Friday, 24 June 2016


It has been raining a little more than I am comfortable with for June, but in the world of Netflix there are so many amazing TV series that will make staying inside with a cup of tea, maybe even a pizza, an absolute delight. I really get into TV shows and there is something in this post for everyone: girls, guys, any age, any preference. Everyone, of course, can watch any show and even in the "girliest" shows can be entertaining for the most laddish of boys; so bear that in mind. Although, I doubt any males actually read my blog. Without further ado, let's jump into some epic TV shows. I placed them in alphabetical order, because yes I have watched that many and I'm not even ashamed, also I couldn't possibly put them in order of preference; it would be far too difficult. It rains a lot in England, okay. 

ARCHER One of the funniest TV shows ever, it's rude but hysterical and you can easily watch four seasons in one night. This show is about Archer who works in "international espionage", he is smart, impulsive and a total ass, but his interactions with his ex wife Lana, his mother and boss Mallory and his incredible housekeeper Woodhouse make it impossible not to love him. If you want a distraction from your impending results this is the show for you. It got me through my final year at uni.

CHUCK One of the cutest, sweetest shows ever which has something for everyone. Chuck is a hopeless nerd who isn't going anywhere fast, still lives with his sister and still has the same job since he got kicked out of Stanford after being wrongfully accused of cheating on a chest. His life changes dramatically when an old college friend turned nemesis, Bryce Larkin (he slept with Chuck's girlfriend in college) sends him an email containing government secrets which spur the CIA to send Sarah, a genuine and lethal field agent, and Bryce's ex, to be Chuck's handler. Chuck has a mission every episode and it's hilarious, plus Sarah and Chuck will have you rooting for them from the very start. There is nothing to not like about Chuck, he is a good guy through and through. 

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Possibly the most thought through show ever, it isn't like Gossip Girl where the ending doesn't make sense. Every single season and episode tie together, there are no discrepancies and each housewife has their own appeal. I have grown up with this show so it has a special place in my heart. The episodes are long and there are a lot of seasons, so this is one for those of you have bags of time to kill.

DEVIOUS MAIDS Similar feel to Desperate Housewives except this time they are maids. This show has a funnier, almost telenovella feel but not quite as dramatic. It's a little tongue in cheek but the plot will have you hooked and dying to know who did it? 

DEXTER A classic. Anyone who hasn't heard of Dexter must be living under a rock. This show is gripping, a serial killer who kills only bad guys. It's dark, twisted and yet undeniably interesting. His relationships and meticulous nature and constant killing make for a heart thundering watch.

GOSSIP GIRL This show starts brilliantly at the heart of high school drama, frenemies and fabulous fashion. A taste of how the other half live, but quickly by Season 5 it becomes more ridiculous than believable. Nevertheless, the fashion gets better every season and everyone who watches has a couple they root for. 

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Written by Shonda Rimes, you won't be able to get enough of this show. I couldn't. I watched the whole season in a week. There are 2 seasons currently up and I can see myself speeding through the second one. The cast are fantastic, this show centres around a group of law students taking a coveted class How To Get Away With Murder, taught by one of the best lawyers in the country. They are picked as the best students in the class based on one assignment and are therefore chosen to help the lecturer with her own cases (so interesting). In addition, the show opens with the students hiding a body. So they really need to learn how to get away with murder.

MISFITS Funny as fuck, the first two seasons are genius because Nathan is in it. You'll love it, a group of delinquents are assigned community service and get hit by a storm giving them all superpowers. These aren't your average superheroes, they don't give a shit about saving the world. Adore this show, it's hilarious, every single episode had me laughing out of my seat.

MODERN FAMILY Lighthearted, funny and adorable. Phil is my favourite. Phil is everything I want to be and marry, but also everything Cam and Mitch say makes me chuckle. A great show about a modern family.

MR SELFRIDGE Not my usual show but oddly addicting. The Selfridges have moved to London from America to open a store. The first store of its kind: Selfridges (the best store, IMO). This show might sound vapid at first but it touches on lots of important issues and personal stories: the class divide, world war, gender inequality and death. It will break your heart and then put it back together again. 

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Last summer, I watched all three seasons of this show in one go, now season 4 is up and I am dying to watch it. Piper is not the kind of girl who should be in prison, but she is all because of a little excitement in her college days. So here she is in prison, the inmates lives and stories are complex and each episode delves deeper into the past of each prisoner showing you how they ended up there. The more you see the more you realise that prison changes everybody.

ORPHAN BLACK The sheer acting skill in this show is unbelievable. The premise is difficult to explain, but to be short it's about clones. The protagonist (can you use that for shows) is Sarah, a British female who discovers she has been cloned many times over and all of these clones work together to try and uncover why they were created. This will hook you in straight away, Sarah's foster brother Felix will make you laugh out loud. It's incredible how one woman portrays all these different characters. Compelling show, I can't get enough of it. 

PARKS AND RECREATION Funniest, most uplifting show ever. I'll admit the first season is slow-going but it really picks up speed in the second. April and Andy are my life. Give it a chance.

PEAKY BLINDERS I have been meaning to watch this forever, why? Because Cillian Murphy is a God. I have had a strange obsession with him ever since I saw him portray The Scarecrow. He's gorgeous, he is fabulously talented and he's in a TV show about a gang based in Birmingham, which is near where I live. What's not to like, plus Tom Hardy is in this too. Let me know if you watch it. 

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS A gorgeous group of friends being terrorised by the mysterious and deadly A. So much happens in this show and you'll go through thinking that everyone is A, but you do eventually find out so stick it out. The reason I love this show is because it shows you how important friendships are, they can get you through anything. Plus Caleb is the best TV boyfriend to ever exist.

PRISON BREAK The first season blew my mind. Michael Scofield goes into prison purposefully so he can get his brother, Linc, out. Linc is on death row for killing the vice president's brother and Michael isn't about to sit back and watch his brother die. He's an architect and designed the prison keeping them. Michael's determined to break out but he needs his cellmate on board, of course other prisoners want in on the action too. Not for the faint of heart, you meet some unsavoury characters that will make your skin crawl, but Michael wins  the award for best brother by a mile. 

SEX AND THE CITY Group of friends over 30 living in New York and trying to find love in The Big Apple. I love this show so much because it just gives me something to aspire to. The four friends each go through a lot and you wait patiently for their happy ever after while dreaming of your own.

SKINS I think this is one of the best shows for teenagers because it deals with serious shit. The first four seasons are the best, the last two I would ignore completely. It follows teenagers in sixth form and the usual drinking, drug taking stupidity that takes place. Each episode focuses on one member of the group and you learn a lot about them. Teenagers deal with a lot of crap, sometimes at home and sometimes at school. It's such a touching show, and you wouldn't even expect it.

SONS OF ANARCHY I'm on Season 5 of SOA and it is breaking my heart. I have cried more times than I can count but like a masochist I can't stop watching. This series centres around a motorcycle club and their illegal dealings, frequent run-ins with the law and retaliation and animosity from the police, other motorcycle clubs and the IRA. This is a gun-filled, motorcycle-worshipping masterpiece and it will make you want to go out and get a bike straight away. Jax is one of the best characters anyone has created, he's fierce, loyal and utterly dedicated to the club his father died for. 

THE WEST WING I have rewatched this show the most because it is the wittiest and informative. The script is beautifully written and the rapport between the characters make every episode a joy to watch. Brilliant show, I wish it had never ended.

UGLY BETTY If you ever feel down watch an episode of Ugly Betty. She is as inspiring as Leslie Knope but instead the background is the New York fashion scene and not the adorable Pawnee. Betty proves time and time again that although she might not look like she belongs at Mode Magazine she is smart and diligent, which quickly makes her irreplaceable. Every episode is a heartwarming treat.

Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this long post. Let me know what TV show you have been loving or have loved in the comments below, I would love to hear them. Similarly, if you've watched any of these let me know as well. Hope you're all well. Take care.

What TV shows do you recommend?

Love ❤



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    1. Erm what? Didn't understand a word of that x

  2. I'm somewhat in a TV rut so thanks for all the recs! I've watched a lot of these shows already like Chuck, Parks n Rec, and Pll but there are also plenty that I haven't! Currently I'm binge watching drop dead diva and really like it :) TV shows that aren't on your list that I would recommend are Arrested development (my absolute fav), the office, 30 rock, twin peaks, ncis (they have sooo many episodes), friends, psych, white collar, good eats, the it crowd, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, and I'm sure many more that I am forgetting lol.

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. I love the IT Crowd! Literally, love! I am also the worst person in the world because I don't like Friends as much as everybody else does. I like it, but I can't rewatch it all the time like some of my friends can. I started watching Arrested Development but gave up on it a season into it, it was good I just really got into some other shows at the same time. Great recs Mili, thanks! Xxx

  3. Such a lovely post!! I've just finished Orange is the new black and i was looking for some new things to watch! Very helpful! <3 Lovely post

    Amelia |

  4. So true! I have binged watched half of these shows, and now, I think I'll single watch the rest. Thanks for sharing a great list!

    Deepti |

  5. I love Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars! You should check out How I Met Your Mother. It's on Netflix and it's super funny :)

    Edye | Http://

    1. I've watched it and I hated how it ended so I don't like it anymore haha. Such an anti-climatic show, also I really disliked Robin's character towards the end. She started off really cool and likable and by the last season I just couldn't stand her. Thank you for the rec anyway xxx

  6. You named a few of my favourites! I also enjoyed 90210! :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

    1. I love 90210! I would recommend the original series too, so good! Beverly Hills 90210 if you can get your hands on it. I think I prefer it to the newer version xxx

  7. I've watched Misfits, Modern Family, Orange is the New black and Pretty Little Liars! OITNB is probably my all time favourite show and I LOVE Misfits, especially the first 2 seasons! I've been meaning to watch Orphan Black because it sounds interesting and I think I might start watching Devious Maids :D

    x Nicole | Florrall

  8. Needed a post like this! Thank you very much for sharing!x

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  9. I love so many shows that you have mentioned on this list! Misfits was brilliant, especially when Nathan was in it like you said! I've just binged watched the new series of OITNB and it was amazing yet so sad! And now I'm hooked on the latest series of Pretty Little Liars haha. Ugly Betty was one of my old favourites that never failed to cheer me up too! Brilliant post!

    Sally xx

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