Sunday, 15 January 2017


I struggle with fiddly things, lashes and liner are my greatest challenges when it comes to makeup. With liner, I have tried them all and have found patience and a makeup-remover-doused-cotton-bud are your best friends. With lashes, I haven't even bothered. I wore them once at prom and coerced my lovely brow lady into popping them on for me. The lashes were huge and speckled with glitter and although incredibly intimidating to me, it took my brow lady all of three seconds to pop them on using her hands, no big deal. I tried once more on a drunken night out with the help of a close friend using my fingers and honestly I was having so much fun getting ready I can't even tell you if we did a good job or not. I recall hating the glue and using my friend's lash glue (Eylure) instead which was much easier. They did last all night, though so that's something. 

When offered to send me some I was reluctant, in fact at first I dismissed it completely. I suck at lashes, why would I want them but then I clicked on their website and saw what an impressive array of popular lash brands they carry like ArdellVelour, House of Lashes and Lilly Lashes. Brands I have heard of through YouTubers like Carli Bybel, makeup artists like Dress Your Face and celebrities like Kylie Jenner. I chose Eylure lashes because they were a brand I am already familiar with, my sister is a big fan of their Katy Perry lashes, and I like their lash glue. I tried out a set of pre-glued Texture 117 lashes (£4.95) to see if they are easier than the typical glue-free lashes and the Eylure Volume No 070 lashes (£4.95). I was surprised they were both the same price, I would have thought the pre-glued would be more expensive as it still comes with lash glue in the box.


EYLURE PRE-GLUED TEXTURE 117 LASHES (£4.95): A long, angled lash with a twisty, messed up finish. The pre-glued band makes application simple and mistake proof! Instant and easy application! Simply remove lashes from the bottom lip of the lash holder, apply and go! No mess, no fuss, no waiting! Make sure you remove them before you go to bed. If the glue is tacky enough you can re-use them again, if not, you can find an extra pair of bands in the top lip of the lash holder. Natural looking, perfectly full lashes every time. Latex free. Contact lens friendly. Lash glue included.

EYLURE VOLUME 070 LASHES (£4.95): A compact but fully lashed style, for a subtle, airy look. Eylure strip lashes enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Suitable for all eye shapes, they are ideal for regular wear or a special occasion. Re-usable. Contact lens friendly. Lash glue included.


TRIMMING THE LASH: The first thing I learnt is that if you are visually impaired you can abandon trying to apply them without contacts just for the 'gram, it ain't happening. Put those contacts in and get to work my friend. The first time I tested them out I didn't cut them at all, I would advise you to trim them just a little because even though when I measured them against my eye they seemed to match up perfectly in the end the outer corners looked weighed down. So either glue them so they are slightly lifted up in the corner (I have seen a drag queen do this) or trim the inner part of the band.

TOOLS: I tried the pre-glued lashes first and I was too scared to use tweezers so I used my hands and the corners just weren't sticking down. I was getting so frustrated that I got a pair of tweezers out and tried again. Scariest moment of my life. Those tweezers came so close to taking my eye out that I can't in all good conscience recommend anyone to ever use tweezers to apply lashes. Scary as fuck. 

GLUE PROBLEMS: Eventually I got them on, but because I'd been fiddling about so much the glue just wasn't sticking so I took them off and applied the lash glue that came in the box (even with the pre-glued lashes, how good is that?) and tried again. I love their lash glue it is white, tiny and has a flat wand which allows you to spread the perfect amount of lash glue to the band. I waited around 20 seconds for it to dry before placing it on top of my lashes. With my hands I seemed to get the lashes stuck down perfectly 1cm away from my lash line. Why is this so hard? With tweezers it was much easier to get it really close to the lash line but it definitely shaved about 10 years off my life. 

RESULT: As mentioned, the outside corner was right at the end of my eye which left my eye looking slightly weighted down, not something many would notice but odd to me when looking in the mirror. I love the actual lashes, Texture 117, they are so beautiful and fluffy yet wearable. The lash band is thin and even without liner barely detectable. I did need to apply mascara to blend my natural  lashes with the false ones and wish I had curled my lashes first. In hindsight I would have put in my contacts straight away, trimmed the lash and had tweezers and a magnifying mirror at the ready. 

DOES PRE-GLUED MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Because they're the same price and I am a beginner I would say the pre-glued option, if available is worth a try. Like most things, it all depends on the day. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is challenging. For me, gluing, as I had to re-glue the lash anyway, was the easiest part so I don't think having pre-glued lashes makes a difference, except there is no "drying time" and makes the whole process a little less fiddly. For that, I think it's worth it. 


VERDICT ON NORMAL LASHES: The Volume Lashes are gorgeous, again the band is a little too long. I think the best thing to do with such lashes is just cut them in half and then glue them to the outer half of your natural lashes. I love the Eylure glue and although I prefer the style of the pre-glued Texture Lashes, I adore most Eylure lashes as the bands are super thin and flexible and their glue makes the lashes easy to apply. 

I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive post, lashes are a struggle for me and I hardly ever wear them, I do love the overall look. Nothing compares to a false lash when taking your glam to another level. I should be back from America today, so hopefully I will be able to promote this post. Even so, please follow me on Bloglovin' if you aren't already, it means a lot to me! Thank you for reading. Take care. 

*Lashes were sent to me for free, no obligations. 

Do you wear false lashes?




  1. I love eylure lashes! They're probably my favourite brand to use and I've never had any problems with them at all! Lovely post :) x

  2. I love the eyelashes, they look so natural! I especially love the 117. I just started wearing false lashes again this year and although I love how dramatic I look. Usually the lashes are longer than my actual lash line so I just let them extend to my eyeliner wings.

    I normally just use my hands to apply though. I'be seen youtubers use tweezers but just like you, I am scared of the tweezers being that close to my eye!

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

  3. I actually have never tried false lashes before! I find it quite scary to put on, and it seems really difficult. When I first started wearing makeup years ago, mascara took me awhile to get into as well. Just the idea of having something so close to my eyeball is frightening. But I'm reconsidering the whole false lashes thing now. I want to try it out one day. I think the idea of preglued lashes is nice because it would definitely help with the whole drying time.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  4. I have tried to use individual lashes before, but never false lashes, it scares me, mainly because of the tweezers part actually :) Such a lovely post: it is nice to see that makeup can be a struggle sometimes, that it isn't always as easy as it looks!

  5. I don't tend to wear false lashes either although I'm tempted to try eylure because they have really good reviews and look gorgeous!

    Lauren x

  6. I read this while nodding my head and I tell myself I can do all these tips but as soon as I try to do it in real life, I feel like I have a pair of legs as hands, can't do anything right! LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

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