Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Alessia Cara Concert | Music

Last Friday, I attended an Alessia Cara concert at the O2 Institute in Birmingham. I first heard of Alessia Cara while I was at work, my manager hates Capital FM with a passion and on her day off my colleagues and I were happily listening to our favourite songs on Capital FM, her song Here played several times and really resonated with me. My friend asked Siri who the artist was, I then proceeded to Google her and eagerly devoured her entire discography. I searched to see if she was coming to the UK and she was! For more details on the concert, her songs and the makeup I decided to rock please keep reading, I included some videos I took as well.

I convinced my sister to go with me as the tickets were reasonably priced and since then I have fallen in love with each and every one of her songs. She has a really beautiful, strong voice with a great tone. I couldn't identify any discrepancies between her singing live and her audio tracks which is a huge selling point. For someone so young to sound so amazing confirms my belief that some people are born with talent and those people are bestowed that gift for a reason. I know it is not anyone's responsibility to be a role model for younger children, but her words and her message were really inspiring. She spoke a little prior to each song explaining the meaning behind them. Scars To Your Beautiful, Seventeen, Four Pink Walls, River of Tears and Stone all had particular significance. Before the concert, Wild Things, Here and River of Tears were my favourite songs, although I really do love them all, but when I left Stone kept playing over and over in my mind. I also love Overdose and Stars which didn't leave much of an impact on me the first time I listened to it. Her opening act was a man called Craig Stickland, who had some great songs too, I remember Be My Queen was a definite crowd pleaser. For videos of Alessia Cara's performances look below:

I recorded the entire performance of River of Tears just because the lyrics and the message are so perfect, you can obviously watch the actual audio on her YouTube channel, click HERE.

Thank you for reading this post, I will be sharing the makeup I wore to this concert in my next post. Please comment and follow my blog if you enjoy my posts, it means a lot and I read all the comments. Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. Have a lovely week. Take care.

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  1. Oh wow that looks so much fun.

    Anam xo || KSA Beauty Haul

  2. Such a good concert, she was brilliant live. Great post, thanks for the videos. Should we see The Weeknd next?

    Manni x


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