Thursday, 28 January 2016

Drag Slang

RuPaul's Drag Race is my latest obsession, I have only just delved into Season 2 and it is perfection, it is like watching five of my favourite shows fused together. It's the Apprentice with wigs, RuPaul is a diva drag goddess. This reality show has all the bitchiness of Americas's Next Top Model and the fierceness of Real Housewives of Atlanta. As someone who has a keen interest in all things beauty the key element of transformation is captivating and their makeup skills are hot fire. 

After only watching a few episodes I have already picked up on some drag slang, I am sure most of you already know or can guess the meanings of most words, but if not I put together a little drag dictionary. It would just be rude not to, I have noticed that a lot of these words have trickled down into the more mainstream beauty world which is kind of cool.

BEAT - to apply makeup like a boss i.e. her face is beat to the gods. You see the hashtag #beatface or #facebeat all over Instagram. It's all about the makeup, honey.

BGB - stands for Bye Girl, Bye. It's a form of shade and is usually only used on people one doesn't like, you hear "Girl, bye" on RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta a lot). 

BOX - slang term for vagina, there are hundreds of slang terms for vagina, cherry pie is another one.

BOOBIE BIB - a false breast plate worn by drag queens to appear like they have breasts, helps create the illusion of the more typical feminine figure.

BOOGER - a bad drag queen, a drag queen who does not look good either because her clothes or makeup are ratchet.

BUSTED - when a drag queen looks visually bad

CAMPY - a traditional, unapologetic drag queen, one who isn't looking to pass as female.

C.U.N.T - Please don't report me it is an acronym, and it is an infamous one coined by the magnificent Ru Paul and it stands for Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent aka what it takes to win the Drag Race.

CHEESECAKE - there are several definitions for this, but from what I can tell it is anything soft, sweet and enjoyable. It refers to the glamorous pin-up photography in the 40's and 50's of movie stars showing a lot of skin but little explicit nudity. In the drag world it is showing a lot of body and also being able to pose sexily at the same time.

DRAG - an obvious one, but literally stands for Dressed Resembling A Girl. I didn't know that! This term is supposed to date back to the days when men played female characters in plays. Shakespeare is so valuable to the drag community, come through William!

DRAG MOTHER/DRAG MOM - a drag mom is an experienced drag queen who teaches an amateur her ways, like a mentor. 

DUSTED - is the opposite of looking busted, looking dusted is the Instagram equivalent of being on fleek.

EXTRAVAGANZA ELEGANZA - elegance with added spades of more elegance.

FISH - a drag queen that looks convincingly feminine, this reminds me of Prison Break as Michael's nickname is Fish because he is so fucking pretty.

GARAGE DOORS - one of my favourite slang words and it means the eyelids and also when a drag queen only uses one colour to paint said lids.

HEATHER - a fierce drag queen

HUNTY - twirl, hunty, twirl! A blend of honey and cunt (please don't report me), term of an endearment.

KAIKAI - sex between drag queens, can be with or without costumes.

KIKI - Tyler Oakley already explained this, it is a get together between friends.

LIP SYNC FOR YOUR LIFE - happens at the end of every show where two queens will fight to say by lip syncing to a song and trying to outdo the other queen.

PEANUT BUTTER - name used to refer to someone who is easily spreadable i.e. slutty.

READ - RHOA has this term covered, and it is essentially just being able to insult someone effortlessly.

SASHAY AWAY - what RuPaul says when someone is eliminated from the show

SERVE - to present in a certain way. Usually serving anything is good.

SHADE - throwing a veiled insult

SHANTAY, YOU STAY - what RuPaul says when a drag queen survives the lip sync battle

SNATCH GAME - snatch refers to vaginas, yet again, your snatch game is your ability to act as a woman.

SPREPPER - a blend of Sprite and Dr Pepper, it is used when something is of bad quality.

SQUIRREL FRIEND - a girl friend who hides her nuts (lols) so a friend who is also a drag queen, also can be called drag sister.

TEA - the gossip, the 411 honey.

T.P. - Total Package, everyone wants to be the TP. No, not toilet paper.

TRADE  a drag queen who also looks attractive when out of drag.

TUCK - the act of tucking back the genitals so it looks like a vagina. A meaty tuck is a bad, unconvincing took. Untucking is the act of undoing the tuck, so your testicles can hang free so to speak.

That is the end of my little Drag Dictionary, I am sure there are many more words that I have yet to learn, if you have any let me know in the comments. Tell me which ones are your favourites too! Do you watch the show? Do you love it? Stay dusted.

Love ♥



  1. I've never watched the show before, I haven't really seen any mention of it here in the UK but wow that is an interesting list of drag vocabulary. Definitely didn't know any of them before x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Haha it's on Netflix, I love it but I understand it's not for everyone, thank you for your comment lovely!

      Kiran x

  2. i hear so much about this show but i've never seen it, think i need to give it a try!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. It is definitely unique and so much fun!

      Kiran x

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