Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Gold is cold . . . sorry Charlize Theron and Christian Dior I have to disagree gold is bold. It is no secret that eyeshadow is my favourite makeup product I am eternally disappointed with my boring brown eyes but gold can make them look so much better. So when I stumbled across this beautiful palette by Sleek, I had to double take. Insta-love.

Image from @talesofapaleface
Sleek's i-Lust Gold Standard palette retails for £7.49 and is available in Boots, I still don't know why it is priced at such an awkward number, why not just make it £7.50? This palette takes my breath away, everything is pretty much perfect. For £7.49 you get a chic little case of six eyeshadows, four of which are powders and two are creams. The eyeshadows are all named after fabulous designers which is a cute little touch, I really like it when drugstore brands name their eyeshadows it just adds that little extra something. Below you can see swatches and I'll get into the colours and what I think of the quality.

The formulas are mostly spectacular I have to say, you can see above that Sleek have really hit the nail on the head. Sleek eyeshadows are a cult favourite for a reason, it's a brand your mother, your sister, your friends, hell my friends grandma has palettes older than me. The powder shadows in the Gold Standard palette are particularly very rich in pigment, they look so soft and creamy. The only shadow that disappoints is Vivienne, the colour payoff here isn't as impressive as the rest but it could work well as a shimmery eyeshadow base or inner corner highlight.

From Left-to-Right:
Laurent (powder) is a deep purple brown with a shimmer
Coco (powder) a divine copper that will compliment all eye colours
Margiela (cream) rusty reddish brown, lovely shade for a night out
Vera (powder) a stunning rich deep lovely true gold
Louis (powder) champagne gold with pink undertones
Vivienne (cream) a true champage, very shimmery but not rich in colour

There are no mattes in this palette, but that is a key feature of why I think it works so well. What are your thoughts? Have you tried it? Are you tempted to buy it?

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Love ♥


  1. Wow the pigment is absolutely fantastic and the shades are just beautiful. Such a cute little palette overall x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Beautiful metallic shades, wish i wasnt that boring with my neutral mattes :).


    1. I am guilty of always gravitating towards neutrals too, but this palette looks too lovely to pass up!

      Kiran x

  3. So prettyyyyy. I think I might order this one soon <3


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