Thursday, 28 January 2016

Drag Slang

RuPaul's Drag Race is my latest obsession, I have only just delved into Season 2 and it is perfection, it is like watching five of my favourite shows fused together. It's the Apprentice with wigs, RuPaul is a diva drag goddess. This reality show has all the bitchiness of Americas's Next Top Model and the fierceness of Real Housewives of Atlanta. As someone who has a keen interest in all things beauty the key element of transformation is captivating and their makeup skills are hot fire. 

After only watching a few episodes I have already picked up on some drag slang, I am sure most of you already know or can guess the meanings of most words, but if not I put together a little drag dictionary. It would just be rude not to, I have noticed that a lot of these words have trickled down into the more mainstream beauty world which is kind of cool.

BEAT - to apply makeup like a boss i.e. her face is beat to the gods. You see the hashtag #beatface or #facebeat all over Instagram. It's all about the makeup, honey.

BGB - stands for Bye Girl, Bye. It's a form of shade and is usually only used on people one doesn't like, you hear "Girl, bye" on RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta a lot). 

BOX - slang term for vagina, there are hundreds of slang terms for vagina, cherry pie is another one.

BOOBIE BIB - a false breast plate worn by drag queens to appear like they have breasts, helps create the illusion of the more typical feminine figure.

BOOGER - a bad drag queen, a drag queen who does not look good either because her clothes or makeup are ratchet.

BUSTED - when a drag queen looks visually bad

CAMPY - a traditional, unapologetic drag queen, one who isn't looking to pass as female.

C.U.N.T - Please don't report me it is an acronym, and it is an infamous one coined by the magnificent Ru Paul and it stands for Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent aka what it takes to win the Drag Race.

CHEESECAKE - there are several definitions for this, but from what I can tell it is anything soft, sweet and enjoyable. It refers to the glamorous pin-up photography in the 40's and 50's of movie stars showing a lot of skin but little explicit nudity. In the drag world it is showing a lot of body and also being able to pose sexily at the same time.

DRAG - an obvious one, but literally stands for Dressed Resembling A Girl. I didn't know that! This term is supposed to date back to the days when men played female characters in plays. Shakespeare is so valuable to the drag community, come through William!

DRAG MOTHER/DRAG MOM - a drag mom is an experienced drag queen who teaches an amateur her ways, like a mentor. 

DUSTED - is the opposite of looking busted, looking dusted is the Instagram equivalent of being on fleek.

EXTRAVAGANZA ELEGANZA - elegance with added spades of more elegance.

FISH - a drag queen that looks convincingly feminine, this reminds me of Prison Break as Michael's nickname is Fish because he is so fucking pretty.

GARAGE DOORS - one of my favourite slang words and it means the eyelids and also when a drag queen only uses one colour to paint said lids.

HEATHER - a fierce drag queen

HUNTY - twirl, hunty, twirl! A blend of honey and cunt (please don't report me), term of an endearment.

KAIKAI - sex between drag queens, can be with or without costumes.

KIKI - Tyler Oakley already explained this, it is a get together between friends.

LIP SYNC FOR YOUR LIFE - happens at the end of every show where two queens will fight to say by lip syncing to a song and trying to outdo the other queen.

PEANUT BUTTER - name used to refer to someone who is easily spreadable i.e. slutty.

READ - RHOA has this term covered, and it is essentially just being able to insult someone effortlessly.

SASHAY AWAY - what RuPaul says when someone is eliminated from the show

SERVE - to present in a certain way. Usually serving anything is good.

SHADE - throwing a veiled insult

SHANTAY, YOU STAY - what RuPaul says when a drag queen survives the lip sync battle

SNATCH GAME - snatch refers to vaginas, yet again, your snatch game is your ability to act as a woman.

SPREPPER - a blend of Sprite and Dr Pepper, it is used when something is of bad quality.

SQUIRREL FRIEND - a girl friend who hides her nuts (lols) so a friend who is also a drag queen, also can be called drag sister.

TEA - the gossip, the 411 honey.

T.P. - Total Package, everyone wants to be the TP. No, not toilet paper.

TRADE  a drag queen who also looks attractive when out of drag.

TUCK - the act of tucking back the genitals so it looks like a vagina. A meaty tuck is a bad, unconvincing took. Untucking is the act of undoing the tuck, so your testicles can hang free so to speak.

That is the end of my little Drag Dictionary, I am sure there are many more words that I have yet to learn, if you have any let me know in the comments. Tell me which ones are your favourites too! Do you watch the show? Do you love it? Stay dusted.

Love ♥


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

MUG | Contour Powders

I don't know if you have heard but Makeup Geek have released their new powder contours. This is exciting mostly because their powder products, like their beautiful eyeshadows and blushes, are known to be hits in the cosmetics industry, Marlena does a wonderful job with all of her products. She really does think of everything and these eight new contour pans seem to be no different. They retail for $10 each or you can get all 8 for $65 if you are a makeup artist or just want the whole range. To buy click HERE.

You can see from them all swatched above that the eight colours fortunately span all skin tones from porcelain to deep. The way it works is that there is a cool and warm contour shade for each of the four skin tones: porcelain, fair, medium and deep. Starting with the cool contour powders, lightest to darkest: Break Up for porcelain skin, Infidelity for fair skin, Complicated for medium skin and Scandal for deep skin.

Then there are also the warmer contour pans which from the lightest to darkest are: Love Triangle for porcelain skin, Bad Habit for fair skin, Half Hearted for medium skin and Deal Breaker for deep skin. Personally, I love the warmer contour shades for my medium skin, although I could see that it would make sense to purchase both the cool and warm contour shade in your skin colour as a true contour is quite a cool shade and then you could add the warmer counter part to blend it out and add warmth.

To see what each pan individually looks like on the skin, see below. These are the Porcelain and Fair shades, in both the cool shades on the left (Break Up and Infidelity) and the warm shades on the right (Love Triangle and Bad Habit). In these pictures they are used individually, I think typically the fairer you are the better cool tones look on you.


In contrast, I think deeper skin tones from medium to darker skin suit a warmer palette, but that is just my personal opinion. Below, we have the Medium and Deep contour shades demonstrated singularly on these gorgeous models with the cool contour colours (Complicated and Scandal on the left) and the warm pans (Half Hearted and Deal Breaker) shown on the right. Based on these pictures, I would say Half Hearted would be my shade but I would be tempted to purchase Deal Breaker and Complicated too. As sometimes a girl just wants a stronger contour, right?


Let me know, in the comments, what shades you would get and your thoughts on these new contour pans, will you be buying? Thank you for reading, I hope you're having a lovely week. Please don't forget to follow and comment, it really means a lot and I read and reply to them all. Take care. 

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

S&G One Heck Of A Blot Foundation | Review

Soap & Glory have the most gorgeous bath and shower products, and I have heard brilliant things about their powder, SuperCat eyeliner and Thick & Fast mascara. I am a big fan of their skincare products, particular the products that are geared towards people with oily/combination skin, aka me, such as the No Clogs Allowed face mask. For this reason, I was excited to check out their new foundation. The One Heck Of A Blot (£12) foundation comes in a measly four shades, which off the bat is very disappointing to me. Finding a foundation in the "drugstore" is hard enough as is when you're testing dirty bottles on your hand so having a decent range of shades available is a no-brainer. 

+Beauty By The Bunny 
Aside from this, Nic from pixiwoo gave the foundation a glowing review on the YouTube channel she shares with her older sister, so I decided to try it out for myself. I tested the two darkest shades, Happy Medium was too light and Caramel seemed closest to my skin tone, although in retrospect it seems too dark. In future, I would suggest go for the lighter shade than the darker shade as you can always warm it up with bronzer. 

I didn't enjoy this foundation, I thought it was very yellow, but a cool yellow, I would have liked a little more warmth. Of course, the colour was all wrong but that can't be helped with such a sparse selection of shades to choose from. This foundation is said to be suitable for oily/combination skin types. It claims to conceal pores, fine lines and redness, as well as having a wear-time of twelve hours and a shine-free finish. 

Another claim made is that it doesn't look heavy on the skin, I thought it did. The application was patchy for me, it wasn't as easy to blend as I would have hoped. In addition, I like my foundations to be very lightweight and comfortable to wear, to feel like nothing on the skin, this felt like a layer on my skin, most likely because I couldn't blend it as seamlessly as I would like. Maybe with a Beauty Blender you get a better finish, I am not sure. I wouldn't recommend this foundation, I might be willing to try it again if they bring out more colours. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

I have quite a few foundations that I love from the drugstore that are cheaper than the £12 this foundation retails for, if you would like a post on my favourite foundations from the drugstore or otherwise then let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your suggestions for future posts. Have a lovely week. Take care. 

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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Brand Talk | No7

I have seen a few other bloggers do a similar post where they take one brand and do an overview of the products they have tried and which ones were a hit and which ones were a miss. I have yet to see anyone do a brand look at No 7 Cosmetics, which is available at Boots classifying it as a drugstore brand, and I really like this company. So for a look at the best and blah products they have, please keep reading. 

Firstly, I want to be clear that this is not sponsored and is simply me wanting to focus on a particular brand and to clear up any misconceptions let me start by telling you what I love about this brand:
1. It is affordable and easily purchasable in the UK, at least.
2. Products are hypo-allergenic which means they are great for sensitive skin or people with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 
3. They are not only a makeup brand but they do some brilliant skincare products too.
4. For a drugstore brand they have a great range of shades in their foundations and concealers which is key. Some foundations from the drugstore only come in four-eight shades.
5. Their packaging is usually very nice, but not too fussy. Just simple, clean and well-made products. I think it is a brilliant everyday makeup brand, the majority of products I have tried do what they claim, they are relatively inexpensive and many of them are just as beautiful on the skin, if not in its packaging, as makeup items from Bobbi Brown or Sephora. 

Now onto the products I have tried and put to the test, let's start with skincare and then move onto makeup.

Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser (£8) - beautiful basic and one of the first products I ever bought from No7. This cleanser is very gentle it is marketed towards those with dry skin, but I have combination skin and found it worked perfectly on me. It removes my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean, a great product to use before bed. It does say it is fragrance free, it has a very inoffensive scent which is lovely, very soothing.
Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil (£11) - one of the best skincare products they do, an oil-based cleanser is brilliant for removing eye makeup or any product, like liquid lipsticks, that is more stubborn. As someone with skin that tends to be oilier, I really enjoy this product. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and doesn't make my combination skin any oilier, which is what I feared. You get a decent amount of product (150ml) so I think it is worth it. I am keen to try out other cleansing oils as that is the nicest way to remove makeup.
Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil  (£23) - this is a product ideal for those who want more moisture and radiance in their skin, for me I think it is a little overpriced. You get 30ml which isn't much product, and as an affordable "drugstore" brand I would expect even a more luxurious skincare item like this one to fall under the £20 bracket. I would skip this and get the Vitamin E Facial Oil from The Body Shop, this is £15 and you get 28ml of product.

Renewal Microdermabrasion Face Exfoliator (£11) - a good exfoliating product for the face is key to any good skincare regime, it is stated that you can use this twice a week, you massage it into the face for a minute. It adds a boost of radiance to the skin, giving it new life. I love it as much as the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub from The Body Shop and that retails for £15, so this is a slightly cheaper option.
Beautiful Skin BB Cream for Normal/Oily Skin (£13.50) - yay onto the makeup! This BB cream only comes in two shades which is the only thing I have against it. I have the shade Medium which works for me, it's not perfect but it will do. Quite light coverage but it does offer some, noticeably even skin tones and still manages to look like skin. Comfortable to wear and quite long-lasting, a go-to product for me in the summer months.
Beautifully Matte Foundation (£13.50) - a fantastic foundation for oily skin because it leaves a true matte finish, almost too matte but this can easily be countered with highlight, blush and contouring/bronzer. I would urge you not to skip some shading on the cheeks and nose as it can leave your skin looking flat otherwise because it is quite full coverage. I love it, it stays on all day and can easily be sheered out with a moisturiser or a drop of oil. It doesn't look heavy or odd and wears beautifully. I love a matte finish.
Airbrush Away Foundation (£16.50) - this comes in 14 shades, I am not a fan of this foundation. I feel like it emphasises my pores and I'm just not about that life. What I do like is their colour range which is fantastic and that they have the same shade names as their other foundations. I am Wheat in all of them. No7 also offer a Match Made service so they can ensure you get the right foundation to match your face. If you want it to match your neck, let the lady know and she will hook you up. I think if you have drier skin you might like this foundation, some people really love it so it could work for you.


Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer (£13.50) - this is one of the more blah products for me, I don't think it has enough coverage to be called a concealer. It is similar to the MAC Prep & Prime and if I use it, I'll use it on top of my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer to add a bit more brightness. Overall, not worth the bucks.

Match Made Concealer (£7.50) - much better concealer, with great coverage, it is long-lasting but not heavy. An amazing shade range, I am keen to try the darker shade as a contour. I love stick concealers because they are creamy and can be blended out so easily with a dampened beauty blender.

Shimmer Palettes in Rose and Caramel (£13.50) - these two shimmer palettes are gorgeous highlights. They look so pretty, I would use Caramel as a highlight and Rose as a blush but if you are fair-skinned a pinkish highlight would be more flattering so try out Rose. They also work really nicely on the eyes and think they are dupes for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks.

Contour and Highlight Brush (£14) - I haven't tried any of their brushes but the shape of this one reminds me a little of the Kat Von D Shade and Light brush, it is dual ended with an angled slim contour brush on one side and the fluffy blending brush on the other. Worth checking out if you like to contour, or can't get your hands on the Kat Von D Brush.
Gel-Look Shine (£7) - they are more expensive than the Gelly Paints from Barry M but they come in such lovely colours. Rose Gold, Blissful and Golden Sands are my favourites, perfect neutrals.

I hope you enjoyed this post, they have so many other products available, I have barely scratched the surface. I have yet to try their lipsticks, blushes or eyeshadows but I have heard fantastic things about them all. I really like the cohesiveness of the brand, they match you to your shade and find the ideal foundation for you based on your skin type and needs. They then give you a little card with all the lip colours that compliment your foundation shade. It is just so well thought out and nice, top brand. Let me know if you liked this style of post in the comments and what brands or other products you would like to see me review. If you think there is a product I have to try, don't hesitate to tell me I am always searching for new products. Thank you so much for reading. Take care.

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks | Review

I have wanted to try the Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow sticks for such a long time now, ever since I heard they were comparable to the By Terry Ombre Blackstars, which happens to be one of my favourite makeup products of all time. Finally, I managed to get my hands on a few after checking out their new store at Merry Hill.

I picked out four shades, at £3.40 each they were a steal, you can get them for the same price here. It shocks me that four of these still don't amount to even half the price of a By Terry stick. The eyeshadow sticks come in matte black boxes which reminds me of Nars. One thing that bothers me is that nowhere on the packaging can I see the actual name of the shadow, just the number is visible. I like names, I am just a bit funny like that.

They all come in black tubes and you can see the actual colour, or an approximation of the colour on the bottom. They are nice, nothing super fancy and not as luxurious as the By Terry sticks, but they still look well-made and not cheap or inexpensive at all.

The four shades I picked up, after deliberating and swatching up my arm were Golden Brown (06), Golden Beige (07), Black (20)and Golden Taupe (38). Sensing a "golden" theme here. You can see them swatched below: Golden Taupe is a beautiful mauve, cool-toned taupe with a slight shimmer; Black is a rich matte black that I thought would make a brilliant eyeshadow base, Golden Beige is a gorgeous shimmery gold, and Golden Brown is my favourite it's an almost greenish brown with gold flecks. I really thought these colours would compliment my eyes and they were good everyday shades.

In swatching them, I noticed that they were beautifully pigmented, smooth and creamy. They would blend out beautifully on the eyes, you could wear them on their own or as a base for other eyeshadows. I actually left the swatches on my arm all day and even showered, as it claims to be water-resistant. Eight hours and one shower later here is how the swatches looked:

I am quite impressed, the top swatches were subjected to the most amount of water and although you can't clearly see them there was still quite a bit of product left on my arm. I was shocked as I wasn't being careful at all, of course I didn't scrub the swatches but it was under direct water for about twenty minutes. Brilliant, I definitely might be going back for more, if you want to suggest any more shades or any products you would like me to review please leave me a comment below and do not forget to subscribe, it means so much. Take care.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Yes To | Review

For all my long-haired girls out there, or maybe it's just me, I hate washing my hair. It's long and it takes ages to dry, I always seem to lose a tonne of hair every time I wash it and it majorly freaks me out. I have been looking into other haircare products to make washing my hair a more enjoyable experience. I came across the Yes To range in TK MAxx quite some time ago. It is also available in Holland and Barrett and on ASOS. The cucumber shampoo, that I have been using, is available for £7.19 at ASOS and the conditioner is available for the same price (click here). Each bottle contains 500ml of product. 

The major selling point of  this shampoo for me is that it's sulfate-free. Sulfate shampoos are generally just not good news, I feel like it makes my hair weaker, shockingly sulfates are present in a ridiculous amount of widely available shampoos. I bought this shampoo for my Mom, the Cucumber range is meant for coloured hair. I haven't got any colour in my hair, hence the greys, but I still used it as I don't think it matters. This shampoo is 99% natural and I have included the ingredients below: 

Water (Aqua), Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Spirulina Maxima Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Hydrolyzed Algin, Sea Water, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract*, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (Parfum), Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate.

As you can see there are some chemical products in here, but also a lot of very good ingredients like cucumber, sunflower and aloe. The one thing I noticed immediately about this shampoo is that it feels so cooling when massaging it into my roots, it also smells lovely and feels very soothing. I really like the way it feels and the smell of cucumbers is always nice. Another difference is the shampoo appears to contain tiny grains:

The conditioner smells just as good and you don't need a lot at all. Whatever conditioner I apply to my hair is always very very little, with this one you need the tiniest amount. A little really does go a long way. It is the shampoo that has really wowed me in this range. One key thing for me is that it allows me to leave an even longer period of time between washes. I am not kidding when I say I hate washing my hair, as I work most days and hate using a hairdryer washing it during the week is horrible. I have to go to bed with it somewhat wet or damp and then it tends to look greasy or odd. I don't like it at all. I washed my hair today, the last wash before that was ten days ago. I know that is really bad, but in all that time it didn't look greasy or dirty or anything. Usually I wash my hair twice a week, and I feel with this shampoo I can wash it once a week no problem. Additionally, I don't loose nearly as much hair in the shower and it seems to detangle my hair just by washing it. Kind of a miracle product for me, I will definitely be repurchasing, curious to try the carrot shampoo and conditioner as well.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Thank you for reading, let me know what you love to use on your hair and any other questions you may have. Don't forget to follow my blog via bloglovin or by entering your email into the box on the right. I really appreciate it. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Too Faced | Sweet Peach Palette

Too Faced has made waves in the beauty world with their stunning Chocolate Palettes, their original and their Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar are a firm beauty favourite. They even have cocoa contour powders and bronzers and some lovely chocolate Melted lipsticks in the range. Jerrod Blandino, the founder of the extremely cute and lovely Too Faced Cosmetics, has released sneak peeks of an entire new range on his Instagram: Sweet Peach. Their chocolate products smell like chocolate, so wild guess their peach products smell like . . . yep you guessed it: peaches! Which sounds like heaven to me.

As you can see from the photo above, their is the stunning eyeshadow palette, a bronzer and highlight duo and a beautiful peachy blush. This is all set to release in Summer 2016, which excites the crap out of me. They look like the perfect summery products, I really like the smell of peaches, they make me think of Greece as I was utterly hooked on peach juice and peach iced tea the entire time I was there.

 Below you can see the Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette. As you can see it is very peach, very warm and summery, lots of orange and brown shades which I think is ideal for summer. Although, a lot of the colours look similar to each other, I hope when swatches are released we'll see some differences. It does remind me slightly of the 35O palette from Morphe Brushes that has consistently been breaking the internet, and is a palette I have been wanting to get my hands on forever.

Here is a video of the palette so you can see the shades up close, the shimmer really pops in the palette. Plus, there are some beautiful matte shades. I would say that if you were really fair this palette possibly wouldn't be for you, but I am a firm believer that you can adapt most products to suit you, and the darker shades are just as eye-catching as the bright, warm oranges.

Thank you so much for reading, if you like you can subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking HERE. I will be uploading more videos, most likely none of myself because I am just too shy, plus the lighting in my house is beyond awful. If you would like to see anything in particular let me know, I would be happy to accommodate. What are your thoughts on this palette and peachy collection? Leave me a comment sharing your thoughts! Hope you are well. Take care.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Beauty Blender Liner Designer

Beauty Blender is the company that brought us that ever so useful trademark pink beauty sponge (that now comes in an array of different colours, of course black is my favourite) and now their latest release, set to be on sale in February/March, the Liner Designer is the current hype.

This product looks like a guitar puck, of course it is in their customary shade of hot pink, and is triangular-shaped. Each edge is different (short round, straight-laced and curvalicious) and this is supposed to help create a wide range of eyeliner looks very easily, as demonstrated below. In addition to aiding your eyeliner skills, the Liner Designer can act as a mascara guard as well as assist you in attaining a clean lip line.

This product retails for $16 or £11 and should be available to purchase around March. I am quite sceptical to be truthful. A similar product is the BethBlender Beauty Stencils and I found them very fussy to use and a complete waste of time and money to be completely honest. It feels like an overpriced gimmick to me, You could use a Nando's card or sellotape/scotch tape to create the same exact looks easily.

This reminds me a little of their Blotterazzi, another product they released that you could use to blot your face, which again is an overpriced version of tissue paper. Ridiculous.

What are your thoughts on the Liner Designer, and any other Beauty Blender products. I adore their original sponge and honestly think they will have trouble creating a product that can top that. I do, however, wish them the best. Thank you so much for reading, don't forget to follow and subscribe. Take care.

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Kylie Jenner Golden Globes | Makeup

Award season is pretty much here, and although I never tend to watch them I always pay particular attention to my Instagram and Twitter feed to spot the looks that I like the most. Of course, it wouldn't be a major event without one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan stealing the show with their gorgeous attire and makeup. This time, at the Golden Globes, I thought Kylie's entire look was fabulous. Her makeup was done by the incredibly talented makeupbyariel and her sparkly two piece was one of the best outfits I have ever seen. Serious princess vibes.

Now for her makeup, Ariel kindly shared some details on his Instagram page. I thought I would share some dupes as well as the actual products in case you were on a budget and looking to recreate this look.

For foundation she used Hello Flawless by Benefit (£26.50), this is one of my favourite foundations as they are so good for olive/tan/Indian skin tones. They leave a flawless finish without looking heavy. A great alternative would be the L'Oreal Infallible Matte foundation (£7.65), another foundation I have been trying out recently and it is beautiful (full review coming soon).
For concealer, Ariel used Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (£22) in Honey. There are many similar concealers available at a more affordable price, for instance the Maybelline Fit Me (£6) concealers and the LA Girl Pro concealers (£6). 

Racy: The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters had her raven-coloured locks in a bun

Brows are always ABH, aren't they? For Kylie it was Brow Wiz (£15.50) in Medium Brown. A more affordable option would be Soap & Glory Archery Pencil (£10).
Now onto my favourite part: the eye makeup. This stunning smoky brown look was achieved using the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Cognac Sable, which is pictured below and retails for a whopping £64. I have scoured endlessly for dupes and all I could find was the Revlon Colour Stay Eyeshadow Palette in Coffee Bean which was recommended by the stunning Huda Beauty. After looking at pictures, I don't think Coffee Bean is comparable. I believe you could achieve a similar look, not identical, with either the first Naked Palette (£34) or the Lorac Pro Palette.
For lashes, I know she's a fan of the Lily Ghalichi lashes.

Some luxurious products were used for Kylie's cheeks including the Tom Ford Bronzer (£48) in 'Gold Dust'. Tom Ford products are so unbelievably beautiful and expensive it makes me a little crazy. Refined Golden by MAC (£22) is similar.

Tom Ford Gold Dust Bronzing Powder
For blush, Charlotte Tilbury's Love is a Drug Cheek to Chic Blush (£30) was used. This is one of those "swirl and pop" blushes. I reckon you could recreate this colour  with any of the blush palettes from Elf Cosmetics (£7), BH Cosmetics (£9) and even Makeup Revolution (£6). Obviously, the quality and blendability won't be as good but you should still be able to achieve a similar effect.

For her nude lip, her own lip liner from the Kylie Lip Kit was used in the shade Dolce K with Charlotte Tilbury's Nude Kate (£23) on top to complete the look. A dupe for the lip liner is the NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Mauve (£5). For the lipstick, Maybelline's Colour Sensational Lipstick in Tantalising Taupe (£7) is very similar and much cheaper.

Charlotte Tilbury Dupe
Image from makingitupblog
Don't forget to set your makeup with your favourite setting powder, Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (£19.50) is a cult beauty favourite.
To achieve that sleek bun, straighten your hair and apply some argan oil, or your favourite hair oil or serum to keep your hair looking glossy and commercial perfect. Comb your  hair into a high pony tail first and then twirl the tail into a bun, leaving an inch of hair free use that to wrap and disguise the bobble. Use brow gel to tame any fly-away strands and use hairspray to lock that style into place.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. I really liked this neutral look as you can adapt it for every day wear yet also dramatise it fir events like Kylie's makeup. Please leave a comment with suggestions for future posts and your thoughts on this makeup look. Don't forget to follow my blog, all my links are on the right. Take care.

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Superdrug Face Masks | Review

Unfortunately, I don't have perfect skin so I am constantly searching for good skincare products. I have been using the Seaweed Facial Mask from The Body Shop religiously for quite a while, but I came across an article for the Superdrug Superberry mask which was very positive. Coincidentally, the same range of masks were on sale in Superdrug so I scooped up two that I hoped would work for my skin tone. 

I have now used both face masks, let's start with the green purifying mask first. This is the Superdrug Witch Hazel mask (now £1.69). This is marketed as a "purifying, anti-blemish mask" for "oily and blemish-prone skin". It contains ingredients, such as, witch hazel and salicylic acid to target blemishes and dead sea mud to remove any excess oil. Firstly, it is not suitable for sensitive skin, even slightly sensitive, it is suggested to apply for ten-fifteen minutes. After about five minutes it starts to tingle or sting depending on your level of pain sensitivity. I am actually used to, and prefer this, in a face mask, especially a mask that treats acid as this is how I can tell it is working. With any face mask I use, after it starts to tingle/sting I wait a minute or two before washing it off. I do not have sensitive skin in any way. I noticed that my face looked slightly red but I felt very clean and refreshed after just one use. The redness disappeared after twenty minutes or so. For the price I think it is a decent product, only if you don't have easily irritated skin. If you do this, definitely only leave it on your face for five minutes (maybe seven at most).

Superdrug Witch hazel mud mask

 The Superdrug Superberry mask (now £1.69), on the other hand, is an "exfoliating face mask for all skin types". This face mask is another mud-based mask which contains superberry extract, hence the name, china clay and raspberry seeds which is the ingredient that gives it that gritty exfoliating texture. I love exfoliators, they are my favourite kind of skincare product, this one is interesting and the beauty feature I read mentioned this particular face mask. The feature claims "it absorbed any oily patches (rendering them) shine-free", which is all I want from life, so I thought I would put it to the test myself.

It was my cousin's wedding day yesterday, so I decided to apply this face mask at the crack of dawn to prep my skin for the long day ahead and give my skin a boost. I liked the texture, gritty, and massaged it in circles on my face as instructed. I left the mask on for about eight minutes, again like the Purifying mask I did notice some tingling. As I was short on time, I removed it before the ten minutes stated on the back of the bottle. It did leave me feeling refreshed, I didn't notice any redness but that could be because my skin is used to exfoliators. I exfoliate my skin almost every day because I notice a huge difference in the oiliness of my skin if I don't. That is simply what works for me. Overall, for the price I can't complain. I think they should definitely alter the packaging to say that the masks in the range are not meant for sensitive or easily irritated skin (although on their website it does state that) and the required length of time the masks should be left on should be significantly reduced. 

Superdrug Superberry mud mask

Overall Rating: 3/5
A good product for the price, but not for sensitive skin. Use the night before so your skin has time to cool down after initial application and do not leave on for longer than five minutes. The actual product is smaller than other face masks on the market, but you could get about ten uses out of it if you use it sparingly and squeeze out all the product.

Thank you so much for reading, let me know what you would like me to review next and what face masks you swear by, I have been on the look out for a good sheet mask but there are so many options now I don't know which one to buy, Any suggestions are, of course, welcomed, don't forget to follow my blog and comment below. I love reading your comments. Take care,

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