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LH Cosmetics by Linda Hallberg Launch and Product Overview
The inspiring Linda Hallberg, a Swedish makeup artist and highly respected digital influencer, has launched her own cosmetics line: LH Cosmetics. So far it is also cruelty free which is wonderful. She released a video not too long ago declaring her brand live. As of right now, all that is available is The Infinity Palette and makeup brushes that are in a khaki green, army colour. The logo is brilliant, four L's positioned to form an H and their philosophy is something that I am sure will speak to a lot of people. In the makeup and beauty industry it is easy to feel limited and a little boxed in by labels. For instance when you use a blush brush on your eyes you feel like a twat even though it works for you, but who is anyone to tell you that you are wrong? Use it however the hell you like. Her idea is to create a line of multi-functional products that will encourage users to indulge in their creativity. I do like and appreciate the concept and am constantly in total awe of her phenomenal artistry. I can't wait for her line to expand I am positive she will come up with some really cool, innovative products.

The Infinity Palette from LH Comsetics
The Infinity Palette (£45) contains eight buildable colours that can be used wet or dry, on the body, on the face. The colours are carefully selected to fit into  the multi-use ethos of the brand. The palette can be used for pretty much everything, especially if you have fair or light skin like Linda. The colour Cigar will work wonderfully for scultping the face. It also has a mirror which is great for travel. Not all of the shadows in this palette are vegan. The colours are: Virgio (high shine warm gold), Milky Way (high shine silver), Andromeda (warm golden shimmery pink, NOT vegan), Pinwheel (cool toned pink shimmer, NOT vegan), Maffei (matte warm beige), Cigar (matte cool toned pale brown), Zwicky (very warm matte brown, almost orange looking to me) and Fornax (nearly black matte). 

LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette Swatches. L-R: Fornax, Zwicky, Cigar, Maffei, Pinwheel, Andromeda, Mily Way and Virgio
All of the shadows are highly pigmented, as a whole the palette contains four cool shades and four warm shades in order to suit the needs of all consumers. In addition, there are four shimmers, to the left of the palette and four matte shades, on the right side of the palette. As a first palette I think she did very well, it is a great basics palette which you could create a diverse range of looks from. It's smart, well-designed, looks to be of great quality and contains a lot of product. My only qualm is the price is quite steep (£45), the packaging is simple and the colours are easily all shades we already possess. This is definitely a palette of convenience and can say I am impressed by how she utilises this one palette to create so many looks on her channel. She truly is such an amazing artist. 

In the video above is a short introduction to her products in a very quick and gorgeous tutorial. You see how she wields her brushes to create a lovely look in literally no time at all. Her brushes can be bought individually for varying prices (all above £10) but are also sold in a kit: The Basics Kit (£45)  and The Eye Kit (£41). Well made, affordable brushes are not rare to this market so I don't see the appeal of buying these seemingly generic brushes for this price with brands like Morphe, Spectrum, Real Techniques and Zoeva around. I don't mean to be harsh that is just my opinion.

LH Cosmetics The Basic Kit includes 6 brushes: Blending, Angled, Finishing, Precision, All Over Brush and Powder Puff
I would love to be able to see them in person to feel how soft and well made they are but without being able to do that I wouldn't be able to take that leap of faith and just purchase on the hope that they're really good. Also each brush has a name, so I am not sure how this fits in with her "not labelling" mantra. By labelling the brushes, hell even by separating them into kits like Eye or Basics is telling us what they are used for. I don't mind it but don't say you're not about labelling and then label everything. It just leaves me a little confused. They look like nice brushes and are cruelty free but so far I am not convinced to buy anything from her line thus far. The Infinity Palette looks cool but it doesn't look like it is worth £45 and the same goes for the makeup brushes too.
LH Cosmetics The Eye Kit includes 6 brushes: Blending, Small Blending, Angled, Liner, Applicator and a Powder Puff
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and didn't think I came across as overly harsh or critical. There are so many new brands out there and starting your own must be quite a daunting project. I have the utmost respect for Linda and wish her every success in this venture. I think she will be brilliant at it and eagerly await her future products. So far I am not sold on the line, I wish it was more affordable but I am sure she has her reasons. I would love to know what you think of LH Cosmetics and if you are a fan of Linda Hallberg as well, comment below please. Take care.

What do you think of LH Cosmetics and would you buy anything?




  1. I got my palette and brushes yesterday. I have played around with them and I LOVE the products :)

  2. The infinity palette looks amazing.. I want it! xx

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  3. I'm not familiar with who she is but wow, the swatches are stunning!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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