Monday, 23 January 2017


Vegas was a delight, not at all what I expected. Maybe it was The Hangover or the illicit reputation Las Vegas has of being the unapologetic City of Sin and Hedonism and last-minute weddings. I'll be honest and say there is nothing I hate worse than guys on their stag dos, they are just the worst, aren't they? But I was pleasantly surprised by Vegas, for one apart from a few beeps from passing cars we had very little interaction with assholes (yay!!), I wasn't hounded by promoters and no scandalous acts took place in front of me, regrettably. We explored the glorious Paradise Strip, spent a considerable amount of time in Ceaser's Palace which is huge by the way, saw Britney Spears on stage and even hired a car to drive to see Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon which was AMAZING.


We stayed at The Luxor Hotel & Casino, the poshest hotel I have ever stayed in. Upon arrival, we had to pay a reservation fee of $100 which we had no idea about, but boy oh boy is it a nice hotel, located right on the Strip. Each hotel seems to pay homage to global landmarks like New York and The Statue of Liberty as you can see above. Our hotel, Luxor, pays tribute to Egypt with pyramids and pharohs and sphinxes. Below you can see the replica of the Eiffel Tower, there is also the Excalibur Hotel which was my favourite. Literally shaped like a Disney Castle with colourful turrets. Looks like it jumped straight from the pages of a fairy tale. There is also the Venetian with a duplicate of the Rialto Bridge. Vegas is full of palm trees and more than being wild everyone seems relaxed. 


Ceaser's Palace is evidently based on Rome, you can the Trevi-inspired fountain above. The attention to detail is pretty spectacular and there is so much more to this place, or palace rather, than a hotel. There are shops and restaurants, I watched The Atlantis Show which wasn't very long but awesome to watch. The escalators actually look like winding stairs, how fricking cool is that? We ate at The Cheesecake Factory in the Forum Shops which was incredible. I felt like I was in Big Bang Theory.  

I saw this sign (see pic below) outside the Ceaser's Palace fountain and thought it was quite nice of them to donate all the change to such a good local cause. It is nice when tourism is used for good. Plus, the fountain itself was beautiful. It didn't play music like a lot of the other fountains i.e. The Bellagio Fountain had a great little dance to Bruno Mars Uptown Funk and the Mirage's fountain played and frollicked to some brilliant musical numbers. I love a water feature, so can't complain. 


The only museum I frequented in the entire time I spent in the US, and I have to say I am happy with my choice. I love The Godfather by Mario Puzzo and all 3 of the popular film franchise. I find it fascinating and wanted to learn more about it, this museum is a good visit. I paid $13 to get in, half price because I am a student. They also talk about motorcycle gangs, to all my fellow Sons of Anarchy fans out there and they have movie memorabilia like the genuine hazmat suit from Breaking Bad and the suit Ben Affleck wears in his new film Live By The Night. I also walked away with a collection of movies that I want to watch. There is so much information here as well as educational films to watch and real genuine pieces of history like the actual reconstructed wall rebuilt with the original bricks from St Valentine's Day masacre (you could see the dried blood!) and court rooms from famous trials. If you have some spare cash and time this would make a great stop. 


This is the last thing I really mention in this post but we did see Hoover Dam, but the pictures weren't nearly as impressive thanks to some inconvenient construction works. We also, after The Grand Canyon which was honestly breathtaking, saw Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood perform her Piece of Me Show which was brilliant. I am a Britney fan and know most of her songs so it was enjoyable and everyone seemed to have a really good time. I never in my life thought I would ever see Britney in concert and I used to pretty much idolise her when I was little so this was a once in a lifetime slightly unbelievable experience. A great way to end our time in Vegas. 

The Canyon is bloody massive, their is a shuttle that takes you to different shops and everyone takes photos and stares and tries to get as close to the edge as possible without dying all for the sake of a good photo. I am so glad we hired a car and got to see this it made everything, all the hassle and tears and drama totally worth it. Definitely something that should be on everyone's Bucket List. I have never seen anything so beautiful that isn't the ocean. I took seventy photos of the same thing because each second it looked more incredible. You almost can't believe your eyes. I took so many videos. 

That is Vegas for you, last is Los Angeles and then we can go back to beauty content. This must be so boring for you guys, I can only apologise but now that I have started I am determined to see it through. I will have LA up tomorrow and will return to ordinary beauty content on Tuesday and go back to my every other day posting schedule. Thank you so much for your patience, for your time and for reading about my trip. I really appreciate it, thank you. Please follow me on Bloglovin' if you aren't already, I promise I am not always this boring and have some great content coming. Take care.

What has been your most memorable holiday experience?




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  2. Really enjoying reading your trip report. I love visiting Las Vegas and have stayed in the Luxor a couple of times and I love it although I was lucky enough to stay at the Bellagio last time which is an amazing hotel. Cant wait to read your trip to LA as that's another place I love to visit.

  3. I've never been to Vegas but would love to go for a short break before moving on elsewhere! xx


  4. Gorgeous pictures! I've always wanted to visit Vegas! It just seems like a never ending party there! So cool that you saw Britney too! Glad you had such a great time! x

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

  5. OMG! So fun, babe! Wish I was there too!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  6. WOW I'm sooo jealous babe and heres me in bed eating harribos :D Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, xXx

    1. Haha, eating sweets in London sounds pretty good to me lol, thank you for reading lovely x

  7. It looks and sounds like you had an amazing time, the Grand Canyon looks incredible! Very jealous you got to see Britney live! xx


  8. Omg such amazing photos! It's made me want to go to Vegas even more now. Seems like there's so much to do x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

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