Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Fragrance has never been a category that excites me, it is the one aspect of the beauty realm that I haven't quite dived into but since the start of this year I have definitely developed a keener interest. I want to smell nice. I want people to compliment me and tell me I smell good. I think that is universally a great compliment to receive and plus scent is such a comforting, personal thing. How cool is it that certain fragrances remind of you of different people. Why would you not want a signature scent? My key trouble with standard perfumes is that they finish so quickly, plus they can either be too light meaning you have to spray it again every 3-4 hours or too heavy which means you feel like you are asphyxiating yourself first thing in the morning. The answer to all my prayers came in this surprisingly tiny clear bottle from Cult Beauty and is simply called Rose Perfume Oil by Kai (£40)

Personally, I wouldn't describe it as a rose scent at all. I detest rose-scented products. This perfume oil smells both fresh and floral at the same time with a strange kind of warmth that I find really comforting. It contains the scents of a lot of white flowers and cucumber and is designed to evoke the fresh fragrance of an English country garden. I think the touch of rose adds that feminine note. The best part is that it will last on your skin until you shower pretty much. It's fantastic. The small bottle has a tiny roller ball applicator and you just apply it on your pulse points. I like to apply it on my wrists and neck. It is not overpowering but is still there, if you know what I mean. It is so convenient to carry around, especially in the summer when the streets start to heat up and I don't know about you but where I live the scent of weed permeating the air is really strong in the summer so having this on hand helps a lot with that. I am so keen to try out the original Kai Perfume Oil, I will definitely be purchasing that once I finish this. It does cost a whopping £40 for 3.6ml which is ridiculous when you see the size of a bottle, but I do think it would take months and months to finish it and more importantly I have never smelt a scent like this one before. It is exactly what I look for in a fragrance, they have a spray perfume in the same scent as well. Such a brilliant find, I received this product from Cult Beauty but this review, like all my reviews, is my own opinion. If it sucked, I would tell you. I hope you all had a brilliant bank holiday weekend. Thank you for reading. Take care. 

What fragrance are you currently using?


Saturday, 27 May 2017


I broke my spending ban obviously, why you ask? Because trying not to spend money on things you don't need only makes you really want to spend money on things you don't need. The second I swished out of both Primark and Superdrug with my very conservative, in my opinion at least, haul I felt ten times happier which is just bad. Denial never works guys, don't force yourself to stick to diets or spending bans if they are making you miserable. They are not worth it, and what is even more of a plus is I discovered some really cool products as well. I did mini reviews of everything I picked up minus the 3 Barry M Gelly Nail Paints because I talked about them right here. Check that post out for swatches and more, without further ado let's look at this affordable haul of products. 

For some reason, out of the myriad of brands available in Superdrug I always find myself drawn to L'Oreal. Maybe because they are constantly slinging out new products, I honestly can't keep up. My friend, real life flesh and human being friend, Paige tweeted about the L'Oreal CC Anti-Redness cream (£11). She said it was amazing, just like a foundation in coverage but a lot lighter and because it is a weird green colour it doesn't transfer. All correct. I love using this on the daily because it's very light, natural and can be applied with fingers or a buffing brush with ease. Perfect for quick makeup. It does have an SPF 20 in it, which I like, but as it only comes in one colour I am not sure how it would work on all skin tones. It works fine on mine and is purported to adjust to each person's skin tone. The green hue is to counteract redness and I find it does a very good job.

As for the Miss Baby Roll mascara I am obsessed. This gives you clump-free, beautifully long lashes, doesn't smudge and can be layered a million times without looking crusty and gross. I really like this mascara, it does give some volume and thickness but not a tonne so I am surprised it is called a mega volumising mascara, but then I rarely put more than one to two coats on my lashes. 

The Brow Artist Xpert Pencil in Dark Brunette (£6) is a fantastic brow pencil for anyone who has no clue what they are doing, or anyone who has a tendency to be a bit sloppy and imprecise. You can literally just draw right over your eyebrows with this, brush it out with a spooly, which conveniently is located on the other side of the pencil, et voila instant thick, hairy brows. The pencil is very soft and not too pigmented creating a soft brow. If you have really thin brows that require more structure and definition, personally I wouldn't recommend this. But if you're like me and just delving into the perplexing world of brow products this is a great place to start

Onto some skincare the Nip+Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Night Pads (£6.45) are amazing. They are so convenient, you get a ginormous amount of thin, saturated, circular pads in here that will last you multiple months. Ideal for travelling and much much cheaper than the Pixi Glow Tonic Pads(£20). Plus, you get a lot more bang for your buck (60) with these. They work really well, are highly effective to the point where my skin tingles after using it (which is the very scientific way in which I gauge is a product actually works). So you really only need to use these several times a week. My only trouble is remembering to screw the cap back on and keep all that glycolic potency inside. One tip is to store it upside down if you feel the pads are a bit dry. 

Truthfully, I can't even remember why I went into Primark. Maybe for socks, but I walked out with these exfoliating gloves, which actually come in a pack of 2 for £1 one white and one pink (pictured) and some super cheap cotton face pads that cost only 50p. You get a lot of cotton face pads in this tube because they are really thin. I have had them for more than a month and use them for everything and I still haven't even used a quarter of them. That is crazy! The exfoliating gloves do exactly what they are supposed to do. I love to use them with a moisturising scrub as it really exfoliates my body and leaves it feeling smooth and amazing. I recommend both, but be aware that exfoliating gloves should be changed regularly if you use them and used sparingly because too much abrasion can cause inflammation. I hope you are having a brilliant weekend. Take care. 

What products have you recently purchased?


Thursday, 25 May 2017


Go-to Summer Nail Shades: Barry M Gelly Nail Paints Prickly Pear or Lilac, Peanut Butter, Acai Smoothie
I have been lacking in motivation lately and I am not sure why. Fortunately, I have been catching up on some sleep which is fantastic but is only making me feel more tired. In spite of not being in the mood, it was my desire to still post something. These 3 nail polishes are my current favourite shades from Barry M's Gelly Nail Paint line. I love the glossy gel-like finish and the opacity of the colours. They have also changed their brush so it is wider and shaped more like a fan which makes application much easier and smoother. This is going to be a very rare, short post from me. If you want to learn more about the colours and why I like them, please keep reading. We are going from left to right:

Prickly Pear/Lilac: My all-time favourite, forever repurchase shade from Barry M. The shade name makes no sense at all as instead of being a light green (like a pear) it is a stunning bright lilac shade. That looks amazing all year round in my opinion but especially in the summer. Whenever I am not sure what to wear on my nails, and I am not feeling a neutral, I grab this one. Not sure what it is, maybe it has magical powers but this colour genuinely influences my mood and makes me a  nicer person.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Prickly Pear/Lilac Photo Swatch
Peanut Butter: Another odd shade name because this isn't the colour of peanut butter at all, more like burnt, faded orange. I love this shade as it is not too loud or ostentatious. Suits my skin colour and is a low key colour that can be worn with pretty much anything. 

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Peanut Butter Photo Swatch
Acai Smoothie: So happy I found this colour, I have Dragon Fruit by Barry M but it is such a bright, flaming flamingo colour that I would have to be partying in Rio to feel comfortable wearing it. This is a stunning, more wearable yet still pink and quite girly option that literally looks like the colour of a berry smoothie. Delicious. 

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Acai Smoothie Photo Swatch
All Barry M Gelly Nail Paints are £3.99 each and can be purchased at both Superdrug and Boots. No affiliate links are used in this post.

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed this much shorter post. I apologise as it is pretty clear that not much effort went into this, my head is not in the game right now. Cue Zac Efron gif. But things will return back to normal shortly, I would really love to know what kind of posts you want to see? So please leave suggestions in the comments. Your feedback is really important to me, if you have any requests or questions you can email me at alittlekiran@gmail.com. I am so on the ball with checking my emails. In addition, please follow me on Bloglovin', I am keen to do a giveaway if I ever reach 1000 followers so that would be amazing. Hope you are all having a great week so far. Even my short posts are not that short. Don't forget to leave a comment. Take care. 

What are your go-to summer nail shades?


Sunday, 21 May 2017


I love the new trends circling the internet lately because most of them are fun, bold, innovative and colourful. I found every single one of these gorgeous, popular and on-trend makeup bits all on one website called Beauty Big Bang. Not only do they stock all the sold out crazes but everything is crazy affordable. Their prices are in dollars but they ship internationally and regularly restock their sold out items. They sell a a variety of beauty products, everything from hair and makeup to nails. I have been searching for the Peel Off Protective Nail Polish everywhere. It is flooding my Instagram feed and yet no-one seems to stock it in the UK, but Beauty Big Bang have it for under $3. I will never have messy nails ever again! Unfortunately, it was out of stock when BBB contacted me, but I am definitely running to make another order as soon as it is back in stock. These products were all very kindly sent to me, but I did get to make the order myself and like I said their products are actually cheaper than chips, how incredible is that? I picked all these items myself and this entire haul came to under $20! I am so excited to see what other products they will add to their impressive site. If you would like any follow-up posts, specific reviews, demonstrations or first impressions on any of these items let me know in the comments and I will be sure to do that. Onto the haul.

First and foremost, this was the first thing I wanted in my virtual basket. This 7 Piece Set of Unicorn Makeup Brushes ($9) makes me want to jump for joy. They are so pretty I still haven't used them, they are the definition of too pretty to use. Beauty Big Bang also have another 10 Piece Unicorn Makeup Set ($10) for all the pastel lovers out there, that is just as stunning as this one. I love the blue and purple dual-toned, multi-faceted handle and the dip dye brush hairs. For nine dollars I really expected the brushes to be flimsy and unusable but thought they look so beautiful I can just use them a s a backdrop but in actual fact the synthetic bristles are astonishingly soft on all the brushes and they feel sturdy in the hand. I still haven't been able to bring myself to use them but if you guys really want to know how they hold up and perform, let me know in the comments and I will dirty them up just for you. That's true love. 

This 4 Piece Set of Nail Glitter is on sale right now for $4. They have a range of collections and I got the colour range 7C, these beautiful pastel blue, green, pink and lilac glitters are perfect for summer. I am not fully sure how to use them, so if you have any tips let me know. They come in small little pots and are so sparkly, definitely fitting in with the unicorn trend/craze taking over the world right now. Plus, with the weather being the dull, disappointing, rain-filled disaster it is right now I have been gravitating towards more muted tones at the moment. But, I know I will be playing with these a hell of a lot when the weather and my mood both brighten. Any tips on how to use these, hopefully without making a gigantic mess, please share! 

The SiliSponge or Blender ($3) first became a big deal due to Molly Cosmetics. I believe they were an integral part of the origin story for this tool and the first to make such a product. This was followed by everyone using their silicone breast enhancers for their foundation and it blew up all over the internet. The thought behind this is unlike the beauty blender, the Silicone Makeup Sponge does not soak up any product and it is easier to clean so will last longer as well. I haven't tried this yet either, I thought a first impressions post and a comparison post with a beauty blender would be an interesting idea. Let me know if you are into that. Although, I have to admit I am skeptical. 

Last but not least is this Mermaid Shimmer Waterproof Liquid Lipstick ($4.50) in the shade Candy Champage. I truly thought this was just a sheer champagne gloss/lip topper type deal that is all the rage right now. It is not! I swatched it on my arm and I swear on my life it stayed on there for almost two days no matter how much I scrubbed with water, cleanser or hand soap. A body scrub eventually did the trick in the shower the next day but this stuff will not budge. I am all for transfer-proof makeup that lasts and lasts without touch ups so this is a shocker for me. I am still reeling. Plus it can still be worn as a lip topper but has great pigmentation on its own. This makes me think it might be quite drying on the lips so I will update you all on that when I find some time to wear and test it out. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and are as excited about these cool products as I am. I cannot wait to try them out so let me know what you are most interested in out of these four in the comments below and I will post a follow-up shortly. I would love to hear your thoughts on these trends as well. This post wasn't sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own. I am always honest and transparent about my thoughts on this blog and only accept products or collaborations that I truly want and am excited about. If you knew how many emails I ignore or decline you wouldn't question my integrity so trust me on this. You can check out their website here, none of the links in this post are affiliate links. They are purely linked for your convenience and no money was made from this post either. These products just make me really happy. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and please follow me on Bloglovin' if you aren't already. Take care.

What do you like the most from this haul?


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Thursday, 18 May 2017


Finding a good foundation that can withstand the heat, sweat and humidity summer brings can be a tough challenge. I have rounded up the four base products that I love to use in the summer for every occasion. Whether you need a foundation that photographs well, lasts all day, controls oil, gives you sun protection or just good coverage I have got your back. These four have yet to fail me so keep reading for reasons why I love each one. I hope you like my marble background by the way, I am so excited and feel like a real blogger now. I will use a mix of marble and white as backdrops in my photos as I don't want it to get too predictable and like I have always said, there are so many bloggers out there that do marble photos way better than I so I want to keep pushing myself.

  • HOLIDAY: It Cosmetics CC Cream SPF 50+ (£30) SPF 50, need I say more? The coverage is excellent, it blends easily, travels well and can be applied with both a beauty blender and a brush to create lovely skin. The finish is natural, veering on the dewy side. For oily skin, this is something to note but I have found that throughout the day although there is some shine and radiance to the skin it does not slip and slide off the face. It stays put and a quick blot or dusting of light reflecting powder will fix any unseemly shine. This is the perfect summer base as it is not too heavy, protects the skin and works great on its own or as part of a more extensive makeup routine. Definitely the best pick for your holiday travels.
  • SLAY ALL DAY: L'ancome Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Stick Foundation ($42) Best. Stick. Foundation. Ever. Just ever. It is so creamy, lightweight and flawless. It feels like nothing on the skin, blends like a dream and lasts all day. I have an oily T zone so I do get shiny on the nose after prolonged wear but again tailor your makeup routine to suit your skin. I would put a mattifying primer on my nose before wearing this and would keep some tissue handy to blot if required. Great for day to night makeup, parties, dinner with friends etc. 
  • EVERY DAY: No 7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream for Normal/Oily Skin (£13.50) Light coverage, evens skin tone. Perfect for when you are in a rush or on pared-back every day no makeup makeup days. I like using this foundation in the summer as it is so lightweight. The sun holds no prisoners and there's nothing I hate more than seeing a mask of makeup highlighted and magnified by unforgiving sun rays. I love this BB cream because it gives you better skin undetectably. I wear this pretty much every day to work, the one downfall of this BB cream is it only comes in two shades. 
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Milani 2 in 1 Conceal and Perfect Foundation (£13) There is nada SPF in this foundation, the coverage and finish are both insanely gorgeous.  A beautiful semi-matte, buildable foundation with a stunning array of shades to choose from and an attractive price point. I love this foundation for any day when my skin is not feeling the best. It covers everything you need it to. If you are going to be photographed, definitely try out this foundation. It performs just as well, if not better, than a lot of high end foundations. I would recommend this for anyone with normal to oily skin. Ideal for prom, graduation, weddings or parties.

Thank you so much for reading, I would love to know what your go-to summer base products are in the comments below. Finding a good foundation in general can be a difficult task, so please share. I have such a cool post coming up for you on Saturday so be sure to visit back then. To never miss a post follow me on Bloglovin', that would make me very happy. It's completely free and once I reach a thousand followers I am going to do my first ever blog giveaway. Don't you want to be a part of that? So click here to make sure you are following me and we can all just get on with our day. I follow back most other bloggers too, so leave your links in the comments section below and I will check out your respective blogs and pages like always. Hope you are having an awesome week. Take care. 

What is your current favourite foundation?



Tuesday, 16 May 2017


It is possible to fool people into thinking you have lost weight without the strain of diet and exercise, and for once I am not talking about the joys of contouring. This may sound too good to be true, but styling tips if implemented properly render this possible. The best part is that anyone can employ these tricks at any time to look and feel at their most confident. Here are some of the best and most overlooked tips on how to flatter your figure:

Make use of your assets

If you wish to disguise one part of your body, you can do this by finding the tiniest part of your body and maximising it. We are all smallest right under the bust so an empire waist style is flattering on virtually everybody. On the other hand, if you’ve got great legs, opt for skinny jeans or tight-fitting trousers and skirts to show off those limbs. For those whose asset is their waist highlight it with a belt, a top with a cinched in waist or a cropped jacket. To take inches off your waist and hips, you can also use black or dark side panels too. Obviously Blake Lively has an amazing figure in general but she has especially good legs and hair in my personal opinion. 

Underwear is just as important as outerwear 

Most women already know how to pick the right undergarments as this can make or mar the shape of their body. If you have lately lost or gained few pounds, there are chances that you are wearing the wrong bra size. Regardless being measured regularly by a professional is completely free and something we should all make a habit of, not only for killer outfits but also for health reasons. Ensuring your bra fits perfectly and comfortably will not only make you feel better but also help you look better. Find a supportive bra that is also the right size. You can also invest in a great waist trainer corset* when it comes to tummy control or body shape underwear


Heels not only elongate the legs but the entire body too, making your form leaner and more feminine. For those who struggle to wear heels for various reasons like discomfort and vertigo, there are heels that are comfortable and mobile. You can purchase a gel in-sole for extra support or try wedges and block heels instead of stilettos. They are much easier to walk in. This in turn aids your posture, if you have ever heard the phrase fake it till you make it then you know by acting confident you will feel more confident. Simply walking tall, with your chin up and your body elegantly gliding around like a ballerina will have you feeling like a supermodel in no time. This takes practice and time, but try to watch how you walk because one of the most obvious ways we communicate our mood and self-esteem is through our body language

Figure-flattering necklines

Knowing your body shape is fundamental to mastering the skill of being able to dress well. You can’t even imagine the difference a scoop, V-neck or sweetheart neckline can make to your upper body, but this area is often overlooked. The right neckline will work with your body, can minimize or maximize the bust area, elongate the neck and add tons of sex appeal. This fits in with the point of making the most of your assets. If you don’t like your upper arms, like me, go for tops and shirts with long or half sleeves. If you do like your shoulders, there are cold shoulder tops aplenty this time of year. Furthermore, the choker trend, there are thousands of dresses and T-shirts with a choker style built in accentuates a slim neck. 

Wear one colour all over

Wearing a single colour from top-to-toe, especially in a dark shade, can create the illusion of length*. This is a dramatic way to make petite women look longer, taller and slimmer. But see to it that you do not wear clothing that is too tight and focus on how a garment fits and flatters your body. Gigi Hadid, who is probably my biggest style inspiration, executes this particular trick flawlessly and it is one of her go-to style tips. 

I hope you found this post informative and make use of these styling tips, which all work together, to flatter your body whatever shape you are.  Thank you so much for reading, as always my social medial links are below. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin'. Have a lovely week. Take care. 

How do you dress to flatter your body?


*This is a sponsored post written in my own words. I was compensated for the inclusion of certain links and these are marked with an asterisk. 

Saturday, 13 May 2017


I am the girl that never wears jewellery (a good blog name...), despite having my ears pierced when I was eight years old I have worn earrings a total of twice in my life and that includes the mandatory six weeks of studs to ensure your ear stays pierced. It's actually incredible that my holes are still there. There are several reasons for why I hate wearing jewellery: they get tangled, tarnished, destroyed, lost, broken and sometimes they even hurt. I have nowhere to store them and most of the time the pieces feel too heavy or ostentatious. For me, comfort is paramount. If I don't feel comfortable, I don't look comfortable. Therefore, earrings are off the menu entirely for me. It takes too long and requires a hefty amount of stabbing, twisting and screaming before it actually is in my ear. The only jewellery I wear is my Kara and that's just a part of me now. I don't even feel it. 

When Happiness Boutique emailed me and directed me to their website I was reluctant. I don't wear jewellery, I have never in my life even discussed jewellery on this blog and for good reason. I don't wear it. I was positive that they had got the wrong person, but the small, evil part of me thought hey I can get a cool present for my sister and earn brownie points for the next time I need a favour. So I did a little browsing on my lunch break and was pleasantly surprised, because although I am not a lover of jewellery I know many girls are and, their website is chock full of a gorgeous range of dainty and delicate to bold and eye-catching pieces. Before surfing their site I had never heard of an ear jacket, which has to be the most adorable name in the world, or ear crawlers (which sounds decidedly less cute and more like there is a beetle in your ear). Needless to say I soon decided my sister could get her own jewellery, these were going to be all mine. Sorry not sorry. My favourite thing about their site is that it is ridiculously easy to navigate and the pieces are categorised not only by their product type (i.e. necklace, earring, ear jacket) but also by their style. So you can shop according to your preference. I clicked on ear jackets and climbers because I had no idea what they were and this is how I find myself in the possession of these two lovely items below. 

I thought this was an ear cuff at first but it is actually called The Petal Starlight Ear Crawler With Clip on Cuff (£20). It is gold plated and so pretty, you can see my sister kindly modelling it for me below. This is a really gorgeous black and gold ear crawler with an intricate flower design. It is incredibly easy to put on even for a jewellery novice like myself. You simply place it in your left pierced ear like a traditional earring and hook the the clasp around the ear to secure it in place so it curves with your ear shape. It looks so beautiful and unique, is gold plated and comes with a cute little ear cuff you can put on the opposing ear if its feeling a little bare. I have gotten so many compliments on this and it really does add the finishing touch to a lot of outfits. 

The next item is this pretty Glitter and Glitz Ear Cuff (£9.30). My favourite thing about this piece is that it can be worn in multiple ways. Below in the picture you can see my sister wearing one on one ear and the other is on her opposite ear, just like a pair of earrings. But you can also wear both on the same ear like a cuff which I only realised after looking on their website. This is because it is applied via a clip which makes it the easiest item to put on. It is secure, stays all day, doesn't budge and looks lovely no matter which way you wear it. On more casual days, I like to wear one on each ear (as pictured below) and if I am at a wedding or a birthday party I like to wear it on one ear as a cuff. Plus it is so affordable. I love these jewellery pieces because I feel like they are a twist on classic pieces which makes them unique and cool, easy and fun to wear but most of all versatile

Happiness Boutique are a brilliant jewellery company, not only do they sell original, one of a kind items but they offer a customer rewards programs for their customers and send cute little notes of happiness in their prettily packaged parcels. I keep the box they so generously sent these items in and use them to store all my earrings in one place. Never lose a backing again. They have a sale on right now if you want to check them out, their jewellery is of good quality and reasonably priced which is a rarity in this day and age. They even leave a little card in with advice on how to store and look after your jewellery to ensure it lives a healthy lifespan. I am really grateful and happy to have been introduced to them and thank them for being sweet enough to send me some products free of charge in exchange for an honest post. So many brands and companies make countless demands when they want to work with bloggers and I am not here for that. I think this is definitely a case where I think their merchandise more than speaks for itself. I hope you have a look at their website just to see what they offer. You are in no way obliged to buy anything and I don't make any commission nor have I used affiliate links in this post. This is my honest opinion. Thank you for reading and of course leave me a comment with what jewellery you typically wear, if any. Please follow me on Bloglovin' if you aren't already. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend, speak to you soon. Take care. 

Happiness Boutique kindly offered 10% off all orders over €19 to you all, just use 'alittlekiran' at checkout. This is my first ever code! Valid until June 15th.



Thursday, 11 May 2017


This post is long overdue but these products are still available to purchase, even if not in this exact state. Tarte is a brand that has a heavy social media presence as well as a strong relationship with big influencers that extends beyond just PR. They take them on vacation, most likely sponsor videos and invite them to Coachella and Bora Bora like it's the local Costa. I know Tarte products are cruelty free which is a major plus, but can't deny that their marketing strategy leaves me weary. It is getting harder to trust people online, if a brand took me on a fabulous vacation for the launch of a palette I would be reluctant to say the palette sucks ass. Not because I want  to be asked back, although that is something to consider, but because it would feel ungrateful. Moreover, Jackie Aina recently said that after she included a Tarte product in a 'Products I Don't Like Tutorial' Tarte removed her from their PR list, which is pretty petty and unprofessional of a brand if you ask me. 

Onto the actual products, this entire set minus the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (which I already reviewed right here) was available on QVC UK. I bought it with my own money because I really wanted to try the Rainforest of the Sea foundation after hearing so many YouTubers including Huda Beauty rave about it, and the whole set was a good deal (under £50). This was live on the site around May last year but QVC constantly have deals for different brands on their site where you can try a lot more products for less money

I mentioned the Rainforest of the Sea foundation in my April Favourites post (read here). The dropper/dispenser is trash, you have to shake the bottle aggressively for it to work and I still end up swiping the wand all over my face because it is so difficult to actually get product on your face. Major flaw there. The coverage is very light in my opinion. It is definitely buildable but I have to use a lot to get the medium coverage I like. If used with a sponge, however, the coverage is better but I prefer to use a brush in the morning. The best thing about this foundation is that it doesn't transfer. It is the only foundation I have that doesn't rub off when I touch my face. Apart from this, I don't actually think it is worth the money. It lasts well enough throughout the day, there is some shine and separation after about 6 hours wear, but it doesn't do anything magical so I won't be repurchasing this foundation

This is not a palette I would buy separately. I don't think anyone can ever have enough palettes but this one disappointed me. The blush barely shows up on my skin, the colour is lovely and I think anyone with lighter skin would love it. The shadows were slightly inconsistent especially on the top row. Sandcastle is patchy and difficult to blend, best used packed on as an eyeliner. Tide and Sunset barely show up on my skin and have no colour payoff, can be used to set eye primer. The bottom row is marginally better with Reflection and Horizon being the best shadows in the palette, nice pigmentation, creamy formula and pretty colours. Driftwood is a lovely plum colour but is not as rich as I would like. The colours in this palette are uninspiring. I love purple tones especially on brown eyes but I already own the Tartelette in Bloom palette and this shade range looks a little similar. I highly recommend the Tartelette in Bloom palette over this one.

Swatches (above): -
Sandcastle (matte shadow) ¬ dark matte brown
Sunset (matte shadow) ¬ medium brown, dark sand coloured matte
Tide (matte shadow) ¬ light sand beige matte
Mystified (matte blush) - matte pink, slightly coral blush

Swatches (above): -
Driftwood (shimmer shadow): deep plum with a slight shimmer
Horizon (matte shadow): very pretty mauvey purple matte
Reflection (shimmer shadow): stunning warm champagne shimmer

The Lights Camera Lashes mascara (£22) is fantastic, the formula is somehow wet but not messy and creates lovely full, lifted lashes that are clump-free. It doesn't smudge or run and removes easily enough with a double cleanse. I really like this mascara and find myself reaching for it a lot. The Opening Act Lash Primer (£18) is great for giving serious length and because it coats your lashes in the white formula it makes it easy to ensure all your lashes are completely coated in the follow up black mascara. Together they work really well without being too much or too thick, they keep your lashes looking like lashes but just better. You can also layer the Lights Camera Lashes mascara for more volume and oomph and both the mascara and the lash primer make my lower lashes extra long too. 

The Amazonian Clay Silk Eyeliner in Black, like the eye and cheek palette is unavailable so I assume it has been discontinued. It doesn't live up to its name at all, it doesn't feel or look silky, creamy and smooth. The black isn't intense and it just looks rough and messy on the eyelids. You would definitely have to use it a few times to get even coverage. I don't mind scribbling on the lid and using it as a black cream base for an intense glitter shadow but I could happily throw this away to be honest. This was just as disappointing as the Limited Edition Eye and Cheek Palette.

Last but not least is this Coconut Infused Lipstick in the shade Rosy Mauve. I can think of so many people who would love, adore, cherish and wear the shit out of this shade but alas this is not a flattering colour on me which is my only qualm. Overall, it is a nice, creamy, pigmented and astonishingly comfortable formula. It has a cream finish with a slight sheen but that can easily be matted down with some powder or tissue. It doesn't last very long and has the wear time of an average lipstick. It's a lovely shade and formula, just not for me. This isn't on their website either but their new Colour Splash Hydrating Lipsticks (£18) sound like they have a similar formula.

The collection came with the gold makeup bag which you see in the photos. I use that bag all the time, especially when travelling. Although, not many of these products impressed me I am still glad I got to try them out. The foundation, double ended foundation brush and double-ended mascara are the products I use most. Tarte do amazing brushes and lots of great products that are better suited to my needs for instance their Amazonian Clay foundation is supposed to be perfect for oily skin. I won't be repurchasing any of this collection. Thank you for reading, I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog, please leave a comment below with any products you have tried from Tarte and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' and my other social media. Expect a lot more posts, I am brimming with ideas at the moment and really want to attack this blogging thing with all I have. Take care.

What products have you tried from Tarte?



Tuesday, 9 May 2017


A few months ago I got the Maybelline Super Stay 24H Fresh Look Longwear Foundation in Fawn (£9). I work nine hour days during the week so once I apply my foundation at 7am I want it to last pretty well until the very end of the day which for me is usually around midnight or 1am which is when I do my full skincare routine and remove every trace of makeup. Even though, 24 hour wear is a big claim I was definitely intrigued and had high hopes for this foundation, as soon as I saw the advert I was instantly interested and kept a look out for it. I have been using it for a few months now and intended to upload this review a lot earlier, but better late than never, right?

The foundation claims to give "a fresh look for up to 24 hours: no colour-shifting, which I guess means oxidising, dulling or fading; non-transfer, so won't come off; breathable and comfortable. All of these claims are pretty much exactly what I look for in a foundation. I want something comfortable, not heavy and transfer proof. A transfer proof foundation is literally all I want from life. I have oily/combination skin and in the morning especially when I am tired af I feel like I really need the help. My general preference for foundations is a semi-matte (so not flat), longwearing, medium coverage foundation that is easy to blend and feels like nothing or very little on the skin. 

The colour Fawn is a shade or so too light for me but I can make it work as long as I take it down my neck. I find this foundation really brings it with the coverage, as I mentioned, in the mornings I am tired I look like trash and I just want to make myself look better ASAP. So I apply a pump of this foundation, blend it out with a stippling brush and by the time I am halfway through the day and catch my reflection in a mirror I am like whoa. I used way too much, I look like a weird plastic doll. Less is definitely more with this product. The formula itself is thin and easy to blend, it sets itself well and doesn't feel tacky even before I have set it. The finish is not matte on my skin, I would say it is more semi-matte or satin but that could just be my natural oils. I use half a pump of foundation now and really spend time working it into the skin. My go-to method for application is a stippling brush as I think a sponge would just give too much coverage and I am not into that for every day makeup.

You can see it partially blended out above and you can see it fully worked into the skin of my hand below. I really like this foundation, it doesn't oxidise on me (I almost wish it did) and it lasts so so well throughout the day. It isn't transfer-proof but even when a bit comes off usually on my fingers or the lid of a takeout coffee cup it doesn't remove the foundation completely. It is still there and even at midnight I still have a healthy amount of coverage. Throughout the day, it does get a little dewy especially in my T zone but a quick blot fixes that immediately. Overall if you are looking for a longlasting but not super matte foundation, this could be a good one for you. A lot of people seem to find it cakey but I haven't had that problem, the trick I think is using very little and blending really well which even then takes no time at all because of the thin consistency. Although it is what I consider to be a full coverage foundation it doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all. 

Above, you can see what it looks like properly blended out and it just gives a really nice, perfected look to the skin that I adore. I do really like this foundation and I will probably repurchase it, I just hope I can find a better colour match. So far, all the liquid Maybelline foundations have worked really well on me. You can read my review of the Maybelline Better Skin Foundation here. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for reading this post, every read, every comment, every follow, like, tag etc. means more than you could possibly know. I do genuinely appreciate it. Thank you so much. All my social media links are below, check them out if you wish. Take care. 

What is your current everyday foundation?


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