Monday, 23 November 2015

Music For Monday | Wolves

This is going to be a really quick post because I really need to get my ass to sleep. I changed my mind about twelve times about what song I was going to write this song about. I have been alternating between Justin and Adele mostly, but also One Direction creep in now and again. I'm so mainstream, I'm embarrassed. My current obsession is Wolves by One Direction, I cannot wait to sing it to strangers on the way to work. Long story short, after scrolling through every obscure One Direction video on the internet I cannot find this song. Normally, this would only fuel my determination and make me try that much harder but I really need to sleep. P.S. If you want to see something really disturbing google 'one direction wolves' and click on Images. The world is a scary fan-girl dominated place, and I want no part of it. 

One of the tamer images, and a moment of silence for the loss of Zayn in this glorious pack please. Thank you.
It's an upbeat song and worth 99p so if you want to listen to it then here is a link to purchasing it on iTunes, alternatively if you are really cheap, like me, you can just listen to it repeat on spotify and then sing it to yourself on your commute. It's basically the same thing. May your Monday be short and your tea be epic, because I refuse to believe that anyone who reads my shit drinks coffee. Coffee is only for serious human beings. On another note, if your Monday is particularly awful I suggest dragging yourself to your nearest Costa on your way to work/school or in your lunch break and getting a Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate because it will change your life. 

Thank you for reading, other songs I have been obsessed with are Adele's A Million Years Ago, Water Under The Bridge, and as for Justin I like Love Yourself (which I mentioned last week), Life Is Worth Living, I'll Show You, and Purpose. Lots of love. Take care.

Love ♥

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  1. Can I just say I absolutely love your writing style.. So entertaining!
    And i have the same mainstream taste in music 🙈 Totally get the embarrassment sometimes..
    Jiya |


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