Sunday, 30 April 2017


It's basically May and snaps for me because for another month I have pulled my shit together and managed to get this April Favourites and Fails post up and out in a timely manner, if you missed my last one click here. I honestly feel like I am growing as a person. This month it is just makeup on the menu as I haven't branched out into anything new in terms of haircare or skincare. 

With the warmer months I have been preferring a lighter base so tend to alternate between No 7 Beautifully Skin BB Cream (£13.50) for Normal/Oily Skin in the shade Medium or the Tate Rainforest of the Sea foundation (£30) in shade Medium-Tan Sand. The No 7 BB cream is so light and feels really fresh on the skin, just the perfect every day coverage that looks like skin but evens out where necessary. On the other hand, the Tarte Rainforest foundation produces mixed feelings from me as there are pros and cons. The dispenser is garbage and it is absolutely key to shake the bottle before you use it otherwise no product will be released from the dropper. I love this foundation purely because it is the only foundation I have ever tried that doesn't transfer which is something I look for in foundations. It is also an extremely thin and blendable formular but the coverage just isn't there for me. If applied with a beauty blender you will get better coverage.

However, as I rarely want to fuss in the mornings I typically apply all my liquid/cream products with the Blank Canvas F08 brush (£12.60). This brush has been my ride or die since I got my hands on it. It is so dense and soft, it blends out liquids like a dream, but I have to use a healthy amount of the Tarte foundation to get a decent coverage (full review coming soon). I also use the F08 to apply the Maybelline Dream BB Bronze(£7) which gives a gorgeous healthy bronze glow to the cheeks and warms up the face nicely. A spring/summer must have in my opinion as it can be used to make foundations warmer as well. It is the perfect transitional product from cold to hot weather, and provides the exact pick-me-up my skin is yearning for after being deprived of sun for so long. 

My last favourite of this month is a rediscovery, of course I am talking about the Rimmel Stay Matte powder (£4). When I was at university, I had backups of this powder I loved it so much, and I have fallen back in love with it. I have stepped away from translucent loose powder and used this tried and tested powder to lightly set my face and find it works really well. I do have oily skin but have recently started to enjoy a more dewy look to my skin so I find this powder wears really well throughout the day. I won't be overlooking this gem in my collection; it is too good to not use

My fails of this month are two eye products. One being the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow Primer ($19) which feels so oily on the skin that I am not sure what it is supposed to do. It makes my lids feel slick and I have to set them heavily to even get any colour payoff from eyeshadows at all. Complete waste of time. The next is a controversial one and it is the Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow in Bandit ($4), I love Colour Pop and their Super Shock shadow range is exquisite all the shimmers and glitters are gorgeous but for some reason this shade will not work for me. All the Super Shock shadows apply best with a finger because of their creamy, bouncy, gel-like texture but whether I apply it with a finger or a brush as you can see below the pigmentation just isn't there. Moreover, the packaging is bulky and annoying as I am someone who loses lids every forty seconds so this is just more of a pain than it is worth in my opinion. I love the colour and although it is certainly not bad, I just expected better

Thank you so much for reading, this post was a lot quicker than last month's thank God because I am on a spending ban, which I just broke today *sobs aggressively*, on the plus side I am excited to review my little haul for you all. I hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend, I have been spoilt by four day work weeks lately, I don't think I can return to the full five days. Please leave a comment with your own favourites and fails of the month, I read every single one. Take care. 

What did you love and hate in April?



Thursday, 27 April 2017


If you live in England then you know we have been experiencing mercurial weather this week. Hail one second and sunny skies the next. I know most days I walk to work with my large winter coat in hand just in case and that can get annoying. Dressing for ever-changing weather can be challenging but with a few key pieces you can look both fabulous and comfortable all at the same time. Here are a few Spring staples that will carry you through rain and sunshine, no matter where you are.

The first piece I want to discuss should be a staple regardless of the season and of course I am talking about the women's trench coat. To me, the trench coat instantly conjures images of the famous Burberry trench coat, almost as famous as their plaid scarf, it is the epitome of style and fashion, plus looks elegant in all situations. Everyone needs a badass trench coat and there are some great articles on how to style a trench coat, but personally I think it is the one piece that you can throw over anything, be it jeans, your work attire or a glittery bodycon, and still look achingly cool.

The next style staple is boots, all kinds of boots. They come in a variety of styles, colours, patterns and mechanics now so everyone can find a boot to suit them. I am a Chelsea boot fanatic myself but with a healthy appreciation for tan coloured boots in the summer, you can wear them with dresses for a country vibe or pair with jeans or tights for added warmth. They protect your feet and keep them cosy and are invaluable when you find yourself trekking through a muddy field or a snowstorm which is highly likely if you do live in England. I also find that a good boot is the perfect travel shoe, it can take you from day to night and from New York winters to the French Riviera. I speak from personal experience. You would be hard pressed to find a more versatile shoe than the boot. 

Unfortunately, when you are indoors it is customary to take your beautiful trench coat off and so what you wear underneath is often just as important as your outerwear. The great thing about spring is that it leaves room to do what you want. You can wear jumpers or dresses, it is that weird transition period between the cold and the warm so anything goes. I find that long-sleeved dresses, I like knit dresses for work as they fit me so well, are a great piece to have. They are easy to style and flattering as well. A spring trend has been statement sleeves so you can get some really cool spring dresses with fluted, billowing, lace and sheer sleeves as well. So even when your trench is off you are still warm enough. 

Image via Chriselle Factor
Last but not least, a good quality jumper never goes out of style in my opinion and I am definitely that girl that keeps her jumpers out all year round. There is something so comforting about a soft cosy jumper when it's disgustingly early and you feel uber-fragile. ASOS are usually my go-to shop for a good jumper, all of their pieces have lasted me years. Spring is a great time to consider brighter and lighter colours, pastel jumpers are stunning but I have also really been liking bright sunshine yellow and cobalt blue. They are so eye-catching and instantly put me in a better mood.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I would love to know your style tips for dressing in unpredictable weather, so please leave me a comment down below. Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' and Twitter, it means a lot to me and I always follow back. It's almost Friday and the Bank Holiday is here so I am really happy. Going to try to get a video up for you all as it is about time I just bit the bullet and started a channel like I have wanted to for years. Take care.

What do you wear in unpredictable weather?



Tuesday, 25 April 2017


The Kim Kardashian West x Kylie Cosmetics All Nude Lip Kit is being released today at 3pm (PDT) which is 11pm UK time. The kit consists of 4 nude creme liquid lipsticks which is a brand new formula from Kylie who have released matte, metallic and even velvet liquid lipsticks. Creme, to my understanding, sounds like the standard lipstick formula like the MAC Cremesheen. Each liquid lipstick is 0.11oz which is 3.1ml the same as all her other liquid lipsticks. The liquid lipsticks are not sold separately and altogether they cost $45, essentially $11.25 each (approx £35 which works out to £8.25 each). For arm swatches, lip swatches and my thoughts please keep reading. 

The 4 shades are all named after Kim. There is Kimberly (True Nude), Kim (Peachy Nude), Kiki (Pinky Nude) and Kimmie (Deep Nude). You can see them all swatched on Kylie's arm below. They all look pretty similar with Kim being the lightest nude and Kimmie being the darkest. Kimberly is definitely the truest nude of all of them with a pinky beige undertone, Kim is very peach and light, Kiki has an almost coral undertone and Kimmie looks like a slightly pinker darker version of Kimberly. The thing with nudes is that they tend to look different on everybody. I have watched a few videos on this collaboration and many bloggers seem to think that these shades won't suit people with darker skin whereas I disagree. Kim herself is of Armenian descent and has tan/olive skin. All of these shades are shades she would wear and I think at the very least they can be adjusted to suit everybody if paired with a deeper lip liner. The finish is like a light gloss in my opinion and they aren't very longlasting at all. They wipe off easily and will need to be reapplied regularly. 

The liquid lipsticks have no scent this time unlike her previous launches which allegedly smell very sweet, some say too sweet. I have never tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics and I sincerely doubt I will simply because of the brutal custom fees. With all the drama and danger that befell Kim last year I am happy to see her working on something like this with her sister. I think it's cute, the shades are similar and I wish they were sold separately as I don't see many people getting a lot of wear out of all four shades. Nevertheless, for nude lovers this is definitely worth a look.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this look at the Kim KW x Kylie Collaboration. I know in the note included with the four liquid lipsticks Kim teases about another release in her collaboration. I hope it is an eyeshadow palette. I know the Kardashian-Jenners have most people divided but personally I think they are all beautiful, especially Kim, she is just the epitome of polished glamorous perfection and I usually watch KUWTK just to stare at her shiny hair and flawless skin. Please follow me on Bloglovin' if you aren't already and check out my Twitter as well. I am trying my hardest to follow all the bloggers I read on Twitter so it would be really cool of you if you gave me a follow back. It is really important to me to support fellow bloggers. Hope you are all having a great week so far. My next post will be this Thursday, hope to see you then. Take care. 

What do you think of the KKW x Kylie collaboration?



Sunday, 23 April 2017


I don’t know if you're all aware that I am on a spending ban or not but in case you’re not up to speed: I am on a spending ban indefinitely. This is due to the copious amount of products I already own, it seems whenever I make a commitment to keep my money in my pocket a myriad of gorgeous new products come out which make me want to throw away my willpower and make the mother of all online shopping hauls. In case, unlike me, you are happy to part ways with all your cash, here are a few lust-worthy items ideal for Summer that have caught my eye and  I will most likely purchase the second I get paid this week. Let me know the products on your radar in the comments below. 

First and foremost is this L’Occitane fragrance*, I used to work at L’Occitane a few years back and was obsessed with their men’s cologne. It smelled of musky, addictive lavender but sexy lavender not your Nana’s lavender. The new Terre De Lumier fragrance (£58 for 59ml/£78 for 90ml) sounds delicious, I am currently working my way through Jo Malone’s Nectarine and Honey and I think this would be the perfect follow up to it. With notes of almond, honey and lavender, it is describes as being sweet yet fresh which makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I rarely get excited about fragrances, but this one sounds too wonderful to leave on the shelf. 

Honestly, I want to add most things Charlotte Tilbury to my basket but the infamous Magic Cream (£70), Wonder Glow Primer (£38.50) and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in Medium (£33) are the top three that I want in my life. All perfect for creating a lighter, long-lasting base in the warmer months. Plus her glorious rose gold packaging makes me salivate. I want that perfect supermodel skin so I can be ultra-cool and immaculate on the beach this August.Other base products are the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (£40) and Luminous Silk Compact (£38), they are both supposed to provide a perfect skin-like but still beautiful finish.

I have heard so many YouTubers rave about these gorgeous Highliner Gel Crayon eyeliners (£20) from Marc Jacobs. They are supposed to be incredibly pigmented, waterproof and long-lasting and they come in a range of drool-worthy and unique shades such as Jazzberry a frosty warm plum and Peridot, a beautiful cool pastel blue. They also boast different finishes, matte, frost and sparkly. These would make a gorgeous addition to any summer eye look

Most of you know that eyeshadow palettes are my favourite things to buy and this exquisite release from Coloured Raine is no different. The Queen of Hearts Palette (£45) has the most gorgeous warm toned colours that would be perfect for an exotic holiday or even a summer barbecue. The pigmentation and creamy formula looks breathtaking. I have coveted this palette for a long time. 

Who doesn't want a set of bright unicorn makeup brushes? This stunning Magic Wands Brush Set (£31) from Tarte makes me smile just looking at it. I love the fun colours of the bristle hairs and the twisted horn-like handles. It adds such a cool edge to a universal tool, these will stand out on any dressing table and would provide perfect assistance for crafting glitter-tastic festival looks. 

Every season is an excuse to wear glitter in my opinion and I haven't read or heard a single bad review of the stunning Stila Magnificent Metals (£23). They come in an array of beautiful shades, work well on not just bare lids but also on top of other eyeshadows. I have seen them utilised in cut creases, festival looks, even as highlight, you just can't go wrong with these bad boys. I don't think there is anything else on the market that compares to these, they work so well and are in a league of their own. The shades Rose Gold Retro, Gold Goddess, Diamond Dust and Bronzed Bell are my faves.

This next palette is constantly out of stock, but the colours are just as gorgeous and mouthwatering as the Queen of Hearts Palette mentioned earlier and it is the Neapolitan Eyeshadow Palette ($38/£40). Especially the shade Spiced Almonds, it speaks to me on a pure and spiritual level. This painfully pretty palette looks gorgeous with the right balance of neutrals and stunning out of the box shades to create an endless plethora of looks. So pretty. 

Another cult product that is relentlessly out of stock are the Farsali products. Both the Rose Gold 24K elixir (£55) and the Unicorn Essence (£50). These two are a firm insta-favourite and can be used in a multitude of ways. I have seen people use it as skincare, mix it with foundation, use it as a lip primer or a treatment. It's the perfect, all-purpose beauty oil created for flawless makeup. Farah Dhukai the owner of Farsali is a testament to the brand with her perfect skin.

Yet another hard to get ahold of product, Juvias Place blew up on the scene when Nikkie Tutroials raved about their Nubian 2 palette, but it is their Saharan palette ($28) pictured above that steals my breath and probably my money too. The colours are bold, bright and of great quality without breaking the bank, unfortunately their shipping takes a little longer but their product is well worth it. 

I am not a liquid lipstick person but out of the many available on the market, I find myself drawn to Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes (£18) the most. The thin formula, excellent colour payoff, beautiful nudes and sleek frosted packaging make it hard for me to look away. The colours Bombshell, Medusa and Spice Girl are the highest on my list, I am hoping she comes out with a peachy shade soon too as that is all the rage. Her newer metallic colours look just as stunning, Silver Fox is an eye-catching metallic grey that would make a fantastic statement lip. 

When I think of summer I think of flawless, glowy Greek goddess skin and the Gleam Body Radiance ($40) in Peach Deluxe from Melanie Mills Hollywood is the first product I think of that. Another versatile product that can be worn under, over or mixed in with makeup and all over the body to give you a radiant, sunkissed, perfected finish. It also comes in a shades to suit everybody. 

Last but not least, the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette (£39) has been on my radar since it was available last December and even though I have gone back and forth on this product countless times I still can't help but be drawn to it. Peach is one of my favourite colours and fruits, such a flattering shade on almost all skin tones. I don't think the peach trend is going anywhere this summer, so this palette would make a great investment. The mixed reviews leave me weary but I can't get over how pretty it is, have you tried this palette? If you have let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading, share with me your lust list as well, I would love to know what products you are craving to splurge on for this summer. Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin', I really appreciate it and all my social media is linked. Hope you had a wonderful week. Take care.

Total Price of Hypothetical Haul = £668.00 (approx) 

What products do you want to splurge on for this summer?


*This is a sponsored post. All views are my own and are 100% genuine. Some affiliate links are used in this post where I would make a small commission from purchases. This does not alter the price of the product. Thank you so much for understanding, the trust of my readers is of the highest importance to me. 


Wednesday, 19 April 2017


I think every girl hates washing her hair. I am that girl. I wash my hair as little as possible trying to keep it to once a week. I mentioned in a few posts about my paranoia regarding hair loss and how I switched to sulphate free shampoos as a solution. The clogged hair in the drain post-shower causes a sinking feeling in my stomach, but simply brushing my hair through with a wide tooth comb pre-shower and using a sulphate-free shampoo remedies this nicely. In fact, I just washed my long hair and there wasn't a single hair left in the bath or the plug hole. I have been using the Yes To Carrots Shampoo (£5) for a few months now, and here is how I have been finding it. 

A carrot shampoo might sound off-putting initially, but I watched a Farah Dhukai DIY insta-tutorial (you know how much I love an insta-tutorial) where she kindly explained all the amazing benefits of carrots for hair. Carrots are supposed to be fantastic for repairing hair breakage and strengthening damaged hair. My hair isn't  particularly damaged or broken but I do feel it is thinning gradually over time. You can see that post below.

1 INGREDIENT TO: -STOP HAIR BREAKAGE, THICKEN HAIR -GET RID OF DRY SKIN, DARK SPOTS, ACNE AND GET THE BEST SKIN EVER👏🏾 💇🏽💇🏾‍♂️Does your hair break so much that youre considering cutting it all off? Is your skin so dry and flakey and/or do you have dark spots/acne/aging skin🐫 THEN this 1 ingredient is for YOU and its SUPER EASY TO GET AND ITS SO CHEAP!!! ❄️Once the season starts changing my skin gets super dry and the cold, dry air makes my hair weaker and break easily, SO every year around this time THISSSS is my FAV! I have been using this in the winter for 4+ years now and believe me when i tell you this - its dope. ALL YOU NEED: ✅100% carrot juice - make your own or buy it (make sure its 100% pure) - COST = $5. I get 3 uses out of my bottle (so $1.60 per use) ✅cotton sheet mask - pack of 50 from amazon - COST = $5 (10 cents per mask) TOTAL COST FOR HAIR AND SKIN = $1.70 - WIN. yay for math🤓 Fill a spray bottle with the carrot juice apply it all over your hair and scalp 🐰soak the cotton sheet mask in the juice apply to your face ⏰Leave on for 20 min Do this 1-2 times per week *if you have lighter hair that is very porous do a test patch first to make sure the carrot doesnt stain your hair, same thing goes if you have very fair skin. always do a test patch no matter what! 🐰WHY RABBITS LIKE CARROT SO MUCH AND WHY YOU SHOULD TOO: -JAM PACKED with vitamins A,K,C and B VITAMINS- INCREDIBLE for hair thickness, hair STRENGTH and SHINE and hair LIFE! makes your hair smooth and healthy- great for damaged hair -Vitamins A and K are great for aging skin and Vitamin C brightens dark spots, dark circles, uneven skin+pigmentation. -Anti-inflammitory so it soothes/prevents/gets rid of acne! -If you really want your hair and skin to be the best its ever looked - i challenge you to drink 1 glass of carrot juice PER day and after 1 month, youll notice a HUGE difference. If you do this challenge, youll also have the strongest nails on the block 👇🏽Tag a friend who could use this and 👍🏾like this video for more cheap and easy ways to take care of your hair and skin! ❤️ILUFAM Disclaimer: always do a test patch 1st
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Because I wait so long between washes my scalp can get dry and itchy at times. The carrot shampoo does not smell very strongly of carrots at all. It is quite a natural, inoffensive scent. The lack of sulphate means that the shampoo doesn't get all sudsy, Herbal Essence orgasm-inducing bubbles, if you know what I mean. It still lathers but only gently and it feels both soothing and nourishing on the scalp. I am halfway through the bottle and have used it over a dozen times. I enjoy the scent and the sensation and find it works well paired with almost any conditioner

After conditioning my hair, I wash the rest of my body allowing my hair to dry as much as possible in the shower. Then, I use an oversized T-shirt to "towel" dry as it is softer an causes less frizz and breakage. Once I am happy with the state of my damp hair, I usually apply a pump of the L'Oreal Elvive Hair Serum, which smells divine and leave my hair to air dry. Unfortunately, the shampoo isn't bright orange which would be really cool. It's clear and I apply a generous amount directly to my scalp as that's where it works its magic. I take care to massage it into my scalp like the hairdresser does mostly because it feels so good and allegedly does something to the hair follicles encouraging growth. My hair has always been long and I never see that changing to be honest. 

Overall, I think this is one of my favourite haircare products of all time. I don't know if it is the placebo effect or not but my hair feels really healthy and clean after using it for a prolonged period of time. All I want is to wash my hair as little as possible. I don't use dry shampoo very much as I dislike product build up and most dry shampoos leave a white residue in my hair, although Batiste do a really good one which comes out brown instead of white. Consequently, my shampoo has to do most of the work and this is the only shampoo I have used that keeps my hair presentable for seven days. Thank you so much for reading, please leave a comment with your favourite haircare products and shampoos down below. It would mean a lot to me. Hope you're having a great week. Take care.

What is your go-to shampoo?



Sunday, 16 April 2017


Coachella Makeup Look by +Kaushal Beauty 
Hey guys, I wanted to share a makeup look I worked on yesterday with you all inspired by the unbelievably stunning Kaushal Beauty (as pictured above). If you are anything like me then you spend a good chunk of your down time on YouTube watching and gazing in awe at many a tutorial. I first joined the world of YouTube at eighteen and immersed myself in the beauty community. The only issue was it made me want so much, I would see all these incredible tutorials and feel like I had to go out and buy all the products that person used. I was young and impatient. I wanted to be good at makeup and good at life, and I sucked at both. I remember tweeting one well-known YouTuber lamenting how hard, most of the, products she used were to get hold of in the UK and she quite simply replied with use something similar. It is the best advice I have received via Twitter to this day and I can't believe I never thought of something so obvious myself. 

Coachella Makeup Look by @KaushalBeauty
I have discussed previously the unrealistic beauty ideals YouTube has helped perpetuate (read more about that here) and Kaushal and I are miles apart in terms of skill, camera quality and frankly her phenomenal good looks. So don't be disheartened if your recreation doesn't turn out perfect or as you expected, be proud of the work you put in and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Think about how much makeup you own and how little of it you actually use. I loved working on this look as I got to use products I have barely touched in years like the Sigma Resort Palette. I owned a few products that Kaushal used, but a lot of the time I had to think outside of the box which was a fun challenge for me. 

You can watch Kaushal's brilliant tutorial in full below to see how she created the look and what she used. I will include a list of what products she used where and what products I used instead. Hand on heart, I have never tried my hand at a look like this before nor have I ever attempted such a bold wing. I still shied away from some of the more bolder elements in her look like the dots of glitter and the fake lip ring which brings me to another tip. We're all different, what works on someone else may not work on us. We have different eye shapes, faces, complexions, skin tones and preferences. Always adapt a look to suit your needs, if you prefer a matte foundation switch it up. Be true to yourself but be inspired by others. For instance, as this was a new look for me I did my eye makeup first. I also used tape to help map out my wing and I experimented with different colours. 

NYX Warm Neutrals Palette | Papaya from Sigma Resort Palette
Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick in 31 Iris Blue | Sigma Resort Palette in Neela
NYX Glitter Glue | Not necessary as I didn't use loose glitter
LIT Cosmetics Goober Grape Glitter | Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow in Patchwork
Lilly Lashes in Miami | No False Lashes but KISS and Ardell are my favourites
The Body Shop Contour Kit | Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Deep


I didn't have a purple eyeliner to use so instead I used a purple mascara and just used a thin brush to sketch out a line on my eyes. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, I find winged eyeliner so intimidating. The hardest part is making them even and actually being able to see. A good magnifying mirror is crucial. For the line on my chin I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. At first I tried using both card and sellotape to try and sketch out a perfect line but it was actually easier to freehand the line in one stroke. I rarely ever do anything to my brows but they were looking sparse so I added Corruption eyeshadow to fill in the gaps and some glitter strokes too for an element of fun. My brows aren't nearly as tidy and sculpted as Kaushal's so I didn't do the neat line of glitter as it would only emphasis the unruly nature of my existing brows. It's not perfect but it turned out much better than I hoped. Thank you so much for reading, I would love to know who your favourite muas and YouTubers are, please let me know in the comments. You can follow me on SnapChat and Instagram for more makeup, my username is alittlekiran and please follow me on Bloglovin' to stay up to date. Thank you, hope you are having a great Easter weekend. Take care. 

Who are your favourite makeup artists and YouTube channels to watch?


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Friday, 14 April 2017


The beautiful Hannah from Floraful tagged me to do this seasonally appropriate tag. I rarely get tagged to do these kind of things so needless to say I feel pretty cool right now, look at me with my cool blogger friends being cool and doing cool tags. I feel like I have arrived in the blogger world officially. I love Spring. This tag is all about Spring so let's dive in and of course I tag everyone who reads this to do it too, but I will also call out some individuals at the end as well and hopefully they will do it too. This is essentially a list of Spring Favourites and covers both fashion, beauty and more.

Spring Nail Polish
I love Prickly Pear by Barry M. It is a stunning lilac shade, I also love any baby blue shade too.

Must Have Lip Colour
I am currently obsesses with the NYX Butter Glosses, Prague is a gorgeous gloss.

Spring Dress
A tough one but the leaf applique dresses on the TopShop website are so beautiful. I especially love this berry coloured dress and this blue dress. They would make the perfect wedding guest outfit.

I have been really into peonies lately. This might be because I am rewatching Gossip Girl and peonies happen to be Blair Waldorf's favourite flower. They are so pretty and bright, but I have always loved sunflowers and violets as well. 

Flower crowns have been looking might attractive to me lately. Must be all this Coachella fever.

Favourite Spring Makeup/Fashion Trends
Festival makeup looks are my favourite, they are just so fun and full of glitter and stars and holographic effects. I love all the many different looks people create and I have been a fan of the glossy lip trend and cold shoulder fashion that came about last year as well. 

Perfume/Body Spray
Still obsessed and more than halfway through my Jo Malone perfume in Nectarine and Honey. 

Spring At Home
England is a temperamental beast, Spring runs colder than I would like but it is still bright and April is the month of showers, but so far we have been pretty lucky with the weather. 

What is your favourite thing about Spring?
I love the longer daylight hours they make me really happy. The constant darkness of winter does tend to get me down, I also like the Easter bank holiday, the slightly nicer weather and the onslaught of weddings that come about this time of year. The air just feels so much lighter in Spring.

Are you a Spring Cleaner?

Any plans for Spring?
I have ideas not plans, I want to visit a few national parks. There is so much of England and the United Kingdom in general that I haven't seen. A few places on my list are the Lake District, Belfast and Brighton. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I tag Sal from Umm Baby Beauty, Shireen from Reflection of Sanity, Cy from Dulce de Mango, Nicole from The Glam Surge, Parie from Class & Glitter and Nida from Caked to the Nines as well as everyone else who reads this post. Enjoy the weekend. Take care.

What are your favourite things about Spring?


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