Monday, 29 August 2016


Here is Part 3, also the last instalment, of my Blog Inspiration Series which focuses on Aesthetic and Layout. You can read Part 1 (photography) and Part 2 (content and writing style) here.  Aesthetic is vital in the blogging industry because of how inundated this sector is. Everyone and their dog has a blog which is brilliant, I love dogs, but it also makes it a lot harder for just one individual to stand out. I think you should treat your blog the way you treat yourself. The same rule applies: when you look your best you feel your best. So don’t ever feel time spent fussing around with your template, header or font is time wasted: it certainly isn’t. Plus, you can easily tell how important someone’s blog is by how it looks, how often they post and the way they write. They are all connected and make a lasting impression on the reader, these little things combine and also can be the reason why someone does or does not follow you. Here are 5 blogs whose layout and aesthetic I love:

Normally, I would write a little piece on how amazing each blog is, but it is better if you see for yourselves. I think each blog I have included have a really clean, simple, no frills aesthetic which really make the most of the amazing posts they create. I love the layouts, distinctive logos and easy navigation. My favourite type of blog is the kind where you can easily leave a comment without having to hunt around the page and use Ctrl+F. They all speak for themselves, gorgeous and beautiful. I would love to know what blogs you love and admire as well. Apologies, for not posting over the last few days it was a busy weekend for me. Again, thank you so so much for all the support I am getting. I am over 16K on Instagram which is really cool, I am aware that all this is very fleeting and could be gone in a moment, so it's not something I want to make too big a deal of but I didn't want you guys to think I hadn't noticed. I have and I dearly appreciate all your kind words and comments, the messages you guys send me are my favourite. Never ever hesitate to ask me any questions at all, I am always totally up for talking to you guys. You can contact me via Twitter, DM me on Instagram or leave me an email at Hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday weekend. Take care.

What is your favourite part of your blog/other blogs?




  1. Love how clean and simple all of these blogs are! I find that I want to read blogs with simple layouts more rather than really complicated where there are loads of things on the side bar! xox

  2. I follow A Girl Obsessed and love her clean and aesthetically pleasing blog pictures 💕

    Ash |

  3. I follow A Girl Obsessed and love her clean and aesthetically pleasing blog pictures 💕

    Ash |


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