Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Elizabeth Arden Splendor Eau de Parfum Review
Most of you know I have been using Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey* (£44) since the beginning of the year and I still love it to pieces even though there is not much left. Enter my amazing Nan (Nani to me) who kindly threw this fragrance, Elizabeth Arden Splendor* ($21), my way. My Nani is always giving me things, making me things, force-feeding me and I could not love her more for it. The truth is with anything someone you love, like really love, gives you you're going to love it anyway but this fragrance is giving me life. Do you know why? Because it is massive, a whopping 125ml of product at your disposal compared to the measly 30ml you get for a £44 Jo Malone bottle of scent. For just £13 you can have this gorgeous Elizabeth Arden fragrance in your life for many many years. I have been wearing it every single day and the scent is completely my cup of tea. Not as fresh and light as the Jo Malone's NB + Honey* but with similar notes and increased longevity. I feel like I am walking in a cloud of freesias which is prevented from being too girly with base notes of amber and sandalwood. It makes a great summer scent, suitable for the evening too. I love wearing it at all hours to be honest. For a bit more information: 

Top Notes: sweet pea, water lily and freesia

Middle Notes: magnolia, champagne and musk

Base Notes: amber, rosewood and sandalwood

The perfume was created in 1998 and has since been discontinued but is widely available on a range of different outlets. Superdrug for £13 and Fragrance Direct* for $21 are just two of them. Every time I catch sight of the stunning blue cardboard box I smile as it makes me think of my Nani and she's literally the cutest human being alive. I would love to know what scent you have been reaching for lately. This has been my go-to and a nice follow-up from the Jo Malone fragrance* as it is still fresh and feminine without being too floral. Hope you are having amazing week. Take care. 

What fragrance are you loving right now?


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Saturday, 12 August 2017


Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review Photos Swatches Dupes Controversy and Drama  Photo: @eternallyflawless
Has there ever been a palette that has caused more controversy than this one? I think not. I don't want to bore you with my take on the whole ABH Subculture Palette* (£41) debacle but I have had a few questions about this palette and whether or not I am going to buy it. My thoughts on it etc. This post will address all of that, I want to give you all as much information as possible and then you can make your own informed decision on whether this is worth the mulah, I will have a tonne of reviews and tutorials linked at the end of the post, just click the link of the YouTuber you like the most and their review or tutorial will open up in a new page. I will also have some dupes included from several of my favourite instagram accounts which will all be linked and credited as well.  

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review Photos Swatches Dupes Controversy and Drama Photo: @temptalia
Addressing the issues, obviously the fallout is excessive. I have the Modern Renaissance Palette and the Master Palette by Mario. In my experience, The Modern Renaissance palette* (£41) is perfectly manageable. The fallout hasn't been too much for me. It has worked fine, yes there is fallout, but the pigmentation and formula are actually great. Hence why their first permanent palette was such a massive hit. I have The Master Palette as well, and truthfully although the colours are my complete cup of tea I barely reach for it. I cracked it open the other day to use a couple of shades and I found the fallout to be quite a lot. Definitely comparable to what I have been seeing online about the Subculture Palette. The kickback is an issue and as it has that suede finish the palettes easily get dirty, There are some palettes that are extreme to the point of people hitting pan and because the shadows are so softly pressed to keep the pigmentation you have to be very gentle. Kickback and fallout is something everyone can get over but I have seen issues with blending and what bothers me the most is that the colours don't appear true to pan. They translate differently on the eyes, New Wave appears a lot darker and muted. Plus when you blend some of the shades together it turns muddy. I am not buying this palette because of how the shades appear on the eyes and how much it seems to be a struggle to blend. Also the colours don't scream to me personally. It looks beautiful, but it would end up being a palette that gets used once only. I don't think the shades work that well together in terms of colour selection, but I was tempted to buy it because I have seen some great looks. I was tempted to do a giveaway with it, would you still be interested?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette vs Androgyny Palette Jeffree Star Swatches Comparison
The Androgyny Palette* (£40) from Jeffree Star Cosmetics has 9 similar shades out of the 14 in the Subculture Palette so if you already own that then I don't think you need this at all. This photo is from the account @dupethat an amazing account. The photo below is from @futilitiesmore which has dupes from Makeup Geek. I think Makeup Geek is a brand a lot of people trust when it comes to their formulas and their ethos. Nothing is rushed, even their collaborations have all been received really well so major props to them for being consistent when other brands seem to be cutting corners. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Swatches Makeup Geek Dupes
That is all I have to say about it. I won't be considering buying this palette until they address the concerns raised. My room and makeup station is already too much of a mess as it is, the last thing I need is another shadow covered palette. The colours that stood out to me are Roxy, New Wave, Untamed, Edge and Axis. Unfortunately these are all the colours that seem to be giving everyone the most trouble, they oxidise on the lids, refuse to blend and just look a bit of a mess unless you take the time to work with it. From Makeup Geek, in my opinion Phantom looks a million times better than Subculture's Cube, same goes for Paper Tiger and High Tea. Everything is very comparable and if not similar they at least seem more pigmented and smoother swatched on the arm. Below are all the tutorials, reviews and dupe posts I have watched, feel free to watch whichever you want. Fair warning I watched a bloodly lot so please hold on the judgement.

ABH Subculture Palette Review Dupes Swatches Mariah Leonard

These were all the ones I watched over the past month or so, and not all of them are bad reviews. I think everyone was pretty fair and balanced. I would love to know your thoughts if you have the palette, are you considering getting it? Do you even like it? Let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you found this helpful. Have a lovely weekend. Take care.

What are your thoughts on ABH Subculture?


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Thursday, 10 August 2017


Clearly, I am easily confused hence the reason I bought a moisturiser specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin when I have neither. We all know I have oily combination skin and therefore struggle a lot to find basic skincare staples, like an every day moisturiser, at an affordable price point. I thought all my prayers were answered when I started to hear about the Hydra Genius from L'Oreal (£10) but I didn't realise, literally until right now when I am writing this post, that there are several different formulas available for several skin types. I let myself down. I let you down. I let the little kids down. All because I didn't read the bottle, but alas I am going to give you my review anyway because I have been using this as a morning moisturiser for two months now and suddenly after having read the bottle my experience with it finally makes sense. 

What It Is: A water-based daily moisturiser, based on Asian skincare, designed to be used both in the morning and evening specifically for people with a dry and sensitive skin type. To apply dispense one pump and use circular motions for the face and do the same with another pump for the neck. 

What It Does: Claims to absorb instantly into the skin and provides oodles of moisture and hydration that refreshes, recharges and hydrates the skin over a 72 hour period. It penetrates deeply to provide a healthy radiant glow and contains aloe water which keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day as well as possessing soothing properties for sensitive skin types.

What I Liked: It is very thin, clear and liquid in texture, cooling when applied so perfect for hot weather and does feel incredibly hydrating and moisturising. In addition, although I do have oily/combination skin I do also suffer from dry areas as well, particularly around my mouth and the thin skin beneath my eyes. I do like the initial moisture it gives to my dry areas as my makeup applies smoothly. It is affordable with nice packaging and there's enough to last you a while (70ml).

What I Didn't: Not as heavy duty or as impressive as I expected. I enjoy the process of applying it and appreciate the large bottle, generous amount of product and cool pool-coloured packaging I just expected more. It takes a couple of minutes to absorb and throughout the day my face still feels dry in my usual areas i.e. around the mouth and beneath my eyes halfway through the day. Of course, this was formulated for dry and sensitive skin I would most likely get on better with the option for combination oily skin and I intend to purchase that and compare as I find my makeup doesn't last nearly as long on top of this moisturiser. It can start to separate in my smile lines which rarely happens to me. 

Verdict: I won't be repurchasing this specific one, it is nice enough but after everything I had heard about it I was left underwhelmed. Looking forward to trying the one for my actual skin type. 6/10

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed my review and aren't too appalled by my severe lack of observation when it came to purchasing this product. Share with me your favourite moisturisers in the comments below, I would love to hear your skincare favourites. Take care.

What is your favourite daily moisturiser?



Tuesday, 8 August 2017


I honestly thought collaborations would have fizzled out by now but it seems the opposite have occurred which is great news for influencers and shocking news for my bank balance. To be fair, not many collaborations intrigue me but after watching the twenty minute introductory video to all the products in the DesixKaty collab with Dose of Colors I was pleasantly surprised. Everything looks beautiful and well thought out. I love the packaging, which reminds me a little of Kim K's matte dusky pink creme liquid lipsticks, and the variety available. I thought I would share swatches of everything on my blog, if like me, you forget what you have just seen 3 seconds before. There are a lot of photos so this is going to be a long post. I will quickly share my thoughts on each product as well. I hope you enjoy this post, at this point I have no knowledge of the pricing but I do know the collection will launch officially on 14th August


There are two highlighters available in the collection called Fuego and Mirame. They both come in identical packaging with this gorgeous glittering gold exterior packaging and rose gold cardboard on the inside. I love the packaging of the highlights and eyeshadow palette the most. 

Fuego: Means fire in Spanish and is this gorgeous golden highlight. The finish of these look to be very creamy and glossy on the skin. The reflects are insane. 

Mirame: Means look at me in Spanish and has the same glossy reflective sheen as Fuego but is a touch warmer. For that reason I think this would look lovely on tan/olive skin tones. 


The packaging for the lipsticks are a stunning muted mauve pink with rose gold lettering and detail. The tube has a slight weight to it and is soft touch to feel. You can tell a lot of thought went into the packaging which is nice to see. They even have their signatures on the metallic part when the lipstick is open. To me, this reads as very true to their characters and I do believe that is the best part of collaborations is that you get to see a lot of the influencers' personalities and preferences in the products they create. They also did discuss the names and how they were relevant to their lives. For instance, More Creamer Please is a reference to how pedantic they are about their coffee.

More Creamer Please: These are satin finish lipsticks that are not completely matte. The colour is a warm nude peach in my opinion and looks stunning on light tanned skin like Katy's. I really like warm nudes and this looks soft enough for day wear but pretty and polished enough for the evening too. 

No Shade: Compared to More Creamer Please, No Shade is a much lighter pink toned nude. This one also looks slightly more matte on the lips from what I can tell. Pretty shade but not anything to write home about for me as this looks like it would be too light for my skin


Dose of Colors already make amazing liquid lipsticks that are highly raved about, like the lipsticks, Desi and Katy created two new shades in their own unique packaging. The two colours they created are a far cry from their pretty nude lipsticks though as the colours Savage and Hot Fire are much bolder in comparison. 

Savage: A gorgeous rich deep purple like mulberries. Can you imagine how gorgeous this would look in the Autumn? I think this is one of those uncommon shades that would actually suit a lot of people. DOC liquid lipsticks are known for being quite comfortable to wear as well, they are matte but take a while to set on the lips which is the only con.

Hot Fire: This is an eye-catching bright orange-red that screams summer to me. I think Nikkie had a similar colour in her collection with Ofra Cosmetics and Kathleen Lights created a similar colour with the same brand as well (Miami Fever?). It is a stunning shade, but alas not for me. I do think the name is completely perfect, it is such a fiery colour.


Unlike the other lip products, they created just one lip gloss named Over The Top. The packaging is slightly different as well, still in a tube but with a clear bottle. It reads very gold in the tube but I believe that is the colour of the glitter they put in there and not a base colour. The gloss is actually clear.

Over The Top: The shine of this lip gloss is like liquid oil. They didn't talk much about the feel of it, but they did say it was designed to be worn over the nude lipsticks so you have the option to switch up the finish. You can go for a more matte or glossy vibe, but the gloss can also be worn alone. It will shine like crazy in the light. 


Last but not least, and of course my go-to, the eyeshadow quad. The packaging is the same as what they created for the highlighters and inside you get 4 metallic stand-out colours that have a foiled texture. They reiterate several times that they are to be used with your fingers and the colours Suz and Harpoon are designed to be used wet. Just put some water on your finger tap in and tap on. The idea behind these shades and the quad itself is that they can be the focal point of any eye look. I really like that idea and think the colours are stunning. I do believe they could be duplicated and if that is something you would be interested in I would be happy to search for similar shades as I am sure they do actually exist. Let's look at the shades individually before we wrap this up.

Suz: A light bright gold that would be amazing as an inner corner highlight or all over the lid. I love the intensity of this colour. This shadow should be used wet for maximum intensity.

Noli: More of a bronze metallic, I feel like this colour is common in a lot of brands but it is also a shade that Desi uses all the time so it makes sense that she would include it in her own collection.

Turbosan: Purple is my favourite colour so out of them all this one struck me the most. It has such a beautiful sheen to it and would look stunning on brown eyes.

Harpoon: Harpoon is a grey with green-gold shift. It is an interesting colour to look at but I don't think I would get much use out of it. 

You can watch the full video and here them talk about the products in the video below:

And that's all folks. I hope you enjoyed having a quick look at the products and swatches I would love to know what you think of them yourselves. If you're a UK resident like me these will be a bit of a struggle to get your hands on as the Dose of Colors site is US based. Hopefully, if it does really well and they order enough stock they will be stocked on Beauty Bay as well. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a lovely week. Follow me on Bloglovin' if you aren't already. Take care.

What do you think of these products?



Saturday, 5 August 2017


This year is flying by so fast it is terrifying, my last "Goals" post was in September 2015, almost exactly two years ago so if you fancy a laugh have a read of that right here. A few of my favourite bloggers regularly do goals posts and I find them to be quite encouraging in a way. It's nice to be able to read about their plans and objectives for the coming months. These posts are a bit more personal and offer a glimpse into their lives outside of blogging. A great reminder that there are real people behind the amazing content we read everyday and they juggle so much and a lot of the time are undergoing all kinds of hurdles. It really motivates me to take stock of my own life. So here are my August Goals

Find somewhere to liveThis month will be a big month for me as it will be my last month at home, all going well, as I start my MSc at Kings College next month. A prospect I am slightly excited but mostly shitting bricks about. I have nowhere to live and no idea what it will be like. It is so scary to me, I have been out of education for two years and am genuinely worried that I am not capable of completing an MSc. This constant worry and self doubt is really bringing me down. I hate talking about it, because nothing anyone says helps. It's just empty words. I need to think past it and just accept that what will be will be. It's a struggle to accept I could be spending so much on something that might not benefit me but I am definitely going to give it my best shot. I need to find a place near my campus that I can live for a year, wish me luck. 

Believe in myself.  This revelation leads me to this goal which is to have more confidence in myself, stop fretting and find somewhere to live. Stress is so bad for you, we all know this, and worrying about events out of your control is so pointless that I am breaking one of my own cardinal rules obsessing about this. It's out of my hands and I hope whatever happens I have a great year. 

Prioritise. I am a person that gets bored easily and I have a lot of interests. I am a Psychology Graduate and psychosis and mental health are key topics that interest me. I want to dedicate more time to learning more about it. In addition, makeup and beauty are a great love as well. I really want to elevate my blog to be the best it can be so I need to start taking it more seriously. Start planning and organising my time to make the best content possible. I also strongly want to work on my own makeup skills. My favourite type of makeup is Asian bridal. I just find it so beautiful so I hope to take full advantage of the incredible resources available to be able to confidently apply makeup both on myself and others. I just want to be able to put lashes on. Winged eyeliner and brows are also techniques I want to improve upon. This is both on myself and others.

Writing. I used to write all the time, and I mean write fiction not just blog posts. I want to get back into that and I have already started. I hope to actually finish something so I can share it with you guys, I would love some feedback, as with anything there is always room for improvement. In a similar vein, I want to read more. I used to buy magazines consistently because I was so into the articles and the fashion. Strange, considering my focus is now so deep into beauty. I want to get back into reading as ultimately this aids my writing. I do want to reach out to different magazines and try and start a freelance career that would help me earn whilst I am studying later this year. 

Money management. I went to London a few weeks ago and I spent so much money in those three days that I can barely look at myself. I am in shock. I cannot believe how recklessly I have been splashing the cash lately. So I want to take a step back this month and really analyse my incoming and outgoing finances. Blogging can sweep you up and there is some underlying pressure to keep up  with new releases and of course you are opening yourself up to a world of temptation reading so many blogs and following so many YouTubers who are inundated with the latest PR. I bought the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette and the Juvias Place palettes from the US all because I was so exposed to them and they looked so good. I would have bought the ABH Subculture Palette without batting an eye last week but after realising how much I have spent in such a short amount of time, and unnecessarily, I did pay attention the reviews and epic amounts of kickback. The colours are beautiful but I think I will wait for Anastasia Beverly Hills to tweak their palette and bring out another batch.

YouTube. Last but not least, I have wanted to start a YouTube channel forever. Every video on starting a YouTube channel always offers the same advice and that is just do it. Nike have it all figured out. So for once I have actually taken that advice and started making videos. They are not the best, but I have really enjoyed it and hopefully will continue making them and get much better. If you want to watch a few you can check them out here or just search alittlekiran

Thank you so much for reading. I have no idea if this is a little boring or not, but I liked actually sharing everything that has been playing on my mind lately. It feels so good to get it out, like a weight has been lifted. I don't know why it is so hard to admit how scared we are sometimes. The future is so unknown I can only hope that I am making the right choices. Have a wonderful weekend, and please share your own goals and thoughts in the comments with me. Take care. 

What are your goals, or plans, for August?



Thursday, 3 August 2017


This is no average pizza place, let me tell you, a couple of weeks ago I was visiting some friends that have recently moved near Shoreditch and on a rainy Saturday we braved the drizzly weather in search of decent food. Homeslice was on my friend's list and I seriously trust her pizza recs as the last place she recommended to me was Franco Manca and I was assured that this was the best and most affordable pizza available in London. While it is still beautiful and deliciously cheap, Homeslice knocks their crust off. I was sceptical at first, their place on Old Street in Shoreditch is quite small with not a lot of space on their two-person tables but the second the steaming hot ginormous 20 inch pizza came out I lost my breath. We opted for half and half, half a mushroom, spinach concoction and half an aubergine and epic cheese topping. The mushroom pizza is probably the best pizza to ever touch my been-to-Italy lips. It's so effing good. You get a roller blade to cut the pizza into manageable slices yourselves. This one big £20 pizza could easily feed four people but my friend and I gallantly ate it all ourselves. If you don't manage to finish it you can take it away. There are also pizzas available to buy in slices for £4 and I believe you can order on Deliveroo as well. Gluten-free pizza is available too, which is very welcome. On top of this, if that wasn't enough, they also serve kiwi mojitos and pomegranate caipirinhas which are as delightful as they sound. I could easily spend every Saturday afternoon here. If you have any London food favourites or suggestions I would love to hear them, honestly this was just too good of an experience not to share. I am not being paid or prompted to post this, it was just THAT AMAZING. So amazing I used Caps Lock, that definitely says something. I hope you didn't mind this spontaneous post. Thank you so much for reading! Take care. 

What is your favourite restaurant or cuisine?  

You can follow Homeslice here on Instagram and here on Twitter. They have three locations in London: Neal's Yard, Old Street and Wells Street.



Tuesday, 1 August 2017


It's been a while but you know I will never leave you. It is the first day of August so being the new and improved me I am getting my July Favourites and Fails in before it is appallingly late. I actually landed from my week away in Portugal this morning and have been busy taking photos and planning lots of posts. Never mind all that, let's dive into what I have been loving and hating over the past 30 days. As always, please share your recent go-to products in the comments below as well.

Hair products are a rare topic of conversation on my blog, but the Aveda Invati Scalp Revitalizer (£45) has been doing the most for my tresses as of late. I spray it on my hair morning and night and although I can't confidently vouch for hair growth I believe it has reduced my hair loss and instantly makes my hair feel heavier, thicker and more luscious. I will be doing a more in-depth post soon, but it is already on my repurchase list. I practically worship it. I bought mine from Look Fantastic.

I am sure you've all heard about Juvia's Place already, it is now available on Beauty Bay which is brilliant. Sadly, I paid the shocking custom fees to get three palettes before they became available in the UK and as a self-proclaimed impatient asshole I can say I do not regret this decision as I had a month longer to play with them. The Mini Masquerade Palette (£28) has been the one I have been drawn to the most when I am feeling creative. It is such a stunning smorgasbord of colours. I love.

B. Blusher in Darl (£8) is still my favourite blush to use. It is just the perfect soft warm pink hue for my skin colour. I apply it quite liberally on my cheeks as it is one of those magical products that just never looks like it is too much. I also apply a dot on the centre of my forehead, nose and chin, a tip from Tata Harper, as it livens up my sleep-deprived skin the appropriate amount. Totally gorgeous blush that would suit everyone, it is also fast replacing Becca Amaretto as my favourite blush which is crazy considering how inexpensive it is in comparison. Also great news as Amaretto doesn't seem to be available anymore, if you have any blush recommendations please share.

I have yet to find a cream contour palette to tempt me. Contouring has been my constant obsession for the longest time, so although I own a hefty amount of powder contour products and palettes, both of the high end and affordable variety, I only have two cream contour products. Both are very affordable but I think the LA Girl Pro Concealers (£5) deserve their due, they are definitely worth the hype and massive exposure they get on Instagram. The shade range, the price, the pigmentation and the blendability. You get a lot of bang for your buck as I only need to draw a single thin line beneath my cheekbones to get the desired sculpted effect. I am keen to try Urban Decay's Shape Shifter palette but frankly this concealer fulfils all my needs. I have the shade Beautiful Bronze.

The last product I want to mention that I have been enjoying is the Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer* (£30). I don't rate it much as a primer as I have not noticed an effect on the lasting power of my foundation, but the overall texture and feel is pleasant for this time of year. It is so light and feels hydrating instantly without feeling heavy or greasy. Great for summer and for girls or boys with oily skin that don't like heavy moisturisers but still want to prep their skin properly. 


The last thing left to talk about is the one product that didn't cut it for me this past month ultimately leaving me disappointed. I did have high hopes for the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Remover(£13). Although it does remove makeup, specifically the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips I find it oily to the point of being greasy. It feels almost dirty to me and I itch to triple cleanse after using it. I expected a cream and not a saturated pad. It is designed specifically to remove liquid lipsticks I believe, although you can use it all over your face. I just wouldn't recommend it for anyone with oily skin. It is not a nice experience and there are many other products out there that do the same thing. An ordinary makeup wipe will do. I have tried using it all over my face and it feels horrible and doesn't do a good job so for lip use only. I don't wear liquid lipsticks often so don't think I am the right demographic for this product. If you are an avid liquid lipstick wearer you might love this, but I use it strictly for removing swatches on my arms. 

Thank you for reading my July Favourites, all affiliate links are marked with an asterisk and everything apart from the Laura Mercier Primer which I received in a goody bag and the Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Remover which was sent by PR was purchased with my own money. I am still figuring out the best way to be completely transparent on my blog, without it being braggy or annoying so if you have any suggestions let me know. Hope you have the best month ever. I am actually working on an August Goals post now so hope you come back tomorrow for that. Take care.

What products have disappointed you lately?



Thursday, 27 July 2017


Blogging is an ever-changing phenomenon and I am constantly seeing posts on how the industry and people's feelings towards blogging has changed, negatively. I wanted to shake things up and discuss both the good and the bad superficially. There are some truly shitty things that can happen in the blogging industry, but there are also some great things. These five best and worst things about blogging are simply m opinions and are most likely beauty blog-specific. My intention is not to offend or upset anyone. I hope you enjoy this post and please share your own thoughts in the comments. It would mean a great deal to me.


People actually read your shit. How cool is that?

Good comments. Even better than the last one, not only do people read your content but they engage with it in a genuine way and it sounds sappy but reading thoughtful comments on my posts do turn my day around. A fantastic form of gratification.

Community and friendship. It is not all that surprising that people can make genuine connections with people online and through social media. I am fortunate enough to feel somewhat close to the people whose blogs I read. I care when they are going through a bad time and I am overjoyed when they get the recognition they deserve or land a new job etc. That in itself is a lovely thing.

Discovering new opportunities. Such as new brands, companies and charities. This, for me, always keeps my blog fresh and makes me feel good that I can support and help smaller companies reach a bigger audience. This can be hugely beneficial for both parties and I have met some amazing people and learnt many things as a result of this. 

It has never stopped feeling like a hobby for me. I don't have the pressure that I think co-exists with being a full-time blogger. I have a steady income as a result of a full-time job which although contributes to my perpetual sleep deprivation definitely makes it easier for me to enjoy my blog and create content that I like. I don't care about sponsored posts, free gifts, affiliates. Yes, I use them and do them but if I never make a penny it doesn't bother me at all. I blog because I enjoy it and truthfully no matter what happens I hope this never changes. 


Comparison. Ugh, it's the worst and no matter how many times you tell yourself to stop it it is impossible. There will always be someone better than you and all I can say is focus on yourself and do the best you can. When I say comparison I mean everything from looks to photos to layout to followers to the breakfast they had on Monday. 

Promotion. My least favourite part of having a blog is that promotion is so ridiculously important. The same quote always comes to mind whenever I discuss this topic: Blogging is 20% content and 80% promotion. It sucks but it has to be done. There are tools available that make it less time consuming, like scheduling posts and tweets etc., however it remains a tedious necessity. 

Correspondence. Some emails are incredible, life-changing but most are complete and utter tripe. There are so many pointless, nonsensical emails in my inbox that I constantly clear out. The ones that bother me the most are the emails that make no real sense. I have no idea what they are saying. SEO emails are also a great annoyance, especially as some are downright rude. There are also emails that start of promising and then the sender disappears into thin air. Chasing people for payment is another great annoyance of blogging. I am sure I can think of more but I don't want to bore you.

Expenditure. Blogs look a certain way now and I feel like in order to keep up you need a cool theme, a DSLR, 5 lenses, a MAC Book, soft box lights and endless photo props. Of course this isn't really the case although they will definitely help. Even if you don't care about any of that, keeping up with new releases etc. can get expensive especially if you're not on PR lists. 

Public Perception. I still think bloggers are not taken very seriously and that is a damn shame. There are so many skills that go into blogging that people don't seem to recognise. I am not talking about myself, as my blog is fairly easy to manage and is not a platform where I strive for perfection, but there a few blogs that I adore that meet perfection every time and they absolutely deserve the recognition and respect for their hard work. 

A few things that didn't make my list are the hate that some people receive, the drama, pettiness and stupid obsession with bots that I still don't understand. The moaning and continous complaining of an industry under no-one's control, at least in my opinion. A few other good things are yes you do receive PR and it's great but it is not the be all and I, at least, get a feeling of accomplishment every time I press publish. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Take care. 

What are your likes and dislikes about blogging?


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