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New Urban Decay Prep Prime Set Complexion Face Primers Coming 2017
This might be a tad premature and eager but Urban Decay are coming out with 5 new Complexion Face Primers next Spring. This reminds me of Makeup Forever's primer launch (last year, I think?). Loving the look of these 5 already, they are slim and sleekly packaged with a pump and lid. They look gorgeous and are each a  designed specifically for different skin concerns with a specific colour. In addition to their primers, which is the primary focus of this post, I believe they are coming out with a new setting spray: Quick Fix, that is a vitamin-infused primer spray to be applied prior to makeup. I also think they are repackaging their original setting sprays as can be seen below.

New Urban Decay Products Coming Spring 2017: Setting Sprays and Complexion Primers.
Bright & Tight (Yellow): This primer sounds like it is brightening and also lifting for the face, ideal for dull and mature/lacklustre skin.

Urban Defense (White): A vague name but maybe for skin that lives in the city. Environmental factors like pollution can be very ageing so this might be a primer that protects against that, maybe it even contains a high SPF which would be new and welcome. 

Optical Illusion (Pink): Sounds like a blurring primer. One of those magical Instagram filter-for-your-skin concoctions that we all love so much. 

Self-Adjusting (Lilac): This has an interesting name and I think this one is a colour-correcting primer that will pick up the pigment in your skin and adjust accordingly, perhaps by reducing redness/sallow skin. I cannot wait to find more about this one for sure.

De-Slick (Peachy Orange): A classic mattifying primer I believe, an essential in every primer line as this will be a go-to for many as it should be the one that helps most with longevity rather than just improving the appearance of the skin. I do hope all the primers help with the longevity of foundation but that might be asking for a bit much. I also see they are bringing out some new setting sprays! I love the All Nighter spray, so the Quick Fix Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray has peaked my interest! What do you think? Have you tried any primer sprays?

Urban Decay Quick Fix Vitamin Infused Complexion Prime Spray and Complexion Primers De-Slick, Self-Adjusting and Optical Illusion Coming Spring 2017 
I don't know much about them, but can't wait to uncover more details such as the price, the exact release date and whether they are available to purchase individually. For me primers are the perfect blend of makeup and skincare so I am excited about this new line. I would love to know what primers you guys use and swear by and which ones you don't rate as much. Please leave me a comment below, thank you so much for reading and as usual follow me on Bloglovin' if you haven't already. I am still in Iceland right now and will be back on Sunday with a fresh post for you all. Take care. 

What primer would you buy?




  1. I can't wait to read first reviews. I'm very curious about the lilac and yellow primers. :)

    Michelle Morchella

  2. These sound interesting, I'm always wary of anything with self adjusting in the title usually because they go too orange on me! x

  3. Ooh I hadn't heard anything about this until now but they look really interesting and I love the packaging. Unfortunately because I have oily skin I feel like I there's not much point in me experimenting with all these different types of primers because most of them don't work for me or do what I need them to do. I'm always interested to see what the texture of mattifying ones are like though so Ill keep my eye out for these.

    1. I know what you mean, but often times I am surprised. I really like correcting primers because my skin is uneven, thank you for commenting x

  4. I did not know this! WOW I love urban decay and I swear by their eye primer potion so I need to try these out! x

    1. Yes, love their primer potion! I am such a fan of your ig feed I am low key losing it that you just commented on my post. Thank you so much! Xx

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