Thursday, 28 July 2016


Let me introduce you to my first Cult Beauty haul, I am pleased to say I restrained myself and managed to choose only a few items, which totalled to £88. If you spend over £50 you get free standard shipping. As you can tell from the photos I picked two Huda Beauty Lip Contours (£16 each) and a Tata Harper Daily Essentials Skincare Kit (£56), but more on that in a second. 

First, let’s discuss the website, this post is not sponsored at all in case you were wondering. I bought everything with my own money on Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday, which was significantly sooner than I expected. Everything was neatly packaged in a cardboard box and black tissue paper. The cardboard packaging of the products were intact and all items arrived in perfect condition. After placing my order I got a voucher code: YOU15 for 15% off my next order. I assume this is a generic code that most first time customers receive so please feel free to use it if you can.

Now for the fun part: let’s discuss the products I chose. First up are the Huda Beauty Lip Contours, predictably I chose the most nude, basic colours I could and picked Trendsetter and Bombshell. Now that I look at them, they both appear quite comparable, but never mind after all you can never have too many nude lip products. The limit does not exist. 

Last but not least, because I have heard so much about Tata Harper I had to choose something, is the Tata Harper Daily Essentials Skincare Kit. In this box, you get seven samples of their products so it is a great way to test out their brand, fantastic value for money. The samples are quite small but they are packaged beautifully. Stupidly, I didn’t realise that the box is a Natural Antiaging Skincare Discovery Kit. At 22, I am not all that keen on investing in products that help me reverse time but preventative measures can't hurt. The trial skincare products in here are: Regenerating Cleanser (15ml), Hydrating Floral Essence (15ml), Rejuvenating Serum (10ml), Reparative Moisturiser (10ml), Resurfacing Mask (7.5ml), Replenishing Nutrient Complex (3ml) and Restorative Eye Crème (1ml). Tata Harper is an all-natural skincare brand that is recognisable by their beautiful green packaging. I will be doing a more in depth post on this skincare kit, because I honestly don’t know what half of these products do

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you shopped at Cult Beauty, what did you get? If you have any recommendations please let me know, at first I had about twenty items in my basket but I managed to reign it in and be a bit more sensible. I am almost at 500 followers on Bloglovin' so if you haven't already I would really appreciate a follow. Take care. 




  1. The Huda Beauty lip contours are on my wishlist, I always go to purchase and they seem to be sold out on Cult Beauty, guess I'll have to keep trying. Great post Kiran!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. They have recently been restocked, check them out while they are still available xxx

  2. Those shades swatches are stunning! Lovely photos.

    Anika |

  3. Yayyy my Cult beauty order arrived today but I got free next day delivery without minimum spend. I think the code is CBWELCOME for free del without min spend. I bought hudabeauty lip contour in Icon. I can't wait to see a post on tata Harper samples u bought. Gosh it's so pricey Kiran. For 56 quids you got such less quantity. I don't know how people buy full size products from this brand but I'm guessing it would be worth it.

    Ash |

    1. I know! You really don't get a lot, but tbf I have so much skincare to try out I don't know how I am going to do it haha, thank you for commenting Ash xx

  4. Famous and Vixen look stunning! Great post x

    Sofia |

    1. Thank you Sofia, I know! I already want to buy every single shade haha, I have my eye on Trophy Wife too xxx

  5. I've never tried those!
    Mia |

  6. This is a lovely haul, i would love to try Tata Harper daily essential skin care kit.

  7. Those swatches look so beautiful and pigmented. I feel I need to try Tata Harper too, love this little set you picked up

    www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  8. The Huda lip colors look beautiful! I would've picked Gossip Gurl myself but the two you picked look more wearable x

  9. Trend Setter would definitely be at the top of my wish list! I've heard amazing things

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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