Sunday, 24 July 2016


It’s Sunday which means it is time for another Synopsis. I am so glad I introduced this little segment on my website as I really look forward to writing about what I have been doing and what in the devil has been going on in the beauty world. Sorry to disappoint but no awesome bubble masks this week. Have you guys seen the 100 layers of challenge? There have been so many popping up in my Subscriptions on YouTube, here in one from Lily Melrose below: 100 Layers of Liquid Lipstick

KVD vs Jeffree Star. Recently, there has been no shortage of drama in the beauty industry and at the start of this week an epic EL SCANDALO broke when Kat Von D uploaded a video to her YouTube channel about Jeffree Star (you can watch it below) about how she no longer supports him or his company for a variety of reasons. I don’t agree with everything she said. Specifically, she mentions that Jeffree called out a brand for claiming to be vegan when some products contain carmine. Kat seemed to imply that because he isn’t vegan he has no right to do that and of course no one is perfect. I agree that the way he speaks can be harsh and unnecessarily aggressive, but whether he is vegan or not should have no bearing on what he is allowed to say about another brand's practices if they are in the best interests of the consumer. That makes no sense to me. What does it matter whether he is vegan or not? I think pointing that out to vegans who care about animals is probably one of the nicest things he has ever done. So that actually made me quite angry. 

Jeffree posted a response video (you can watch that below) and he addressed her points. I want to take this time to say that in one of my last posts about the Jeffree King Tut drama etc. I did say that I thought Becca’s behaviour was worse than Jeffree’s to be clear I meant solely in terms of the quality of their products. Jeffree’s highlighters were not of subpar quality and nor did he give his consent to sell cracked highlighters, whereas Becca knowingly sold inferior palettes. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, and just to reiterate I do not have a personal vendetta against any brand. 

On the other hand, the way Jeffree conducts himself is an entirely different matter. I am aware of how rude and horrible he was to RockyRoadKill, one of the disappointed customers at Drag Con who received a shattered King Tut, and think the comment he left him was despicable and inexcusable. I also watched his Snap Chat rant about MakeupShayla and was left disgusted with how he spoke about her. So I do not think he is better than Becca at all, I was talking very specifically about the products only in that post. I do not blame anyone for choosing not to support him after the foul language he used. Personally, I have not purchased anything from Jeffree Star and that is because his products don’t appeal to me. I play it very safe when it comes to makeup.  

Movies movies movies. I watched two films that stuck out this week. The first was The Lobster starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, this film was a total and utter mind fuck and I loved it. It was bizarre but captivating and the acting was sublime, I highly recommend it. It is one of those films where jumping in blind is the best way to go so you can truly experience the magic. On Tuesday, I went to the cinema to watch Tarzan a film I had been excited about for a while, I was left disappointed with the lack of story and action in this film. I would have preferred the original story of Tarzan adapted to the big screen, the plot of this movie just didn’t captivate me. Plus, there weren’t enough animals to satisfy my jungle loving heart. Margot Robbie stole the show by being stunningly beautiful and believable, but I am sorry to say it is no Jungle Book
Makeup Lesson. I went to my first makeup lesson today, I can’t wait to write the full post, it will be up on Tuesday. It was an interesting experience and honestly was something I chose to do just to break up the monotony of my everyday life. It seems all I do is work work work work work work. So it was nice to shake things up a little and just explore different ideas. 
Cult Beauty Order. In other exciting news, I made my first Cult Beauty order because I have been so lazy and frugal lately. I didn’t order too much just one of the Tata Harper sets because I have heard so much about this brand I have to know what the hype is all about and two Huda Beauty lip contours because all shades are back in stock. I deliberated on getting the Modern Renaissance palette but couldn’t decide, £41 is so much money and I could suddenly breathe a little easier once I removed it from my basket. I got a 15% voucher off my next order so let me know if you think I should (wo)man up and get the damn palette already. Any recommendations always welcome. 
Musically speaking I have been enjoying Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes. I adore his voice so much, there isn’t a single song he has done that hasn’t garnered my approval. Really lovely song, and for all you ladies out there you most definitely deserve a gentleman. Listen to the song below.

Thank you so much for reading. It means a hell of a lot to me that any of you to take the time to read what I write. My next post will be up on Tuesday about the makeup lesson I attended and all the tips I learnt and whether I believe the experience was valuable or not. Have a great week. Take care.

How has your week been?

Love ❤ 



  1. The drama has been out of this world recently! The beauty community isn't about having fun with makeup anymore, is about who bashed who. I actually prefer Kat, but I think she shouldn't have made that as public as she did, or maybe just saying that they were no longer friends but not giving an explanation, I mean, if someone was your friend, you should keep a little respect for them and keep private what happened, especially knowing that most people in this world are crazy. Also Jeffree is known for overreacting, I've been following him for years and he has always been that way, I think he's only 'changing' because it is affecting his business, but noone but him knows the truth. I just want all the drama to stop and to keep talking about lipstick in peace :(

    Cy | Dulce de Mango

    1. Also, I just wanted to point out the resemblance between Kat and Jeffree with Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, haha, does anyone else see it?

  2. I HATE the 100 layers challenge, it actually makes me feel sick, all I can think is what a WASTE! but the actual challenge I just hate it, to be beauty should be beautiful, or artistic, but that is just a mess. :( The J* & KVD drama has me so confused, so I have decided I don't need to take sides, I like both of their makeup collections, so I don't need to hate anyone lol. So jealous of that palette though, its BEAUTIFUL! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. It is seriously gross but I do find it oddly captivating xxx


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