Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Huda Beauty, the queen of amazing glam and gorgeous mink lashes has added another coveted item to her makeup line: an eyeshadow palette. You all know eyeshadow is my greatest love so needless to say the second this available I will be all over it like a cup of tea first thing in the morning. On her SnapChat, Huda discusses how important this palette, a year in the making, is to her and how she played with textures specifically. There seems to be a gorgeous array of highly pigmented almost foiled/metallic shades and really creamy mattes. No weak ass shimmers here, people. She swatched the shadows on her snap and as a dutiful blogger I screenshotted the hell out of her Story. 
The names aren't that exciting, I do like that one shadow is called Dubai, obviously because that is where Huda and her sisters reside. I wish wish wish there was an epic silver in this palette. Silver is so overlooked! I own a ridiculous amount of eyeshadow palettes, it's sickening, but not one of them have an instense metallic bright silver and realising this breaks my heart. If you know of a palette that will change my life please share it with me, because the lack of silver is just pissing me off. Any single eyeshadows that don't cost more than £10 are also welcome too. Below is a swatch of one of the matte shades. I think it is Bossy, it's a gorgeous deep red wine colour and looks perfect.
Thank you for reading, don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin', it's the best way to stay up to date with my posts. I always upload 3-4 posts a week and aim for every other day, but my schedule is all over the place currently. I have lots of cool posts planned, rest assured, and I have been practicing my makeup skills on other people which is exciting for me. I really love doing it, it is very different to putting makeup on myself. It will take some getting used to but it's awesome. If you want to see more of that kind of stuff you can follow me on SnapChat. My username is alittlekiran, I don't post a lot so you won't be bombarded constantly and on Instagram I try and upload beauty stuff on my Insta Stories, such as, new products I have got and posts I am working on etc. Take care. 

What do you think of these colours?



Monday, 29 August 2016


Here is Part 3, also the last instalment, of my Blog Inspiration Series which focuses on Aesthetic and Layout. You can read Part 1 (photography) and Part 2 (content and writing style) here.  Aesthetic is vital in the blogging industry because of how inundated this sector is. Everyone and their dog has a blog which is brilliant, I love dogs, but it also makes it a lot harder for just one individual to stand out. I think you should treat your blog the way you treat yourself. The same rule applies: when you look your best you feel your best. So don’t ever feel time spent fussing around with your template, header or font is time wasted: it certainly isn’t. Plus, you can easily tell how important someone’s blog is by how it looks, how often they post and the way they write. They are all connected and make a lasting impression on the reader, these little things combine and also can be the reason why someone does or does not follow you. Here are 5 blogs whose layout and aesthetic I love:

Normally, I would write a little piece on how amazing each blog is, but it is better if you see for yourselves. I think each blog I have included have a really clean, simple, no frills aesthetic which really make the most of the amazing posts they create. I love the layouts, distinctive logos and easy navigation. My favourite type of blog is the kind where you can easily leave a comment without having to hunt around the page and use Ctrl+F. They all speak for themselves, gorgeous and beautiful. I would love to know what blogs you love and admire as well. Apologies, for not posting over the last few days it was a busy weekend for me. Again, thank you so so much for all the support I am getting. I am over 16K on Instagram which is really cool, I am aware that all this is very fleeting and could be gone in a moment, so it's not something I want to make too big a deal of but I didn't want you guys to think I hadn't noticed. I have and I dearly appreciate all your kind words and comments, the messages you guys send me are my favourite. Never ever hesitate to ask me any questions at all, I am always totally up for talking to you guys. You can contact me via Twitter, DM me on Instagram or leave me an email at alittlekiran@gmail.com. Hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend. Take care.

What is your favourite part of your blog/other blogs?



Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Rebecca | FromRoses (@fromrosesxo on instagram)
Part 2 in the 3 Part Series is dedicated to the blogs that work their butts off creating the kind of viral, original content that I could only dream of. I am not talking about the originators of tags but girls who write from the heart about whatever the fuck they want to and do a damn good job whilst doing it. Here are my current Fab Five, who all inspire me so much every single day in different ways. 
Jasmine | JasmineTalksBeauty.com (@jasminetalksbeauty on instagram)
Rebecca is top of the chain for me with her content because I can honestly say I never skip reading a single post of hers. I never leave her site disappointed, rather, every time I step onto her page I leave renewed and excited because just reading one of her seriously wtf amazing posts sparks over a hundred ideas in my brain. And I frickin' love that. From Roses talks about everything, from the annoyance of hair removal to can't-live-without beauty products, she has got you covered. Her lifestyle posts are probably my favourite because she really encourages me to get my shit together just by being. That, my friend, is talent. I know you most likely all follow her already but I couldn't not mention the impact her site has on me, plus her tattoos are stunning (see photo below for proof). 

Jasmine has one of the best beauty blogs out there, she does touch on other subjects and has incredible photography throughout her blog, but her beauty content has me enraptured. Her Edit style posts are some of my all time favourite online reads, in addition she has a beautiful way of translating the performance of a product into words. For a perfect example read this post on US Beauty Must Haves

Leanne's blog is brilliant, if you've read any of her content you will know exactly what I mean. One of my favourite things about her unique platform is her straightforward and catchy headlines i.e. High End Discoveries and Makeup Lately, they don't try to hard and let you know exactly what you can expect from her post. I particularly love her The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Series where she goes into depth on one beauty product, such as highlighters, concealers or contour kits and let's you know what works, what doesn't work and what should never have been made in the first place. She has an uncanny ability to be unwaveringly polite and professional even when she doesn't like a product. That alone is a skill in itself, as no one is happy to drop the dollars on products worth shit. 

Is there even a way to summarise what the Thirteen Thoughts brings to my life? I find her content to be food for thought to be honest. Everything I read, I absorb and want to utilise immediately. Her blog, to me, promotes positive change and self-awareness. She creates the kind of posts you want to read when you are having a God awful day or you are on your period or you've literally just been shit on by a bird or small child, case in point: 7 Ways to Reset When You Feel Stuck. It makes you feel better, stronger and recharged like I imagine coffee does for most people (FYI I hate coffee but I love this blog). Of course, as a beauty fanatic I appreciate the incredible beauty content too, she knows her shit and her flat lays are the stuff of dreams. If you want following her on Pinterest, I don't know what to say to you, she is the sole reason I have Pinterest

I adore everything about Kelsey's blog, her photos (dreamy), her layout (perfect) and her writing, last but not least, slays my entire existence. I love the way she writes about beauty. I'm an avid reader so large chunks of text never bother me, but I always find myself carving time out specifically, from my day, so I can properly delve into her posts and soak up every word. I devour her posts because they are so well-written and thoughtful, they don't stray off topic (not that I would mind if they did) and her descriptions are perpetually spot-on. A little thing, that shouldn't matter but, she also seems really nice. For a prime demonstration of everything I just said please read this awesome post.

Wow, that was quite a gushy post, if this is the first post you have ever read of mine please know that I am not like this at all 98% of the time, but currently I am experiencing a very uncharacteristic outpouring of love for everyone in the world. Especially bloggers and anyone who reads the crap I write. I reached over 500 followers on Bloglovin' (hell yeah!) and my Instagram has gained more followers in the last few weeks than I ever would have dreamed. I'm so grateful to everyone for your support, I honestly don't know how to thank you, all of you. Just know that I try my hardest to create content worthy of being uploaded, I say no to sponsored offers all the time (not because I have a holier-than-thou complex) because it just isn't me and as a result wouldn't be worth reading. 
Leanne | LPageBeauty.com (@lpbeauty on instagram)
I know it sounds like bullshit and you have probably heard it all before but I do work my ass off for each and every post you guys read. Not just writing and taking photos, but honestly promotion is the most exhausting and ickiest aspect of blogging, for me at least, It takes oodles of time and is so frustrating so if you do read my posts or follow me on any social media, don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' as you help me out a lot by doing that. Every time I see I have a new follower I have a one minute dance party, it makes me so happy. So please follow if you wanna. Lots of love. Take care.

Who inspires you?



Monday, 22 August 2016


This post is inspired by Makeup Savvy and From Roses. I love reading blogs and with all the work I have had on lately I haven't been showing them as much love as I usually do. So, I thought this post would be a nice way to give some amazing blogs a little extra attention. I know most of you are blog nerds too so please shout out your favourites in the comments as well. Don't be shy.
Fee (Makeup Savvy) split her recommendations into categories so I will be using a similar layout but with categories better suited to my interests. I am going to split my recommendations into 3 separate categories: Photography, Content or Writing Style and Blog Aesthetic. Of course, I recommend Makeup Savvy because she has an amazing blog. I apologise in advance because the quality of websites out there is phenomenal and I am bound to miss out some incredible blogs. Originally, I was going to do all 15 blogs in one post but that would be a ridiculously lengthy read so instead I am splitting it into three separate posts. This week focuses on Photography and here are the first 5 I thought of, although there are many many more. Let me know your faves in the comments


The very first blog I thought of. For obvious reasons. Jennifer is the ultimate flat lay queen. 

I followed Makeup-Sessions on IG first, I find her thematic content and excellent composition both gorgeous and soothing. She is the first person with the marble background aesthetic whom I followed and she made me fall in love with it. On top of all of that, she is a sweetheart. She answers all of my questions and is supportive of brands and bloggers alike. Such an amazing blogger and IG account.
For the dreamiest, prettiest fashion photography and picture perfect beachy waves, Olia is your girl.

If I tried to put as many products in a flat lay it would be a disaster, but with The Beauty Look Book: the more the merrier. Love the colour and the stunning quality of her images makes me drool. 

Last but not least, the reason I chose Sophie was because of this picture of coffee below. If you can make coffee look this majestic then you are in another class of photography. Bloody brilliant. Plus, she evokes some serious dressing table envy, her hexagonal mirror looks like it dropped from heaven.

That wraps up this week's Fab Five, there are so many more blogs that I want to shout out but if I do this post would be just as long as the 15 Blogs That Inspire Me post I was originally going to upload. So just know you're all brilliant, but these blogs in particular have me aching for a DSLR and an eye for composition, which I absolutely do not have. It takes me ages to get a good photo, the struggle is real. Makeup selfies are a different ballgame but if you would like to know whose inspire me,  I would be happy to add a Part Four to this ongoing series. The next installment will be up on Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what camera you use below. Take care. 

What do you take your photos with?



Saturday, 20 August 2016


I think we can all agree that hate comments, nasty comments, mean comments, whatever you like to call them are: the worst. They are horrible to read and completely unnecessary. I want to take this moment to highlight my favourite YouTube "intro" person, which is, MannyMUA. You can watch the intro in a 24-sec clip below. I subscribed to him around the time his palette with Makeup Geek came out and I have been loving all of his videos. He is a fucking delight, I highly recommend him and agree with the sentiments he shares at the start of every video. If you don't like someone don't fucking watch them, don't read their posts or stalk their Instagram pages, why would you?

It honestly makes no sense, but we can all scream until we are blue in the face but haters are gonna hate whether you like it or not. I am sure you've all heard it a million times but the best way to deal with negativity is ignore it. Make like Taylor, and shake it off and that goes for all the noble people out there that see a hater's bullshit comment and fight fire with better fire. Don't do it. Do not feed into their crap. When you fight with a pig you both get dirty but the pig likes it. It just gives that person the attention they wanted. That is all they are doing it for: attention. And the really sad thing is that it works, the amount of YouTubers that respond to negative tweets etc. is ridiculous. In some ways, negative comments should be taken as a compliment because it shows you've reached a certain level of "fame" for lack of a better word, but it can still hurt. Just remind yourself of all the love out there because the love always massively outweighs the hate and that is the most important thing. 

This was an extremely short post, by my standards, but I hope you enjoyed it. I would love to know how you deal with negativity and what kind of stuff really affects you, please share your thoughts in the comments. I read them all! Thank you so much for reading, it means a hell of a lot, you can follow me on Bloglovin' to stay up to date with my new posts. I hate the new Bloglovin' changes but luckily the app has stayed the same. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Take care. 

Have you personally dealt with hate online, how do you cope?



Thursday, 18 August 2016


The Huda Beauty Lip Contour Matte Pencil is available from Sephora ($19) and Cult Beauty (£16) and is constantly out of stock because it has been raved about beyond belief. After countless Instagram posts and YouTuber reviews I succumbed to the mayhem when Cult Beauty announced that they had all the shades back in stock. Predictably, I grabbed the two nudest shades of the nine up for grabs: Trendsetter (pinkish nude) and Bombshell (a brown nude). I have had them for a few weeks now and feel I can confidently share my honest opinion about this popular product. 

The Lip Contours claim to have an intense colour pay-off; a long-wearing, matte finish and be waterproof and transfer-proof. If you follow my blog then you'll know lip products are not my favourite, like highlighters I find them to be unnecessary. A good lip balm or sheer wash of colour will suffice. I was feeling extra fancy one day and thought I would rock a lip contour to a training day I had in the City Centre for work. I found the formula to be very drying on my lips, but this is most likely due to how unused to matte lip products I am. What disappointed me the most was that it was not transfer-proof at all. I sipped on a chai latte and the lip contour went everywhere, so mortifying.  

In conclusion, it's not worth the hype at all. I thought this would be everything I would ever need in a lip product. Matte. Long-lasting. Transfer-proof. The kind of lip product that you could put on and just forget about but this wasn't the case at all. It transferred so easily and I was extremely aware of it on my mouth throughtout the day and even though it all but disappeared halfway through the day my lips were so dry I was embarrassed to be seen in public. I wouldn't recommend this product unless you are happy to keep reapplying throughout the day. I would suggest keeping a lip balm with you at all times. The colours are gorgeous so I will use them again but only when I won't be drinking, eating or even talking much. Maybe just to get my Passport photo taken. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried the Huda Beauty Lip Contours? Did you like them, did you find them to be drying or comfortable to wear? I know the Liquid Mattes have just been released in Sephora and I am certainly curious to see how they compare. I hope they are transfer proof. Please follow me on Bloglovin' to stay up to date with new posts, all my links are below. You can also follow me on SnapChat (alittlekiran). Take care.

Have you tried the Huda Beauty Lip Contours?



Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Excitement frickin’ overload. Another Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette, with 12 brand spanking new all MATTE shades. I am high key losing it over this news. Matte shadows are my kryptonite and UD shadows are my one true love. To me they are the crème de la crème, no other brand comes close to touching their quality, in my opinion, of course. This will be available from urbandecay.com for $55 on September 18th, judging from past releases usually a month later (sometimes even longer) new launches hit the UK, so I would guess October it will be coming to the UK and will be around the £38 mark. 

The 12 shadows are all matte, in case that wasn't clear enough and are desribed as:
  • Blow - light nude
  • Nudie - soft pink nude 
  • Commando - light taupe brown
  • Tempted - pale brown 
  • Instinct - medium pink-taupe 
  • Lethal - reddish brown
  • Pre-Game - pale yellow
  • Extra Bitter - burnt orange
  • Faith - medium warm brown 
  • Lockout - rich neutral brown
  • Magnet - smoky grey 
  • Blackjack - warm black

The swatches are stunning and I think the stand out shades for me are Extra Bitter, Lethal and Lockout. Any neutral lover, like me, would consider this a must have palette, not only can you create a myriad of wearable looks but also dramatic smoky eyes, halo eyes and more. I am really impressed with the look and colour selection on offer here, beautiful colours to compliment so many eye colours, blue eyes especially would really suit this palette, and skin tones coupled with to-die-for rose gold packaging with their trademark dual-sized brush and huge mirror this palette ticks all the boxes.

Image source for the Tartelette Palette
In terms of dupes, I do think the Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Amazonian Clay palette (£33) has a similar premise, all matte shades with a smattering of perfect transition shades finished with yellow, cream and ivory highlights and a matte black. Same formula, but not the same shadows. Many bloggers speak on the inconsistency of Tarte eyeshadows whereas very rarely do Urban Decay receive that criticism. I can't speak on that as I don't have my hands on the Naked Ultimate Basics Palette or the Tartelette palette, but based on the photos here I think the Urban Decay one has less purple/mauve tones and looks more pigmented. What are your thoughts? Take care.

 What do you think of the new Naked Ultimate Basics palette, will you purchase?



Sunday, 14 August 2016


On Friday, I happened to complete the most dreaded task of the year: getting my hair cut. To understand the depth of this horror I’m going to have to share some hair history. I have always preferred my hair long. My hair is my favourite feature, all throughout my childhood it was so thick and luscious (hello, modesty), something I didn’t think about and brushed off when people mentioned it, but now years later I wish I had appreciated it. 

I started losing hair throughout secondary school. Not noticeably to others, but to me it was conspicuous. There was also a dismal incident in Sixth Form where my hair got majorly tangled over a course of time, and my best friend armed with a fine comb attacked each and every knot in our History classroom while I cried. Friendship. My hair felt horribly thin at this point.

Years past and my last haircut, prior to Friday, was in March and I left the salon fighting a torrent of tears. By the time she was finished my hair felt so thin because she’d cut so many layers, that I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know what to do so I left and called my Mom. It was an awful week for me, for reasons I won’t get into, but this was the icing on the cake. The dam had broken and I cried in my room feeling helpless and ugly. It sounds so ridiculous, that my hair has such influence on how I feel about myself as a person. It is intrinsically linked with my level of self-confidence. 

Unsurprisingly, I vowed never to get my hair cut ever again. People at work and my friends were really nice about it, in fact many of my co-workers commented on how “lovely and thick” my hair looked but I always received their remarks with incredulity. Were they on crack? Did they not see what I saw? The problem was I didn’t care how my hair looked to them I cared how it felt to me and it felt thin and fine. Like most vows, this one, too, was broken. My hair was begging for a trim so I bit the bullet and asked for recommendations. A friend suggested a salon and I finally experienced a haircut that didn't break my heart. Here are my tips for surviving a trip to the hairdressers.
  1. Firstly, if you are visually impaired like me, for God’s sake, wear contacts. The utter lack of control you experience when you are in that chair, hair dripping wet, fuzzy image of your reflection in front of your face is terrifying. I wore contacts this time around and this settled my nerves instantly, I could stop her if I wasn’t sure what she was doing and I could see how it looked every step of the way.
  2. Trust. Most of my friends and family have one person they trust to cut their hair, it’s like a brow specialist. I only have one woman in the world I trust to go near my brows and whenever I strayed I always regretted it and ended up spending a small fortune on brow products to fix their fuck-ups. 
  3. Less Is More. The first thing I asked for was a trim, I think it is best to start small and then after you see how it looks see if you are ready for something different. I asked for an inch taken off the ends and then for an inch to be taken off my layers after scrutinising the result to add some more dimension. 
  4. Honesty. Be up front and transparent, regardless of how much of a fool you think you will look. Explaining to a stranger how anal and paranoid I am about my hair was beyond embarrassing but it paid off. She reassured me throughout, and told me exactly what she was doing and why. She was kind, attentive and most importantly completely understood how I felt. 
  5. Dry Cut or Wet Cut. Opt for a dry cut, as amazing as it feels to get your hair washed by someone else (it is pure heaven), this way you can see what your hair will look like in everyday life. What you will wake up in the morning with, not what it looks like after it’s been conditioned and blow dried to perfection. A famous stylist said that on a podcast I listened to recently and it makes so much sense.

Thank you so much for reading, please leave me a comment. I would love to read about your hair horror stories and preferences. Hoping I am not the only one who feels this strongly about hair (hangs head in shame). You can follow my blog via Bloglovin', all my links are below, to stay up to date with new posts, I certainly appreciate it. I also created a new Snapchat account, username: alittlekiran, let me know yours in the comments below. I would love to find some fellow beauty addicts to follow! I included hair inspiration photos from the IG account @bombayhair and celebrities whose hair is so poppin'. Obviously a lot of them wear extensions but this does not stop me wanting naturally thick Selena Pantene-commercial perfect hair. Take care. 

Do you have any hair horror stories?



Friday, 12 August 2016


My personal style is very low-key which means whenever I venture out on a lovely summer’s day I am hit with a serious case of style envy. I always feel a bit clueless when it comes to fashion, as a result of my budget, disorganised way of life and chronic lack of accessories. Why can I never find a pair of sunglasses? So I thought I would create a beginner’s style guide for the mercurial British summer so girls like me, who don’t have the inclination or the funds to buy head to toe TopShop, could have some inspiration. We can't all be Kendall, but we can take notes on her enviable style.

Every wardrobe needs a few key items to be complete and effective, this differs for each individual but the pieces that get the most use are usually: a T-shirt that drapes perfectly, silk vests, denim cut offs, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, a white button down shirt, a pair of fitted black trousers, and anything black, grey or beige. I know it sounds boring, but when you add in the seasonal wear these essentials create an instagrammable outfit in seconds. Picture a River Island swimsuit with your white shirt thrown over your shoulders and denim cut offs. Add a pair of flip flops and a beach bag and you will be living it up in Weston Super Mare. In England, every closet benefits from the warmer pieces, a jumper, a kimono, a slogan hoodie and a beautiful coat are handy to have all year round. My inspiration for creating the perfect pile of basics usually comes from the off duty style of supermodels, as they are usually made up of popular items we all own, Vogue cover or no. 

Some trends just never ever die, the timeless trends, shall we call them. My favourite trend is stripes. They are flattering, come in monochrome (my favourite) and colour, can be adjusted to suit all body types, are suitable for work and play and are available in almost every high street store. What’s not to love? You can rock the stripe in so many different ways, the simplest being the classic T-shirt with loose jeans. It’s easy and supermodel stylish. In addition to the timeless trend there is also the seasonal trend, culottes had a big moment last summer and it seems they are back for 2016. My favourite thing about culottes as well as the becoming length is the versatility, they can take you from day to night with a swipe of liner or lip gloss. 

This is the one key facet of style where I fail miserably, I don’t have the forethought to invest in accessories. My jewellery doesn’t have a home, I literally hang my necklaces up on the curtain rail in my bedroom because ain’t nobody got time for a tangled necklace. I really love anklets and snazzy watches to personalise an outfit. There are so many awesome accessories out there, what is your favourite accessory to take your style to the next level?


As a girl who lives in Chelsea boots like it is an eternal winter, shoes are the hardest part of the summer for me, however in the summer footwear really gets a chance to shine. With a simple outfit a cool pair of shoes can steal the show, Desi Perkins, an absolute goddess, recently spoke about how much positive attention she would receive when she wore a pair of clear boots on holiday. Great, unique shoes don’t have to be expensive and can even be customised if you’re on a budget. 

Last but not least, as long as you feel good you will look good. Style isn’t about looking like Gigi Hadid, although if I could I so would, it is about looking like yourself and even if you only wear grey dresses and men’s T shirts like me, you still have style. If I could give any advice at all it would be to buy clothes that make you feel good and put an extra wiggle in your walk. I call them my dependent clothes, when I struggle with finding something to wear, those dresses that make me smile are the ones I gravitate towards because I feel good in them. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration for your summer wardrobe. We haven’t got long until Autumn calls round so make the most of even the barest sliver of sunshine. Please let me know in the comments what you thought of this post and share any style tips that you love. I listened to a Vogue podcast today and Gigi shared some advice, her motto, to her interviewer which I think is beneficial to everybody: Work hard, be kind and make a friend. Words to live by, if there ever were. My links are all below. Take care.

What are your favourite summer style pieces?



Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Lately, I have been trying out a few new beauty products and wanted to share what is currently on trial for me. As usual, I am late to the party on most items but I have been trying them all out and am happy to share some quickfire reviews with you. Let's start with the Champagne Face Palette (£14) from Becca Cosmetics, created in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. I have had this June and only in the last week have I tentatively dipped into Champagne Pop and Amaretto. I certainly need to test this out properly but it just feels like too much for every day. Fortunately, I have a wedding this weekend so I am excited to go all cake face with the makeup and actually have some fun. 

Nip + Fab is totally new to me, but there is a half price deal happening at Boots so what better time to try them. I'm aware that this company owns Rodial too so I was keen to try some skincare from this brand.  have been using the Glycolic Fix Serum (RRP £15) constantly and love it. The Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask (RRP £10), on the other hand, isn't my favourite. I tried using it as an overnight mask and didn't notice any change at all. I think if I was older this would be more beneficial, but I don't see myself reaching for this again. I might get my Mom to try it.

The Gimme Brow (£18.50) is not new to me, and although I don't really like the gimmicky packaging (I know I must be the only one) I am a huge fan of Benefit products. Their Gimme Brow is just as good as ever, I love the small brush, it sets my brows without making them look crispy or unnatural and the colour is spot on for my brows too. I think a clear mascara could do the same job, but this does add a little colour and therefore a more polished overall look to the brows. For lazy girls, like me, this is a good product but easily dupable i.e. Maybelline's Brow Drama (£6) and the L'Oreal Brow Artiste Plumper (£6). 

The Nivea In Shower Moisturiser (£2.50) is a lifesaver, I hate moisturising post shower, it's time consuming and awkward. Slathering this lovely thin creamy product all over the body and rinsing takes seconds. I am a little miffed as I thought it doubled as a shower gel and moisturiser but although it doesn't save you a step as originally thought it is well worth the money if juggling body butters makes you want to tear your hair out. The packaging is practical and perfect and you get lots of product. At the moment, I use this after exfoliating and my skin feels nicely hydrated afterwards.

Last but not least, the Miracle Complexion Sponge (£6) from Real Techniques is rocking my world. I love it so much, it's effortless. The sponge is squishy and soft, doesn't absorb much product and provides a natural finish to my base. I use it damp for foundation and concealer, I swipe it to apply my foundation like Samantha Chapman does in her tutorials and then pat my concealer in over the top for extra coverage and brightness. All my buffing and stippling brushes are feeling serious neglected. 

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hit over 500 followers on Bloglovin' and words cannot express how amazing that feels. Thank you so so much. I just, I fucking love you guys, I really do. Hope you're all having a better week than me, the weekend isn't too far now, thank God. Take care.

What products are on "trial" for you?


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