Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I want clear skin more than I want to wake up with a body like Gigi Hadid so, although I don't have too many blackheads, anything from the Clean & Clear range sounds good to me as clean and clear skin is my ultimate goal. The Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing 2 in 1 Wash and Mask is £4.70 at Boots right now, and you get 150ml of product which should last you about two months with daily use (twice a day). I have had a few breakouts sporadically over the last few weeks, I am positive it is due to the amount of junk food I find myself carelessly indulging in and hormones. This mask is one I have used in the past and from previous experience 2-in-1 products are always a favourite of mine

When I first started using this I really liked it, the smell isn't overbearing and typically I apply it using circular motions on my face and then allow it to sit on my skin for a few minutes while I brush my teeth before washing it off. I do this morning and night and I used it for a good month or so. When I leave it on my skin for those two minutes it does induce a slight tingling sensation, which I like, it feels very refreshing and most importantly my skin does feel nice and clean afterwards. 

Only after repeated use did I realise that this product majorly dries out my skin. There was a period of time where I would literally bathe my face and neck in oil every night because my skin was so dry it felt like overdone filo pastry (yes, I just watched Bake Off). It took me some time to pinpoint the cause but I realised as soon as I cut this product out of my skincare routine my skin has returned to its combination/oily state. I do like how this works on my skin but I won't be using it daily anymore, I think once a week as a mask it is great. Another con is how difficult this is to wash off as a mask. You can't just splash some water on and be done you have to properly scrub at your skin with your hands to get every trace off this product off which can be frustrating in the middle of a time crunch in the morning. Overall, I do like the product but if I had to choose I would pick the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser over this one because that doesn't dry out my skin and washes off easily no matter how long you leave it on for. 

Of course, this is just how the product works on my skin. Everyone is different, if you love this product I would love to know how you use it and what you like about it. I need a good every day face wash/scrub so please leave me some of your favourites in the comments below. I would really appreciate that, hope you are all having a fantastic week, thank you so much for reading. Take care. 

What is your daily skincare routine?




  1. I don't remember if I tried this product or not but I used to buy everything from Clean & Clean a few years ago and I remember how nice these products were to my oily skin. Too bad it dries your skin, I agree, you should use it less often.


    1. Yeah I still use it, I mix it with a super creamy cleanser and it feels ah-mazing! Xx

  2. Thanks for the review! I'm always trying to learn more about drugstore skincare products since I don't have the kind of budget that would allow me to get all those fancy skincare brands out there. Sorry that this was so drying for you! Sometimes it's hard for me to find ones that don't dry out my skin because even though I have oily/acne prone skin, a lot of the acne-fighting products are drying on their own :/

    1. That explains a lot! Thank you for reading xxx

  3. Never tried this but I generally love Clean and Clear products, sucks this didn't work for you!
    Kathy x

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