Monday, 9 November 2015

Hello | Adele Makeup

Adele has done it again. She has this rare and incredible talent to move you with her voice, no matter what she's singing, it makes you feel. Her latest single Hello which I'm sure you've heard as it is everywhere right now is on the same level as Someone Like You in my opinion. Although, her face and this song have been floating around with a vengeance on social media it is largely due to her incredible beautiful and classic makeup, in particular her contour and sixties eyes. You can see her in all her sepia sexy glory below. 

But before we get onto how you too can look just as alluring, let's take a moment to appreciate her magnificent vocal chords and butcher them as we sing along to every line. Side note: Dixon, yes Dixon from 90210, is casually chatting up a storm in this video and why, I ask, is nobody talking about this? 90210: great show.
Hello, it's me . . . 

I found two tutorials that I really like, if you wish to watch a tutorial that is, one is perfect for fair skinned and there is one suited to more olive skin tones. Remember these are "inspired" makeup tutorials, everyone adapts certain looks to suit their own face, skin tone, eye shape etc. If you were to replicate a look exactly there is a strong chance it wouldn't look as fabulous on you as it would the original wearer, and no one wants that. 

Nicola Chapman from pixiwoos did a gorgeous recreation for all the fair-skinned beauties out there. Loving her new auburn locks. Watch that video below:

Farah Dhukai also uploaded a tutorial recently inspired by the Hello music video and I love the outcome. It's neutral glam and gorgeous if you skipped the lashes you'd still be able to wear this flawless look to work or college. You can see the complete look below and scroll down further for the full tutorial.

It is fundamentally just a classic look that boasts defined cheeks and defined eyes. The great thing about this is it can be worn on everyone.

To recreate it yourself, all you need: 

1. An amazing buildable mascara and lash comb/pair of fluttery sixties dramatic lashes. Whatever floats your boat, I'm a mascara girl myself. Telescopic mascara from L'Oreal works wonders. You'll also need gel liner for the famous flick.

2. Flawless base, a medium coverage foundation that is suited to your skin type. Sixties looks were more about matte finishes (you can always add the glow later) so choose a demi-matte formula so it's not shiny but also not flat looking. Honestly, as long as you powder you're skin will look sixties in no time. For foundations Benefit Hello Flawless, Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation and Maybelline Matte + Poreless are great choices.

3. Contour, you want grey tones to really create the shadow. As you're not about to film a video in sepia you can warm up the contour with a bronzer later on so its more wearable and flattering in natural light. Ashy contour shades can be found in the eyeshadow section as well as the contour section. My favourite is Chocolate Delicious Mono eyeshadow by Makeup Revolution.

4. Nude lips. Every girl should know her perfect nude. A your lips but better shade. If you don't have one my advice would be to go to yours nearest MAC counter and speak to a professional. Try out a few shades of lipsticks and lip liners (buy the one - or ones - you like most) and then get home and google the shade name plus dupes to find more affordable and similar colours that you could wear. No 7 also provides a service that matched your correct foundation shade and gives you a list of the most flattering lipsticks for your foundation shade. 

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed this slightly different #MusicForMondays. Leave some suggestions as to what you'd likr to read about down below, I love reading your comments. Don't forget to follow and check out my social media accounts, wrap up warm. Take care.

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