Thursday, 7 January 2016

UDxGwen | Blush Palette

Urban Decay have not only created the most beautiful eyeshadow palette I have ever set eyes on with the wonderful songstress and style icon Gwen Stefani bu they are set to launch a limited edition full collection which consists of a mini brow kit, six lip pencils, eight lipsticks and my personal favourite a blush palette. This post is all about the blush palette so read on for a break down of the shades.

There are six Afterglow blushes, from the top left we have Cherry a light pink satin that would add a nice sheen to the cheeks, Easy a beautiful deep rose with gold shimmer this would be particularly flattering on tanned and warm skin tones, Angel a champagne almost orange nude with shimmer. At the bottom left we have Lo-Fi which incidentally happens to be my favourite Instagram filter (what's yours?) this is a stunning matte bronzer which would look gorgeous on fair skin, for me I would be happy using this as a warm natural blush, Hush a light coral pink with gold shimmer and finally OC a peachy orange blush with some more of that stunning golden shimmer.

What is your favourite shade? Easy and Lo-Fi are my favourites at the moment. I believe this retails for $45, in the UK that might translate to around £30. It is set to release on the 12th January in the US and possibly in February in the UK, because we always get things three years later. You can see the swatches below and notice that my favourite two are the most pigmented.

 Thank you so much for reading let me know what you would like a breakdown off next in this collection, the lipsticks look very intriguing to me. Don't forget to follow and comment, I really appreciate it, thank you! Take care.

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