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Gifts are an integral part of Christmas and as a self-confessed makeup addict I have been salivating over my Instagram feed at all the glorious holiday palettes that have come peeking out of the woodwork in recent weeks. Nars is a brilliant high-end makeup brand that do incredibly creative collections with the most innovative packaging around. Seriously, their products are basically collector's items. They should be displayed in museums. Their latest collaboration is with Steven Klein, a very successful photographer who has worked with iconic pop stars like Madonna, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. The Nars collection is as fabulous as all those three combined. Here are my three favourite items from the collection, and in my opinion the best gifts to give. 

A four-part blush palette complete with a miniature version of the cult favourite: the Ita brush. The four blushes you get are: Nico (top left - a very natural shade, warm beige with a subtle sheen), Esoteric (bottom left - warm orange with slight gold shimmer), Savage (top right - matte coral-reddish pink shade) and Ferocious (bottom right - cool-toned pink shade). It is a beautiful palette, the exterior design is simply breathtaking, but you can get better blush palettes for less than a quarter of the price. I love the BH Cosmetics 10 Colour Professional Blush palette, however, you don't get a brush with that. Elf Cosmetics and Morphe Brushes also do great blush palettes as well. The Ita brush, although a massive beauty guru favourite, is very similar to the the thin brushes you receive with standard drugstore blushes and the mini version of the Ita brush is virtually identical to those.

Fun Fact:- Esoteric means likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowledge or interest. If you can use that in a sentence, I might send you a prize (leave it in the comments).

Same price as the last palette, but in comparison you get a lot more product. In this palette you receive 7 cheek powders, a selection of blushes, a contouring powder, a highlight and their best selling bronzing powder which is twice the size of every other pan. It is essentially another cheek palette, although there is nothing stopping you from using these shades on your eyes or body. The shades are: Paloma Highlight (top right - matte, warm, pale beige highlight shade), Paloma Contour (top middle - matte reddish brown, darker than Laguna and with warm undertones), Laguna (top left - one of their best selling powders,, a medium brown with a slight sheen), Robotic (bottom light pink blush shade with slight silver shimmer), Blasphemy (bottom second left - rosy pink satin blush), Luster (bottom second from the right - warm orange blush, darker than Esoteric) and Dolce Vita (bottom right - warm cranberry shade with gold  shimmer). This is a great palette for someone who does not own any Nars powders, but other than that I think it is missing a cool-toned contouring powder to really complete the kit and I am not too impressed with the Paloma highlight either. 

The least expensive out of the three options this eyeshadow palette contains four dual intensity eyeshadows, this means they can be used both wet and dry, three of these are new shades. From light to dark you have: Studly (beige gold shimmer), Stag Film (warm pink with gold undertones, almost rose gold but not gold enough to warrant that description), Subra (deep plummy brown shade with reddish undertones) and Black Mail (an existing shade, a stain grey-black). Out of all the shades, I think Subra is my favourite it is described as a "black orchid", doesn't that sound divine? £29 is a great price considering one of these shadows alone would be £21. Admittedly, you get a lot less product but I doubt you would hit pan on any of these anyway.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and as are excited about this collection as I am. I would love to know what you think of it in the comments below. I hear many mixed opinions, some even think Nars collections are very ordinary and all similar which is an opinion I can agree with to a point. What do you like the look of? What are your favourite holiday palettes and what do you want to read about next? Don't forget to subscribe. Take care.

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  1. Brilliant post. Great selection of products. I know I would love to receive any of these.

    Manni x

  2. Lovely palettes. I really don't read any reviews except day translations reviews and makeup reviews here. Thank you for posting!


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