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This review was meant to be posted months ago, I was kindly sent these two products by the Vichy PR team and have been using them consistently since they arrived in the post. Currently, the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation (£12) is £12, not the usual price of £18. The Dermablend Setting Powder (£17) is the same price as always. I thought about uploading separate reviews for the foundation and setting powder, but thought killing two birds with one stone was the way to go. Let's start with the foundation. The foundations I frequently reach for are typically matte, long-lasting with medium to buildable coverage. I have oily/combination skin so keeping shine at bay is important.


The 30ml of product is housed in a sleek black squeeze tube, it is small with a larger diameter in comparison to the slimmer tubes of L'Oreal and Maybelline foundations. A great size for travel and for toting around in your handbag. The cap is one you screw off and on, this can get annoying as I have to make a conscious effort not to lose the lid. I prefer my foundations to have a pump as they are more sanitary but I do like the control you get with this foundation. I only use a very tiny amount so a pump of this foundation would be far too much, therefore I class this as a positive in spite of the hygienic ramifications. I am in the shade Gold, there are 8 shades in total. A nice amount of shades to choose from, I do wish there were more to cater to all shades but is a drugstore foundation. 


It took some time to figure out the best way to wear this foundation, right out of the gate is the most pigmented foundation I own. When this says high coverage it means HIGH coverage, much better coverage than the L'Oreal Infallible Matte (still a great foundation, review here). The pigmentation is very impressive, and with time I found that I could use less and less product and still get a solid medium coverage on my face and neck. Right now, I use about half a pea to cover my entire face and blend down the neck; that is amazing. 


Due to the incredible pigmentation, it has a thicker formula than I am used to, for this reason you want to be very stingy with how much you apply. Not only will it waste valuable product, it will feel heavy on the face, so use a really small amount first and you can always build it up as and when needed after the first light application. The trick to have this high coverage foundation feel comfortable on the skin is to use a facial oil first. You can either apply oil to the face before foundation; mix a drop of oil with the foundation or place some oil on your brush/beauty blender. Each way works fabulously. I pat one drop of oil on my face after cleansing and then use my kabuki brush to soak up any residual oil from my palm before using it to blend the foundation onto my skin. Incorporating any of these steps will help speed up your foundation routine, you still get the same coverage it just blends easier and feels lighter. 


Fantastically, I found it lasts all day once set with a loose powder and is a matte but not flat-looking foundation. It is medium to full coverage, I skip concealer completely with this and just contour my face. I love how long lasting it is, at night when I go to wash off the makeup I have been wearing it still looks almost the same as when I applied it that morning. So at least a 13 hour wear time. My only qualm is that if you touch your face you will see foundation on your finger tips, as someone who works in an office this can get weird leaving dots of golden foundation on hospital reports is slightly embarrassing. Of course, you should not touch your face, and even so the foundation still looks good. Overall, I highly recommend this foundation for anyone who like a matte, high coverage foundation.

  • Matte but not flat finish
  • High coverage
  • Buildable, customisable foundation, can be mixed with moisturiser to adjust coverage etc.
  • Only need very little product, so one tube will last ages
  • Long-wearing (13 hours plus wear)
  • Photographs well
  • SPF 35

  • Only 8 shades available 
  • Slightly thicker in consistency than I am used to
  • Can transfer, if you touch your face

In short, I am certainly going to repurchase this. I think I love this powder even more so than the foundation. It does everything you could possibly need it to do without disturbing the foundation underneath. It is lightweight and ultra-fine, you only need a sprinkling of this white loose powder on your powder brush to set your whole face. It keeps my shine at bay and does not look powdery on the skin at all. Some shine will come through on my nose at around 3pm but instead of looking oily it looks almost dewy. I don't need to touch up at all throughout the day. One of the best setting powders I have ever tried and I have used a mixture of both drugstore and high end, this has definitely impressed me the most out of them all. £17 is steep for a drugstore brand but I see this one little tub lasing me years, The only downfall is that it is messy, like all loose powders, I have dropped powder everywhere and the application sponge is useless in my opinion as this is not the kind of powder you want to pack onto the skin. It is best applied with a fluffy brush and just dusted onto the skin. 

  • Tonnes of product, will last ages just like the foundation
  • Lghtweight and finely milled
  • Does not look the least bit powdery on the skin
  • Controls oil and shine
  • Sets makeup in place so it doesn't move all day
  • Doesn't disturb the makeup underneath 

  • Price, a bit more than I would like to pay for a drugstore brand but the quality is top notch
  • Messy, as you have to tap it into the lid to apply, but that is part of the deal with a loose powder
  • The round sponge applicator is unneccessary
  • Wouldn't recommend for baking
Thank you so much for reading this review, if you have tried anything from the Vichy line let me know in the comments below. I did not expect much from this range but honestly have been so incredibly pleased. In case it needs to be said, however, even though both of these products were sent to me all opinions and reviews I post are my own. I am always completely truthful on this blog. I don't get sent products very often and I have no hesitation sharing negative views on any products; I hope you all know that. I turn 22 tomorrow and will be en route to Belgium, I have posts scheduled in my absence and will still be active on my social media accounts. Love you guys. Take care. 

What foundation are you currently using?

Love ❤



  1. For the past couple of days I've been enjoying a recent purchase from this year's IMATS, Ultra HD foundation by Makeup Forever. It gives good coverage without being heavy. I've used the Vichy Dermablend whilst at a makeup course, and I was pleasantly surprised how lovely the formula is. I'm looking for a new powder so may check this one out. Great review! :) xx


    1. Thank you Toni, I really love this powder. Keen to try the LM Translucent to see how it compares xxx

  2. I have read a few reviews on both products and I can safely say I would probably purchase the powder but not the foundation. I love light, sheer base so anything that is full coverage is a no no for me.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Fair enough, we're complete opposites in terms of bases haha, thank you for commenting Shireen. It honestly means such a lot that you comment on so many of my posts xxx

  3. I have this and love it! Use it all the time. I know what you mean about the powder being messy though, I get it everywhere, and I have no idea where my sponge applicator now is, long gone! But the product itself is amazing. Really enjoy using it :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Yep everywhere, haha I lost mine too, but then I found it again. If it's meant to be it will come back. Thanks for commenting Erin xxx


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