Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Favourites

Time is ticking by and soon it will be too late to do this post, so I am just going to dive right in. However, I hope you all had a brilliant Halloween. I spent the weekend in London and the city looked stunning, you can see that below. Let's kick things off with beauty and I'll tell you more about London at the end. Links and prices included for your convenience.

CORALISTA - £23.50
My first favourite and something I have constantly been reaching for is the Coralista blush by Benefit. It is just the perfect colour, so flattering and versatile. You can wear it with any makeup look at all. I honestly would choose this blush over all others, I have a little sample I bought from eBay ages ago and there is still so much left. I am thinking of doing a dupes post for this blush because it is such a perfect shade for so many different skin tones; let me know if you would be interested in that in the comments.

Next is a new purchase, the Tarte Cosmetics contour brush. It is so big and fluffy and it cuts the time it takes to apply your bronzer in half. A few quick swipes and you're golden. A great brush, soft and really high quality. Particularly suited to getting right under the cheekbone.

One rediscovery is the Ready foundation from Bare Minerals. I had forgotten how natural and flawless it makes your skin look. If you struggle with foundation and it gets patchy or shiny throughout the day, definitely try out mineral foundation. Ideal for long days at work and so easy to touch up if necessary because it all blends together.

My last beauty favourite is the Nivea cleanser, because it smells really nice and removes my mascara easily. I always find mascara the toughest to remove. It's simple yet effective. It is very gentle, can be used daily and leaves your skin feeling clean and smelling nice.

For general favourites I have been obsessed with Orange Is The New Black, and I mean obsessed. Also, Made in Chelsea and Empire are back on. I spent last weekend in London and had a brilliant time. Sometimes, I find London a bit too much but the city was behaving perfectly. The streets weren't overcrowded, the weather was gorgeous and the food was sublime. For that reason, the butterscotch and apple spiced donuts from Bread Ahead have to be a favourite. Don't they look divine?

In addition to Bread Ahead at Borough Market, I found the best pizza place in England.
The pizza at Franco Manca is Italian level awesome. It's about £5-7 for a full pizza; you'll never want to eat anywhere else. Best tasting crusts, so make sure to eat them if you do go.

If you watch Nikkie Tutorials (who I love) you know that she includes one oh-god-no in her favourites videos. I watched a film with my friends called A Girl Next Door and it was the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. It was based on a true story so after spending five minutes on Wikipedia I needed an hour to think about how evil the human race can be. It was given a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDB; don't be fooled. Protect yourself. I wish I could delete that film from my memory it has made me sick to my stomach. On a better note, the red cups in Starbucks are back which means Christmas drinks have returned with a vengeance so get excited.

Thank you so much for reading, I am going to try and get into a routine with posting but I never seem to have the time. So bear with, things will be running smoothly again shortly. Take care.

Love ♥

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