Friday, 30 September 2016


How has it taken me so long to write this review? I have had this for months now and I have been using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge religiously most days. I bought it out of pure curiosity, I wasn't quite ready to make the leap and buy a beauty blender so I thought this would be a nice compromise as it is so affordable. In addition, I take the Pixiwoo sisters' word as gospel so if they created it and are using it, loving it, I am buying it. That's just me, they are one of the few people on #TeamInternet (I am rolling my eyes) that I actually trust

I love the orange colour, the idea behind it is you use it damp for a natural finish or dry for full coverage. It is latex-free and designed to be used with liquid products. My honest opinion is that it is a fantastic tool. I would not recommend using it dry. At all. If you use it dry, you will hate it. Your foundation just sits on the skin and looks as unnatural as humanly possible. The best way to use it is run it under the tap, repeatedly squeeze the sponge while it is under the water wringing the excess water from the sponge and you will see it triple in size. I pour out some foundation on my hand, dab the flat edge of the sponge in it and wipe it all over my face. Then reassessing, I pick up a bit more product on the flat edge and dab on areas that need a bit more coverage. I also use the sponge to blend my concealer, it works really well for that and I use the pointed end for blending out a cream contour. Something I have only recently tried. 

The shape of the sponge is an aspect that really appeals to me. Firstly, it is so big that it makes quick work of your foundation. It takes me 10 seconds to actually apply a decent layer on my face and it looks good, which is brilliant. The flat edge is great for large areas, such as applying foundation on the face, I also love it for applying setting powder especially under my eyes. The pointed end great for more precise areas like around the nose and blending out the contour. I think it is great there are two different sides as it means you can use one side for foundation and one side for contour without having to wash it in between. 

The only downside is washing it. It takes me ages to wash it and I would recommend washing it prior to each  time you use it. I simply rub it against some normal soap and some antibacterial liquid soap until the water runs clear. It is such a pain, I wish there was a quicker way to clean it. If you know of any, please let me know in the comments below. In other news, I have found a sponge that looks identical to the original beauty blender from B in Superdrug. It was around £5 and I will be testing that out in the coming week, so stay tuned for that upcoming review. In the meantime, hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I am in London so follow me on Snapchat (alittlekiran) to stay up to date plus I love talking beauty with you guys. It is so much fun. Thank you for reading. Take care.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Mario Dedivanovic, better known as @makeupbymario on Instagram and Kim Kardashian West's go to glam man, has collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills to make the Master Palette. All of social media has been buzzing about this palette, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it too. ABH eyeshadow palettes sell out fast and as a proud owner of the Modern Renaissance Palette ($42/£41) I can attest to the gorgeous quality of their palette shadows. They are worth every pretty penny. The Master Palette releases tomorrow on the ABH website and from what I have heard it is apparently a US exclusive palette. So will not be sold in UK retailers, I am sure if you try hard enough and are willing to part with some extra cash you will be able to get your hands on it wherever you may live. But. . .is it worth all that extra hassle? Let's take a closer look.

As expected, the palette contains 12 powder eyeshadows and they are all, for the most part, very neutral, wearable shades that would suit many skin tones. Judging by the photo above, my only concern is very pale people might struggle to wear some of these colours as the colour palate looks particularly suited to those with a tan/olive skin tone. Deeper skins may find a lot of these colours will disappear on their skin because of the thematic deep brown undertone that can be found in many of the shades, but this can easily be overcome by using a good eyeshadow primer/base

What I find is that individually none of these shadows really wow me, but, and I think Anastasia and her team excel at this, the combination of these colours in a single palette raise the attractiveness of the individual shadows. It's like an individual guy looks hotter in a group of fairly attractive boys than he would alone, I think Barney calls it the "cheerleader effect" in How I Met Your Mother (correct me if I am wrong). So although individually, the shadows, if broken down, are easily duped and I already know I have similar shades in my extensive shadow collection, you can't deny how convenient and lovely it is to have all of these gorgeous colours in one palette. One important con I think is that I like all of the shadows equally, usually with palettes similar to this there are a few shades that immediately stick out to me, but with this palette they all inspire the same mellow reaction. Depending on your viewpoint, this might be a pro or a con. For a die-hard eyeshadow lover, such as myself, I consider it a con, I think I would get bored if I am completely honest. 

In total, there are only 3 matte shades in this palette: Violeta (eggplant coloured matte), Isabel (my favourite of the 3, warm cinammon brown matte) and Lula (taupe brown/grey matte), I find this a tad disappointing. I would have liked more of a balance. The rest are shimmer, most, such as Paris, 5th Ave, Marina, Muse, Kim, NYC and Hollywood, are all in the shimmery gold/bronze/black family. Muse does have a beautiful rust tone and Marina looks very reflective, so would be gorgeous at catching light and adding shine. Out of all the shimmers Bronx and Claudia are by far the most interesting, to me. Bronx has a gorgeous olive appearance that will look so gorgeous on brown eyes and Claudia is the only shadow that looks even slightly odd in this line up, an almost teal shade. Again though, neither of these shadows are anything new so not too impressed. The names and colours are just too predictable for me. Overall, the palette looks okay and while I admit all the colours look stunning together as a palette and perhaps I am being unfair judging by photos alone but I don't think I'll be buying this palette. It's just too neutral for me. Do I think it is beautiful? Yes. Does it excite me? No. Will I wait for Makeup Revolution to come through with a dupe? Probably.

Thank you for reading my quasi-review and first impressions of this new palette. I am eager to hear what you guys think of it, so share your opinion below. Will you buy it? Do you have anything similar? Do you completely disagree with my assessment? Let me know. I am going to be in London this weekend but I should still be posting, hope you all have a great day. Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin', it is the easiest way to stay up to date with my posts and makes me happy so please do follow if you want to. I really appreciate it. You can find my other social media below. Take care.

What do you think of the Master Palette, will you buy or pass?



Sunday, 25 September 2016


Social media seems to be where it all happens, especially when it comes to the beauty world. There are new brands popping up all the time, with fresh, mouth-wateringly gorgeous packaging and heavily hyped up products. Here are 5 of my favourites. I am sure this is not the first time they have come across your screen as plenty of influencers and beauty gurus plug them in their videos and on their accounts, but sometimes that's not enough to get you to part with your cash. After all, do they really know what they are doing? Let's find out. . .

Their liquid lipsticks come in a cool assortment of nudes and mauves and arrived just in time for the huge 90's revival that launched a few years ago. Since then, they are making waves with eye products as well as their hugely popular liquid lipsticks. Read my review here. Even though, I didn't like them I do love the unique shade range and the play time you get with them. Furthermore, their gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and stunning white and gold brushes actually make me drool. 

That packaging though. Need I say more? This Beauty Bakerie Blue is such a perfect shade I want it splashed all over my dressing table. This brand has been making waves of their own with their extraordinary Lip Whips which get praised by everybody. Not only do they come in some fun shades but the formula and consistency have everyone sighing in glee. You would think we would all be liquid lipsticked out by now but oh no this brand made me willing to dive back into the liquid lip world all over again. It always starts with lipsticks for indie brands, and I hope this brand starts as they mean to go on. 

If you like ridiculously pigmented eyeshadows in notoriously difficult to get a hold of colours then this brand will be right up your street. Every wacky, neon, so bright you blind the post man shade is in this brand. A must have for makeup experimenters and anyone who loves Halloween. 

Their stacks just make me feel some type of way. I don't know if it is the innovative way they are literally stacked as one or how the colours in each stack just marry so well together. The colours, the pigmentation and the creaminess of these shadows are not to be believed. I want them all, and if you're looking for one to buy start with the Rust stack. So perfect for Autumn and the Gunmetal stack makes me happy. Now I have realised how hard it is to find a good silver, whenever I see one I immediately screenshot it. They have creamy lipsticks in a gorgeous array of hues if you like that too.

Two words: pressed glitter. Even if you're not a total glitter addict please check out their Instagram account because the looks people post are spectacular. Plus, their loose glitter actually comes in a syringe type package which is so funny and I am guessing how they got their name. I love it. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. There are many more brands that deserve some love so if you would like me to talk about some more instafamous beauty brands in another post I am happy to do so. Just let me know in the comments. If you have tried any products from these brands or would like to, leave a comment telling me which product you like the look of the most or have heard a lot about. I love reading your comments and as always, thanks for stopping by. Take care.

Have you heard of any of these brands or tried any products?
What do you like the look of?



Friday, 23 September 2016


It's officially Autumn, according to Google, so let's dive into my autumnal base routine. As most of you know my daily makeup is very basic but I never skip foundation and contour. They are my two ride or die makeup staples and I feel naked and vulnerable without them because I don't have the best skin or the best cheekbones. I, of course, wash my face and apply moisturiser. I have been using the Tata Harper moisturiser lately. Then using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge damp I apply a medium coverage foundation all over my face and drag it down my neck.

There are two foundations that I have been alternating between lately. The Milani 2 in 1 Conceal & Perfect Foundation in the shade Sand (£10) which I am testing out for an upcoming reveiew and the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I like both foundations because they are a decent medium coverage, a good colour match and don't feel to heavy on my skin. I am constantly in a rush in the morning so don't always have time to customise the coverage I want which is where the Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder (£23) comes in.

Image Source: Temptalia
The Ultra Defintion powder adds the finishing touch, I apply it all over my face with the Premium Swede powder brush. I really love this brush it's just the right size to apply all powder products: blush, bronzer and setting powder. Once the HD powder is applied I feel like my base is on another level, like someone has turned the saturation up in my skin and I finally look alive and airbrushed. It is such a gorgeous powder. The only con is that because it is a coloured powder it does transfer a little so be mindful when you're touching your face or wearing a pristine white jumper. As someone who touches their face at least five times per second (help me stop, puh-lease) I am excited to announce that it holds up extremely well even after constant touching. It really sticks to the foundation which I love.

Onto my favourite part: contouring! God, I love contouring so much. I am not someone who contours like crazy but using my Sleek Contour Kit (£7) or NYX Contour Kit (£18) I like to add some definition to my face. I am very particular about where I contour so the hollows of the cheekbones are where I focus most and where I contour the darkest and then I take the powder up to my temples, the sides of my face to slim it down a little, under my jaw line, chin and the centre of the neck. My forehead isn't large in length so I don't contour my hairline and I never ever skip contouring my nose.

The final touch is a swipe of lip balm on my lips. I love the Albus & Flora Multi Active lip balms (£10) because they are so moisturising and feel lovely, they also last a long time on the lips which is rare for a lip balm. In addition, they contain an SPF 30 and aren't sticky or gloopy in the slightest. If I feel a little self conscious about my contouring, as I never want it to look obvious, I blend it out further with either some translucent loose powder, my favourite is the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder (£15), or the same Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder I used earlier..

Thank you so much for reading, it always means so much to me especially as I haven't had a lot of free time to read everybody else's blogs recently. So the fact that so many of you keep coming back and making time for my blog makes me really happy. Thank you all so much. I have been seriously considering making YouTube videos recently. I don't have lots of equipment but I thought it would be cool to try. Let me know what you think and if you have any tips or advice. Happy Friday! Take care.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I want clear skin more than I want to wake up with a body like Gigi Hadid so, although I don't have too many blackheads, anything from the Clean & Clear range sounds good to me as clean and clear skin is my ultimate goal. The Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing 2 in 1 Wash and Mask is £4.70 at Boots right now, and you get 150ml of product which should last you about two months with daily use (twice a day). I have had a few breakouts sporadically over the last few weeks, I am positive it is due to the amount of junk food I find myself carelessly indulging in and hormones. This mask is one I have used in the past and from previous experience 2-in-1 products are always a favourite of mine

When I first started using this I really liked it, the smell isn't overbearing and typically I apply it using circular motions on my face and then allow it to sit on my skin for a few minutes while I brush my teeth before washing it off. I do this morning and night and I used it for a good month or so. When I leave it on my skin for those two minutes it does induce a slight tingling sensation, which I like, it feels very refreshing and most importantly my skin does feel nice and clean afterwards. 

Only after repeated use did I realise that this product majorly dries out my skin. There was a period of time where I would literally bathe my face and neck in oil every night because my skin was so dry it felt like overdone filo pastry (yes, I just watched Bake Off). It took me some time to pinpoint the cause but I realised as soon as I cut this product out of my skincare routine my skin has returned to its combination/oily state. I do like how this works on my skin but I won't be using it daily anymore, I think once a week as a mask it is great. Another con is how difficult this is to wash off as a mask. You can't just splash some water on and be done you have to properly scrub at your skin with your hands to get every trace off this product off which can be frustrating in the middle of a time crunch in the morning. Overall, I do like the product but if I had to choose I would pick the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser over this one because that doesn't dry out my skin and washes off easily no matter how long you leave it on for. 

Of course, this is just how the product works on my skin. Everyone is different, if you love this product I would love to know how you use it and what you like about it. I need a good every day face wash/scrub so please leave me some of your favourites in the comments below. I would really appreciate that, hope you are all having a fantastic week, thank you so much for reading. Take care. 

What is your daily skincare routine?



Monday, 19 September 2016


Do you ever do that thing where you go online with the intention of buying just one thing? One thing. Then in order to get free delivery you have to meet a minimum requirement, in this case £15, and the next thing you know you’ve spent £54.50 on 3 items only, when all you wanted was one £10 item. . . this is why I can’t have nice things. I know you’ve been there. Every time. It happens every single time.  

It all started with the Milani 2 in 1 Conceal & Perfect Foundation (£10). Everyone everywhere seems to rave about this foundation, not only my favourite bloggers (like Glam Life Guru) but also makeup artists. The one problem is just trying to find the right shade, Beauty Bay recently restocked all the shades so after watching countless YouTube reviews and scrutinising swatches on Google Images I decided on the shade Sand described as being “for medium skin tones with neutral undertones”. I actually have warm undertones so Sand Beige was what I would have initially went for, however, it seems a little dark for my skin especially with winter coming. #WinterIsComing

So as discussed earlier, I was £5 away from the £15 Free Express Delivery threshold so naturally I pick up products I have had my eye on. Recently, I have been so excited about trying new skincare products. I really want to find the perfect skincare routine because my skin is all over the place. These are two totally new brands to me, although I have heard of them I have never tried anything from either Pai or First Aid Beauty, but both items had exceedingly good (sorry Mr Kipling) reviews.

Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit and Seed Oil (£22) This oil has brilliant reviews on Beauty Bay, from all skin types. If I am honest I saw a beautiful photo of this oil on Twitter and just felt like I needed it in my life. In addition, my current go-to oil is almost done so I am in need. Oils are very popular and there are plenty of articles discussing what oils are best and I think rosehip oil is supposed to be phenomenal for your skin. I am so excited to try this. 

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask (£22.50). I was keen to try this product because I love face masks and the idea of something working overnight to make me look like I got a full night’s sleep sounds like the answer to all my prayers. As someone who has trouble getting the requisite amount of sleep, I am all for products that can fake that well rested look

Thank you so much for reading about this little haul. Stay tuned for some full reviews. In the meantime let me know what you have your eye on too. There's so many great products out there. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to attack the week ahead. Make me proud. Take care. 

What is the next thing you want to buy?



Friday, 16 September 2016


The Body Shop have been releasing some epic products lately like their Shade Adjusting Drops (£10) and Skin Defence SPF Moisturiser (£18). So, when they come out with new shit I take notice. Watching Kaushal Beauty’s Skincare Hacks video (see the end of this post or click here to watch) I latched onto the appearance of five brand new face masks. They each come in a tub containing 75ml of product and retail for £15 in the UK and are currently available to purchase via The Body Shop website. They are easy to use: simply apply to cleansed, dry skin, leave for 10-15 minutes and then wash off. Face masks are without doubt having a moment right now so let’s dive into each one to see what they claim to do and what skin type they would be good for.

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. This face mask has a blue label and is described as a 100% vegan (bonus) tingling charcoal clay mask. It claims to draw out impurities and refine pores to help the skin appear clearer, unclogged and give a healthy glow. Out of all five masks this is the only one on The Body Shop site to actually have reviews, so this appears to be the most popular.

Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask. As expected, this mask rocks a bumblebee yellow label and claims to be moisturising and nourishing. 100% Vegan. It is a melting face mask that contains African honey and olive oil to leave your skin smooth and soft and gorgeous. I think this would be great for dry/dull skin.

Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask. This beautiful deep magenta pink label looks so enticing. 100% Vegan. This mask is the one you want for an instant boost. Tired and sleepy skin would benefit from the invigorating ingredients, such as, acai berry and guarana. A “fresh and juicy” mask for skin that needs recharging.

British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask. A softer pink, rosy pink even, label for this face mask which is described as being a gel formula infused with real rose petals and rosehip oil. 100% Vegan. This mask is for thirsty skin and will help plump and add radiance and dewiness to the skin so it looks replenished and youthful.

Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polish Mask. This face mask is very different and the one I am most excited about because there aren’t many masks like this, in the Western world at least, and it displays a beautiful simple white label. This is the only mask out of the 5 that is described as Vegetarian and Not Vegan, because it contains beeswax. The mask is described as being “creamy and exfoliating”, which is my favourite combination of adjectives ever. In addition, it claims to “illuminate, even and revitalise skin”. So this is the mask for skin that doesn’t have a specific skin concern, like large pores or dryness, and just wants to be better in general.

That’s all 5 broken down. For my skin, I think the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask would be ideal as it would clean out my pores and purify my skin leaving it fresher and cleaner. This is the mask that is most similar to masks I have used in the past i.e. Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed. I think the Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask and British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask sound the most luxurious and fancy to use and will help you wake up with baby skin. The Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polish Mask I think would be the mask that would provide long term benefits with continued use; it is the only one that is advised to be used 2-3 times a week for maximum impact. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask sounds like it would be the mask that would produce the most dramatic difference in the short term.

Overall, I think each and every mask sounds wonderful. Above you can see 3 of the masks in action on Kaushal Beauty. She is wearing the Himalayan Mask on her T zone, the Amazonian Acai everywhere else and the Ethiopian Honey on her mouth. Multi-masking is a popular trend right now, and definitely has its benefits. It is still a trend I have yet to get into but who knows? Below you can watch her full Skincare Hacks videos, let me know if you try any. I love her channel.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you liked this post. Personally, I think these face masks sound pretty good so I am eager to find out how others feel about them and what their experience with the products are. It is important to note that I have not purchased any of these products so please don’t take my word as gospel. This is not a review, it is an Overview with just my opinion of each individual mask. Let me know your thoughts and which one you are most likely to buy in the comments below. Hope you had a great week, I am so ready for this weekend. Take care.

What is your holy grail eyeshadow palette or eyeshadow?



Wednesday, 14 September 2016


I don’t want to beat around the bush, when the Modern Renaissance palette – the first ever permanent eyeshadow palette Anastasia Beverly Hills and Norvina have created – was revealed I wasn’t convinced by it. The colours and overall aesthetic didn’t appeal to me. It wasn’t until I saw people create looks with the palette and showcase their skills on Instagram that I really took notice. There were so many beautiful and diverse looks on the internet using just this palette, which is key. There were so many eye looks produced with just this one palette and no one seemed to be getting tired of it. Even now the majority of my feed is made up of Modern Renaissance looks so I succumbed and bought the £41 palette. You can purchase Modern Renaissance at Beauty Bay here. and Cult Beauty here The price is steep but for ABH products the cost is in line with their existing products. Unlike Makeup Geek, which is a whole other rant: £54 for the Manny MUA Palette on Beauty Bay. Are you serious? Fuck off. 

When Modern Renaissance arrived in the post I was intrigued. I love the suede pink packaging, the colours look stunning with a nice mix of neutrals and bolder colours. The exterior packaging can easily get dirty and be tough to clean so be weary of that. As a palette I can see it is well thought out, the colour selection works fabulously together, to the point where you can instantly conjure an infinite amount of eye looks.: both neutral and elaborate. 

Above you can see all the swatches. There are 14 shadows in total. The photo was taken in natural light, with one swipe of my finger per shadow. No primer, no double swatching. As you can see some shadows are more vibrant than others such as Realgar, Red Ochre, Cyprus Umber and Antique Bronze, some almost disappear into my skin (Warm Taupe and Buon Fresco) and a few appear very powdery (Vermeer and Tempera). Overall, they are all extremely soft and blendable. My one drawback is how similar Love Letter and Venetian Red appear both on my arm and in the palette. It just throws me off every time I look at it. 

Don’t be put off by my swatches, I have been playing a lot with this palette over the past two weeks and using them over a primer makes all the difference. Once they  have something to stick to they become less powdery and more vivid. Love Letter, Red Ochre and Burnt Orange are some of my favourite crease shadows for a sunset smoky eye. Primavera is a stunning inner corner shimmer or even all over the lid focal point which pairs gorgeously with Cyprus Umber and Antique Bronze. The dual sided brush is actually brilliant, there is an ultra fluffy side the perfect size for buffing out crease shades and a smaller, stilly fluffy rounded brush ideal for defining the outer v. I am eternally glad I bought this palette, I don’t see myself getting bored anytime soon. 

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to know what your thoughts are on this palette. Did you buy it? Will you? If no, why not? I love eyeshadow so much, eyeshadows and foundation are my favourite products to buy. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ and leave me a comment down below, I have so many cool posts in store for you guys. Love you all, hope you all had a great Wednesday aka Bake Off Day, which is starting now. Take care. 

What is your holy grail eyeshadow palette or eyeshadow?



Monday, 12 September 2016


Face masks really are the only skincare products that claim to produce instant noticeable effects and I think this is why they have blown up so much over recent years as the emphasis on skincare has increased tenfold over the last decade. Clay masks are nothing new, but generally clay masks are marketed as being detoxifying or purifying. L'Oreal have created 3 face masks for 3 different results, each using a blend of three clays. The Glow Mask (£8) is the one that caught my eye, as the other two masks - Detox Mask and Purity Mask - have been done before, whereas a radiance, glow-inducing clay mask is completely new to me

What struck me the most was the unusual hue of the mask, it looks like crushed brick which is certainly unique. You get 50ml of product in a nice weighty glass jar, at least it feels like glass, I don't care for the packaging much. It looks great, but it can make application messy and unhygienic if you use your fingers to scoop out the product. You can use a plastic spatula or even a foundation brush and paint it onto clean skin but I use my fingers so a tube would be better suited to me. There is a seal separating the product from the lid so that goes some way to minimise the bacteria contaminating the product. 

Onto the mask itself, the "powerful three clays" are: Kaolin which absorbs impurities and excess sebum; Montmorillonite which helps eliminate imperfections and Ghassoul more commonly known as Rhassoul (so I don't know why L'Oreal have chosen to call it Ghassoul, maybe to make it look like it is completely new?) which helps clarify the complexion because it is a clay rich in minerals. A few years ago I actually underwent a Mud Rhassoul full body treatment, I remember my complexion was terrible at the time as a result of exams, stress and poor choices, but the treatment was an ultimate pick me up. I was flabbergasted at how better, clearer and brighter my skin looked after the intensive treatment. Read about the experience here

To Use: Simply apply the mask with your preferred tool (for me it's my fingers) onto dry, cleansed skin. I applied an even layer all over my face and neck, avoiding my eyes but dabbing a little on my lips. Can't hurt. I left it on much longer than the recommended 10-15 minutes. I don't have very sensitive skin so this mask didn't bother me at all, it tingled slightly at first but that disappeared quickly. There is a scent to it but for me it was very faint and not lingering. In total, it must have remained on my face for about 40 minutes before I washed it off. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend wearing it for that long of a period. The most alarming characteristic is how it looks on the skin, every time I looked in the mirror I thought I had been badly burned without realising.

Once you have left the mask to sit for however long you choose, rinse off with warm water. The mask doesn't dry down on the skin and you can visibly see the slightly gritty texture which when you rinse it off works to exfoliate the skin. After removing it my skin felt palpably softer, smoother and overall looked healthier. I wouldn't say it was glowing but perhaps if I did use it multiple times a week as suggested I would have glowing seraphic skin. I did apply this mask shortly after waking up so the effect of the mask might have been more significant for me. I do like that it isn't drying as it meant that I could drink tea, talk and eat without worrying about 'cracking' the mask. The jar it comes in is meant for 10 uses only, so if you did use the mask 3 times a week as implied you would whiz through this fast. I would recommend buying in bulk if you think this mask is for you. Most stores, Superdrug and Boots for instance, more often than not have an offer on like 3 for 2 so that would be an ideal opportunity to snap up as many of these as you can. I see myself repurchasing for sure. I wish it was bigger so one jar would last months rather than weeks but very decent for the price.

Thank you so much for reading. I am back to blogging properly now, apologies for the flaky behaviour the last few days. My cousin got married so we were in Sunderland over the weekend, but not it is back to normal. Posts every other day, as always follow me on Bloglovin', all my links are below. My SnapChat is alittlekiran if you're interested, I don't post too much but would love to connect with you guys, Take care. 

What face masks do you love or want to try?



Thursday, 8 September 2016


When it comes to skincare hacks I know we’ve all heard it before: wash your makeup brushes, remove makeup before bed etc. Nothing really surprises us, unfortunately our skin can, which brings me to my current situation. My skin, out of the blue, is drier than prison bread. It has been oily/combination forever so I honestly don't know what to do. Is it dehydrated? Is it a cry for help? Seriously, what is up? This dilemma spurred a post idea, what do you do when your skin is in trouble and in need of a quick fix? I have my cousin’s wedding this weekend and my skin, which is also suffering from a few breakouts, will not do. We all have our own secret arsenal when we need our skin to pull it together and I would love for you to share some of your own secrets below in the comments. For now, I will share mine. 

Exfoliate. Even if you have dry skin as long as you use gentle, natural products this shouldn't cause any problems. I highly recommend Burt's Bees as a brand, their Deep Pore scrub is beautifully creamy but nice and grainy without being harsh on the skin. I blew through this generous amount in no time at all. A great product to use both day and night. Be sure to massage in gently as you don't want to irritate the skin or inflame existing breakouts even more. 

Hydration. Moisturising is important whether you have oily or dry skin, but if you have dry skin you want thicker, richer more radiance-inducing creams. I recommend the Skin Effect Active Day Face Cream, supposedly a £7.99 dupe for the £70 Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Not only do you want to apply more product than usual, if your skin is feeling particularly dry, you also really want to allow the product to sink into the skin. Let it work its "magic". 

Oils. Oh my God, oils are everything. Especially for dry skin. I completely abandon my usual skincare routine and strip it down to the bare necessities. Oil will never do you wrong. I like to remove my makeup with coconut oil, it feels amazing on dry skin and before bed I saturate both sides of a cotton pad in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and apply it all over my face and neck. There are loads of beauty oils on the market right now but you can always concoct your own. I use sweet almond oil after showering all over my body to keep my skin smooth and soft. 

Face Masks. If you are looking for a quick fix face masks are where it is at. Any tea tree mask is my go to for acne and breakouts. They feel really refreshing and instantly soothe my raging skin. Another plus is how inexpensive they can be, Asda, Superdrug and many other stores have one-use face masks ranging from 50p-£2 and surprisingly they can be really good. I love a clay mask too, anything that detoxifies is up my alley. Of course, with my recent dry skin I am eager to try out more hydrating face masks. I have heard great things about Glam Glow Thirsty Mud. You can even use Thirsty Mud overnight as a skin treatment.

Face Mists. Not my favourite because until now I have just considered them to be overpriced and unnecessary which honestly they still are. But, I can't deny that they do feel amazing on your skin throughout the day. Especially when your skin is feeling, dry and rough a spritz of a mildly fragrant mist is refreshing and reviving to the skin. Instant perk up. I love drenching my face with Tata Harper's Hydrating Floral Essence after washing my face in the morning. I let the mist absorb into my skin while I pick out makeup and clothes and then add a few more sprays to my beauty blender to help work the foundation into my skin. I am sure you can easily and cheaply make your own too. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to know what skin type you are and if you do have dry skin please share your own tips and tricks with me to get your skin looking and feeling better. I would really appreciate it. I have so much going on right now and won't be with my laptop this weekend - (follow me on Snapchat: alittlekiran) - so I will try and get a few posts up for you but I am not promising anything. If you have any requests for future posts please share them below. I would love some feedback. Hope you're enjoying your week. Take care.

What are your favourite skincare products to use?


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