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Full Coverage Makeup | Tips, Tricks and Tutorial

YouTube is an amazing platform, it makes it possible for someone like me, who cannot afford to go to makeup seminars every weekend, to watch people as talented as the exquisite Nazan Asghar for free while she imparts her knowledge of makeup and beauty. I watched a video of hers today and was blown away by how willing she is to share her incomparable expertise; something most people would pay for. Honestly, you'd be a fool not to take advantage of the talent on YouTube. 

In her latest video, she created the full coverage look you see above and shares tips and tricks on how to blend, contour and apply makeup in the best way possible. I'll share some of the tricks I found useful as well as a list of the products she used in her video. You can watch the full tutorial and read all that information below. 

Products Used:
Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation 
Shades Medium 54 on the perimeter and Medium 52 on the centre of the face. This is a good trick because using a full coverage foundation can immediately make the face look like a mask, which we do not want. By using two different shades it can subtly add dimension right from the beginning. You could take this a step further by using an even darker foundation in the areas you would normally use bronzer.

Tools To Apply:
Use a foundation brush to paint the foundation onto the face in the areas desired. This will ensure an even application. Blend out with a dampened beauty blender for an airbrushed finish. Not using a brush to blend the foundation means that none of the liquid foundation will get lost in the bristles. This application method ensures that the foundation applied stays on the face. The only method better than this would be using an airbrush machine. Remember to blend the foundation over the ears and into the hairline.

Product Used:
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach 
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC30
L'Oreal True Match Concealer in Ivory
MAC Powder in NC30

Tools To Apply:
A flat concealer brush to dab the concealer underneath the eye, around the nose area and mouth. The peach colour will eradicate darkness and using light wrist movements will ensure the resulting strokes will be light and this blends the concealer out perfectly without moving the pigment around too much. Pounce the beauty blender on the areas where the corrector has been applied to ensure they are blended as seamlessly as possible. Following the corrector, concealer should follow. Nazan mixes two concealer: L'Oreal True Match in Ivory and MAC Pro Longwear in NC30. She mixes these to get the right colour as NC30 is the same shade as her skin (because that is the same shade as the powder she used to set her foundation) and concealer should be lighter so it can act as a highlighter and bring forward certain features. She applies the concealer with the wand of the True Match and blends out with her beauty blender. The important thing is where she applies her concealer: two upside triangles beneath the eyes, around the nose, mouth, bridge of the nose, centre of the forehead and highest point of the chin.

Products Used:
Sephora Brightening Powder 
Kat Von D Banana Powder and Contour Powder from the Shade and Light Palette

Tool Used To Apply:
The trusty beauty blender was used to set the concealer. The powder used to set concealer should be light, I like to use a translucent powder but for olive/tan skin tones banana powder (a yellow powder) can look really nice. If you have fair skin a white translucent powder will work much better. A beauty blender applies the right amount of product but you could use a brush just as well. If you want to bake go right ahead. If you have dry skin, don't bake. 

Products Used:
Kat Vond D Contour Powder 
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze
Nars Blush in Deep Throat 
ABH Illuminator in So Hollywood

Tools Used To Apply:
Nazan used a small rounded fluffy blending brush to apply the contour. Hold the brush from the back for a light pressure. Use a shade with a grey undertone for contouring because it photographs better and mimics natural shadow. Apply the contour shade to the areas you want to recede and this depends on your face shape, Use a duo-fibre brush to diffuse the contour. Add warmth to the contoured sections with a bronzer. You can clean up your contour with a pale powder (banana powder also), this will make it sharper and make it look more precise. You can do the rest of the cheeks as normal, highlight goes on the highest points of the face, most highly concentrates on the tops of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. Blush goes between the highlight and contour on the cheeks.

Product Used:
Kat Von D Middle Contour Shade

Tool Used To Apply:
Tapered Blending Brush as you want an eye shadow brush for the nose as it is a much smaller area than the cheeks. In order to find the lines of the nose make a duck face where you can more clearly see the structure and then apply the contour where you want it, do you want your nose to look shorter, rounder, thinner? Again, use the duo-fibre brush to blur the lines created. Apply highlighter on the tip and bridge on the nose.

I think this is a beautiful look and tutorial. Going full coverage can be scary, but I think these tips and tricks will really help. Just take your time with it, pause and see how it looks. If everything is blended well and applied correctly and you've used good products that work with your skin you'll look fabulous. I hope you liked this post, please leave a comment and follow my blog. It means so so much. Let me know what you'd like to read next. Take care.

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