Friday, 14 April 2017


The beautiful Hannah from Floraful tagged me to do this seasonally appropriate tag. I rarely get tagged to do these kind of things so needless to say I feel pretty cool right now, look at me with my cool blogger friends being cool and doing cool tags. I feel like I have arrived in the blogger world officially. I love Spring. This tag is all about Spring so let's dive in and of course I tag everyone who reads this to do it too, but I will also call out some individuals at the end as well and hopefully they will do it too. This is essentially a list of Spring Favourites and covers both fashion, beauty and more.

Spring Nail Polish
I love Prickly Pear by Barry M. It is a stunning lilac shade, I also love any baby blue shade too.

Must Have Lip Colour
I am currently obsesses with the NYX Butter Glosses, Prague is a gorgeous gloss.

Spring Dress
A tough one but the leaf applique dresses on the TopShop website are so beautiful. I especially love this berry coloured dress and this blue dress. They would make the perfect wedding guest outfit.

I have been really into peonies lately. This might be because I am rewatching Gossip Girl and peonies happen to be Blair Waldorf's favourite flower. They are so pretty and bright, but I have always loved sunflowers and violets as well. 

Flower crowns have been looking might attractive to me lately. Must be all this Coachella fever.

Favourite Spring Makeup/Fashion Trends
Festival makeup looks are my favourite, they are just so fun and full of glitter and stars and holographic effects. I love all the many different looks people create and I have been a fan of the glossy lip trend and cold shoulder fashion that came about last year as well. 

Perfume/Body Spray
Still obsessed and more than halfway through my Jo Malone perfume in Nectarine and Honey. 

Spring At Home
England is a temperamental beast, Spring runs colder than I would like but it is still bright and April is the month of showers, but so far we have been pretty lucky with the weather. 

What is your favourite thing about Spring?
I love the longer daylight hours they make me really happy. The constant darkness of winter does tend to get me down, I also like the Easter bank holiday, the slightly nicer weather and the onslaught of weddings that come about this time of year. The air just feels so much lighter in Spring.

Are you a Spring Cleaner?

Any plans for Spring?
I have ideas not plans, I want to visit a few national parks. There is so much of England and the United Kingdom in general that I haven't seen. A few places on my list are the Lake District, Belfast and Brighton. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I tag Sal from Umm Baby Beauty, Shireen from Reflection of Sanity, Cy from Dulce de Mango, Nicole from The Glam Surge, Parie from Class & Glitter and Nida from Caked to the Nines as well as everyone else who reads this post. Enjoy the weekend. Take care.

What are your favourite things about Spring?




  1. I love this! That dress is stunning, Topshop do some really pieces!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

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  3. I also love Nyx, butter glosses no matter what season actually is. I loved to read this post. xx

    Michelle Morchella

  4. I got a sample of the Jo Malone nectarine and honey and it's beautiful. I think I might buy it!

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  5. yaas, I love NYX butter glosses because of how light and easy they are to wear!
    Kathy x

  6. Awesome post! I love that dress, it is so cute and elegant! I've heard a few people mention the Jo Malone scent, I must try it sometime! Thanks for sharing!

    xxxx from Emily //

  7. Oh very cute dog
    Lovely tag

  8. amazing post :)
    happy Easter :)

  9. I really love the dress, and the doggy, but I love the lip piercing. I really really want one, I want to be like Jamie Genevive lol, clearly! But its just so pretty!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Love Jamie Genevive so much! She is so frickin' cool x

  10. The longer days have to be one of my fave things, so much more light to do more things and stay out longer. And all the flowers!
    Lea, xx

    1. Absolutely, I just feel so much brighter and lighter. The possibilities are endless x

  11. That Spring dress is lovely, the colour and lacy design are gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  12. Spring nail polishes are my favorite!

  13. Thanks for the tag hun...I will try to get this done while its still Spring. I love Peonies too. So pretty. I definitely need to try a NYX butter gloss soon xxx

  14. That dress looks gorgeous and the dog is the cutest. I enjoyed reading about you.

    Nina's Style Blog

  15. The Nectarine and Honey Jo Malone is soooo lovely!!! I keep thinking maybe I should get it haha

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    1. Yes, it is so good! I think I will cry when I finish it x

  16. This is a great tag! I love it, I think I may try this on my own blog! :)

  17. That dress is so pretty! I love Spring because I had my colours done and apparently I'm a 'Spring'. So I tend to wear Spring colours all year round. xx

    ♥ Carly Susanne ~ A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  18. That puppy is so cute!!! I love spring as well :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT


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