" makeup tutorials, everyone adapts certain looks to suit their own face, skin tone, eye shape etc. If you were to replicate a look exactly there is a strong chance it wouldn't look as fabulous on you as it would the original wearer, and no one wants that. 

Nicola Chapman from pixiwoos did a gorgeous recreation for all the fair-skinned beauties out there. Loving her new auburn locks. Watch that video below:

Farah Dhukai also uploaded a tutorial recently inspired by the Hello music video and I love the outcome. It's neutral glam and gorgeous if you skipped the lashes you'd still be able to wear this flawless look to work or college. You can see the complete look below and scroll down further for the full tutorial.

It is fundamentally just a classic look that boasts defined cheeks and defined eyes. The great thing about this is it can be worn on everyone.

To recreate it yourself, all you need: 

1. An amazing buildable mascara and lash comb/pair of fluttery sixties dramatic lashes. Whatever floats your boat, I'm a mascara girl myself. Telescopic mascara from L'Oreal works wonders. You'll also need gel liner for the famous flick.

2. Flawless base, a medium coverage foundation that is suited to your skin type. Sixties looks were more about matte finishes (you can always add the glow later) so choose a demi-matte formula so it's not shiny but also not flat looking. Honestly, as long as you powder you're skin will look sixties in no time. For foundations Benefit Hello Flawless, Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation and Maybelline Matte + Poreless are great choices.

3. Contour, you want grey tones to really create the shadow. As you're not about to film a video in sepia you can warm up the contour with a bronzer later on so its more wearable and flattering in natural light. Ashy contour shades can be found in the eyeshadow section as well as the contour section. My favourite is Chocolate Delicious Mono eyeshadow by Makeup Revolution.

4. Nude lips. Every girl should know her perfect nude. A your lips but better shade. If you don't have one my advice would be to go to yours nearest MAC counter and speak to a professional. Try out a few shades of lipsticks and lip liners (buy the one - or ones - you like most) and then get home and google the shade name plus dupes to find more affordable and similar colours that you could wear. No 7 also provides a service that matched your correct foundation shade and gives you a list of the most flattering lipsticks for your foundation shade. 

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed this slightly different #MusicForMondays. Leave some suggestions as to what you'd likr to read about down below, I love reading your comments. Don't forget to follow and check out my social media accounts, wrap up warm. Take care.

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Norvina | Gatsby Look

If you have Instagram (why don't you?) you'll know that Kris Jenner had a Great Gatsby themed birthday party and although I fell in real love with the sparkling dresses Khloe and Kylie were wearing as well as Kourtney's glam tuxedo and sleek bun, it was Norvina's 1920's inspired makeup look that stole the show. This girl slays so hard, all the time, so make sure you follow her on Instagram. All her looks are beautiful, but especially this one. Keep reading for her makeup details with links and prices with dupes added for your convenience.


ABH Concealer - £20

Copper Brown Powder (deepen contour) - £14

Single Eyeshadow in Copper Shimmer - $12
Single Eyeshadow in Henna (coming soon)


ABH Liquid Lipstick in Sad Girl

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and the dupes I mentioned. Makeup Revolution have some contour palettes (both cream and powder) for £8 that you could use instead of the expensive ABH kits and a cream contour stick in Malibu for £5. I am a massive fan of the Sleek Face Contour Kits (£6.50), and you can use their concealer palettes (£2.65) as a cream contour too; so don't be disheartened by the price tags of all the products Norvina used. Don't forget to follow and leave a comment with your thoughts on this makeup look. Take care.

Love ♥

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Favourites

Time is ticking by and soon it will be too late to do this post, so I am just going to dive right in. However, I hope you all had a brilliant Halloween. I spent the weekend in London and the city looked stunning, you can see that below. Let's kick things off with beauty and I'll tell you more about London at the end. Links and prices included for your convenience.

CORALISTA - £23.50
My first favourite and something I have constantly been reaching for is the Coralista blush by Benefit. It is just the perfect colour, so flattering and versatile. You can wear it with any makeup look at all. I honestly would choose this blush over all others, I have a little sample I bought from eBay ages ago and there is still so much left. I am thinking of doing a dupes post for this blush because it is such a perfect shade for so many different skin tones; let me know if you would be interested in that in the comments.

Next is a new purchase, the Tarte Cosmetics contour brush. It is so big and fluffy and it cuts the time it takes to apply your bronzer in half. A few quick swipes and you're golden. A great brush, soft and really high quality. Particularly suited to getting right under the cheekbone.

One rediscovery is the Ready foundation from Bare Minerals. I had forgotten how natural and flawless it makes your skin look. If you struggle with foundation and it gets patchy or shiny throughout the day, definitely try out mineral foundation. Ideal for long days at work and so easy to touch up if necessary because it all blends together.

My last beauty favourite is the Nivea cleanser, because it smells really nice and removes my mascara easily. I always find mascara the toughest to remove. It's simple yet effective. It is very gentle, can be used daily and leaves your skin feeling clean and smelling nice.

For general favourites I have been obsessed with Orange Is The New Black, and I mean obsessed. Also, Made in Chelsea and Empire are back on. I spent last weekend in London and had a brilliant time. Sometimes, I find London a bit too much but the city was behaving perfectly. The streets weren't overcrowded, the weather was gorgeous and the food was sublime. For that reason, the butterscotch and apple spiced donuts from Bread Ahead have to be a favourite. Don't they look divine?

In addition to Bread Ahead at Borough Market, I found the best pizza place in England.
The pizza at Franco Manca is Italian level awesome. It's about £5-7 for a full pizza; you'll never want to eat anywhere else. Best tasting crusts, so make sure to eat them if you do go.

If you watch Nikkie Tutorials (who I love) you know that she includes one oh-god-no in her favourites videos. I watched a film with my friends called A Girl Next Door and it was the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. It was based on a true story so after spending five minutes on Wikipedia I needed an hour to think about how evil the human race can be. It was given a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDB; don't be fooled. Protect yourself. I wish I could delete that film from my memory it has made me sick to my stomach. On a better note, the red cups in Starbucks are back which means Christmas drinks have returned with a vengeance so get excited.

Thank you so much for reading, I am going to try and get into a routine with posting but I never seem to have the time. So bear with, things will be running smoothly again shortly. Take care.

Love ♥
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