Sunday, 31 July 2016


Let’s take a break from all the beauty world drama and endless releases because my bank balance nor my sanity can keep up. The blogging community is laden with speculation and mistrust so why not focus on the one thing that unites us all. A genuine love for beauty and makeup and appreciation for creativity. It’s no secret that I adore watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, it is my favourite past time and what I devote my daily lunch hour indulging in. So here are five makeup tutorials that I have compiled that are well worth watching from start to finish. 

No makeup tutorial compilation would be complete with the Queen of Makeup: Lisa Eldridge. She created a stunning 70s inspired editorial look on her gorgeous model complete with intense visible-from-space blush and thick clumpy lashes. The way Lisa applies makeup is so soothing and miraculous, it might sound really strange but I just love her hands. She has an artist’s hands, they are so beautiful with her pretty rings and expert technique. I can’t fault any of her looks, they all just take my breath away but I particularly enjoyed this one because it’s so different from what usual appears in my Subscriptions feed.  

MannyMUA is fast becoming one of my favourite people to watch on the ‘Tube, I just like how he comes across as very real and humble, plus he is the first person to laugh and throw shade at himself. He doesn’t have an inflated self of being in spite of his vast amount of subscribers and commendable success and I feel through each of his videos you can see hi striving for improvement which I appreciate. I loved his latest tutorial with this intense blue lip and his intro: “If you don’t like my videos and you don’t like me then don’t fucking watch it” always makes me crack a smile. He truly brightens up my day, and I judge people on their content not who they are friends with. I know he is close with Jeffree but I just can’t unsubscribe from this loveable muffin. 

Jamie Paige Beauty is someone I have only recently subscribe too and although not all her videos appeal to me, this tutorial using the Modern Renaissance palette for everything i.e. bronzer, blush, brows, and highlight makes me want to buy this bad boy, like, yesterday. For any of you with fair to medium skin this is an exceedingly useful tutorial. You’ll never reach for another palette again.

She may not be the most talented or adventurous makeup artist but Lily Melrose certainly has the funnest makeup tutorials. They are fast-paced, set to jaunty music and gloriously edited; three minutes of fun that won’t end in pregnancy. I cannot recommend her channel enough because each video is straight-talking, to the point and no messing around which means no wasted time and ideal entertainment for when you're making a cup of tea. Plus, her tutorials are achievable and lovely.

I love Sonjdra Deluxe for many reasons, one is her naturally flawless golden bronze complexion which makes me think she is related to J Lo and the other is her carefree attitude to makeup application and her contagious energy. I love how she uses fingers as much as she can and slathers on seven different types of bronzers per tutorial. She’s cool, she has good taste in music and every makeup look she creates is perfect to dazzle onlookers by the pool side. She always serves extra glow without making me want to scratch my eyes out because she never ever makes a comment about her highlight being visible by “the gods”, “aliens” or “other galaxies”. She just glows

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What has been your go-to makeup look been recently?




  1. I love Lily but I watch her mostly for her hauls, she shops like crazy and I love watching her to get some ideas of what clothing to buy next! Lovely post girl! :)


  2. Nice tutorials!
    Mia x |

  3. I'm so behind in my YouTube subscriptions at the minute! I need to get back into watching tutorials, they are so relaxing!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog


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