Sunday, 1 January 2017


It is Day 1 of 2017 and so far I have started this year with no sleep whatsoever. Not sure if you know this but I am a huge advocate of making New Year Resolutions. I know this has started to become cheesy and tiresome for most, but I still believe you can't beat a good New Year's Resolution. What better way to start the year than to write down what you want to change and who you want to be for the coming 12 months. It is all part of growing and I would love to share mine with all of you. I tend to be overzealous when it comes to making resolutions, usually making far too many, most of them completely unrealistic and often times things I don't really want to do. So here is an improved list.

FOCUS ON THE GOOD This is one of the things I struggle with the most. My mind constantly jumps to the worst possible scenario in any given situation and plays it on a loop. I also feel like I spend most of my time waiting for something bad to happen and that is a stupid way to live. I want to be more present and less anxious this year, because the truth is bad things happen all the time. I have no control over it and me fretting about it all isn't going to make it less likely to happen. 

MAKE BETTER CHOICES This is a catch-all resolution because it applies to everything. Food, because I do want to lose weight, friends because I think the people you surround yourself with are so important and all those other tiny, every day decisions that I make. I want to spend 2017 making the best choices for myself. One thing I have done a lot in 2016 is snack and a way to counter this is to ask yourself if you want an apple when you're about to grab an unhealthy snack. If the answer is no then you're not hungry, you're snacking for the sake of it so put that bloody chocolate down and if it is yes then get a damn apple or banana. Make better choices. That's just one example, you get the gist. 

MOVE MORE I am so lazy. I live for days when I have to do absolutely nothing. Not leaving the house, PJ all day kind of days are my favourite. I doubt I will love them any less next year but instead of wasting entire weekends I want to do stuff. Get out, move around etc. They always say youth is wasted on the young, I don't want to waste it. I want to squeeze every last drop of it. I also want to make good use of my gym membership. Hopefully by December 2017 I'll have a VS model body. 

LOOK AFTER MYSELF Last but not least, just take care of myself. This goes beyond the standard "me" time and "self-care" we all preach about, but more so the little things that your Mum used to do for you. Like doctors and dentist and eye appointments and making sure your laundry is done and your space is clear and your sheets are clean and that your favourite mug is in tip top condition. That stuff. I'm not a child anymore and I know I still rely on my Mum for a lot but hopefully this year it won't be as much. I also think I should take as many bubble baths as I can before I have to pay my own water bill because nothing improves my mood more than a bubble bath.

Last but not least, onto my goals for 2017. There aren't many, just to work hard and to never lose sight of what I want. To write well and with passion and to learn, travel, explore and experience as much as possible this year. To try new things and to make the conscious choice to be happy every day no matter what is going on. You can control very little in life but you have some sway with your own feelings. I hope you all have an amazing 2017, thank you for reading. Happy New Year! Take care. 

Did you make any resolutions or goals for 2017?




  1. The Move More resoultion is so me, I'm lazy af - haha! Wishing you all the best for the new year xx

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  2. Looking after yourself is such a great resolution -- I definitely forget about that sometimes. Happy New Year! x

    Sara | Sara Spoke

  3. This year is the first year I made no resolutions, 2016 was not the best year for me and the last couple of months were probably the six worst months of my life, but hey, here I am struggling and preparing for a better 2017. I hope this is our best year yet and I hope you get to accomplish your goals :)


    1. I hope so too, sorry to hear you've had a difficult year Yiota, all the best xxx

  4. Great goals, Kiran! Hope you achieve them. Have a happy new year :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  5. Lovely post! Trying to be less anxious about every little detail is also one of my 2017 goals! Happy New Year!

  6. It's like we almost have the same list. This year I would definitely like to move more and take care of myself :) Your resolutions don't seem to hard yet they are very important. xx

  7. I definitely need to move more and get back to the gym! Gutted at myself for not keeping it up last year!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  8. I am looking forward to spending more time with family and cut down on the blogging front. The two weeks plus that I took off blogging really gave me new perspective on how to blanace my blog and real life.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. I definitely want to move more in 2017 as well! I'm planning on joining dance classes to force me to leave my flat haha. Would love if you could check out my new post? XX

    The Fashion
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

  10. The best of luck with all of your goals, Kiran! Happy New Year! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceBundleGiveaway

  11. Great goals! I hope you achieve all of them, one my goals is start drinking more water and less sugar drinks.

    Instagram | Blog

  12. I love your new year resolutions because they focus on the positive side of life and they aren't specific like 'don't eat chocolate etc.". Best of luck with your 2017 plans and a Happy New Year x

    Beauty with charm

  13. Lovely new year's resolutions! Some of mine are the standard ones I guess you can say like doing more sports and continuing a vegan lifestyle but I do also want to travel a lot this year and be more productive with uni as well as being the best version of myself :)


    1. They are great goals! Thank you for reading x

  14. I loved reading this!
    Happy New year!

  15. Great Resolutions. Hope you are enjoying your new year.


  16. I feel you girl! I am so lazy too, haha!


  17. Great lists of goals and resolutions. Wishing you the best this year, Kiran!


  18. Hi Kiran! I definitely agree with your last resolution - it's been a strange transition from childhood to adulthood but I think the new year is the perfect time to take the leap into more responsibility (eep!!!!) Good luck, and I hope you have a wonderful 2017!

    - katrina ||


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