Thursday, 29 June 2017


I get a lot of questions about specific brands and my thoughts on popular products. In a few posts I have mentioned my thoughts on the Charlotte Tilbury range and how quite a few of their products I don't get on with. I got a bit of backlash for it as I understand CT is such a popular brand and a fantastic makeup artist with equally fantastic hair. I wanted to make it clear that I am not a brand-basher and just because a few of their products aren't my cup of tea or I consider overpriced it does not mean that I dislike the brand as a whole. So to answer some of your questions and requests I thought I would walk through the whole brand and explain what products I would purchase or pass on. This post does contain affiliate links, but this does not affect the price of the product. I hope you enjoy this different post, let me know in the comments if there are  other brands you would enjoy a similar post on. We have a lot to cover so let's jump straight in with the most popular products first

This includes not only the Original Magic Cream (£70), which has 50ml of product, but also the Deluxe Sized Giant Magic Cream (£180), which has 150ml of product, the Magic Night Cream (£100) and even the Magic Eye Rescue (£40). I would happily buy them all just to see what all the fuss is about, but if I did that I would have blown almost £400 and that is when it is time to be selective. The Magic Cream was the first product Charlotte launched so I would never say never to that. I would buy the original Magic Cream and pass on the rest, no matter how tempting. I would have to see if the Magic Cream lived up to its hype before splurging on the rest of this luxury range. 

Charlotte Tilbury actually has an impressive array of masks on offer. The one that has caught my eye the most is the Instant Magical Facial Dry Sheet Mask (£18) which can be bought in a Pack of Four (£60) as well. I heard about this mask on Fat Mascara (the podcast) and Jen and Jess both convinced me that this was a must-try. It can be used up to three times and is said to transform your skin. Other masks available are the Goddess Skin Clay Mask (£38) Amelia Liana actually mentioned this in a disappointing products video so I am not too keen on this; the Multi Miracle Glow Mask (£45) sounds great for anyone with dry skin which is not me, another pass and finally the Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask (£38) doesn't appeal to me on any level.  The Dry Sheet Mask is a buy, rest are a pass.

I am a fan of both Wonder Glow Primer (£38.50) and Light Wonder Foundation (£32). This is surprising because, if you know me you know, I like a semi-matte medium coverage foundation but I actually like the Light Wonder Foundation more than the Magic Foundation (£30). It is a sheer, light coverage formula but gives the most gorgeous radiant, skin-like finish especially used in conjunction with the Wonder Glow primer which is the primer I recommend for all brides. Buy for both.

Tried and tested, for some reason the Magic Foundation (£30) is not compatible with my skin. I don't care for the finish or the wear time that it offers. It looks a little greasy on my skin and doesn't last long at all. There are much better foundations out there in my opinion, but that is just my opinion. Pass.

The Retoucher (£25) sounds a lot like the YSL product that everyone loves, but is more expensive, which I never got on with so it is a pass from me, but the Mini Miracle Eye Wand (£29) sounds like it was made for me as I am constantly "burning the candle at both ends" so my eyes could do with this 2-in-1 product that has a cream on one end and a concealer on the other. I saw Charlotte demonstrate this in a video and it seems like the kind of cool, innovative product that could really make a difference in my makeup routine. Buy.

This is something that has been on my to-buy list for a very long time. The Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder (£33) is very popular and comes highly recommended. If you guys know any comparable powders at a lower price point I would love to do a comparison test. Buy.

The Cheek to Chic Blushes (£30) are all gorgeous and the "swish and pop" method does work, I don't have a bad thing to say about them except I am not a blush person. The only blush I use is Amaretto from Becca so I have no need or desire to purchase any blushes. On the other hand, the Film Star Bronze and Glow (£49) duos, there is one in Light/Medium (£49) and one for Medium/Dark (£49) look stunning and I would happily buy it but I want a duo with the highlight from the Light/Medium palette and the contour shade from the Medium/Dark palette and as that is not yet available (please make it available) it is another pass from me. Finally, the Beach Sticks (£30) are excellent cream products but again I don't use them so that makes it a pass for all 3.

First and foremost, I am very curious about the Legendary Brows (£18.50) and I do believe both the Full Fat Mascara (£23) and Legendary Lashes Mascara (£25) are both good mascaras. It is just a case of it not being worth it for me, I would buy the Legendary Brows (£18.50) because it is marketed as a do-it-all, one-and-done product. For the mascaras, my favourite mascara is the By Terry Terrybly Mascara(£33.50) so I would rather invest in more of those. Pass on the mascaras.

The Luxury Palettes (£39) are considered cult products and they look stunning. You can create gorgeous looks with them and they are of good quality, but in terms of pigmentation and value for money it is a straight pass for me on all of these. If I did buy one it would be the Dolce Vita Palette (£39) or Vintage Vamp (£39). The Feline Flick Liquid Eyeliner (£22) is really nice, bold and easy to use. The Colour Chameleons (£19) come in gorgeous colours but again is something that is easily duped. I really like the Kiko Cream Eyeshadow Sticks , for the same reason I would pass on the Eyes to Mesmerise (£22) range as well. Cream eyeshadows in a pot are available from most affordable brands, again rather than the formula it is the colours that steal the show. So if there is a particular colour I wanted I would be tempted to buy if I couldn't find anything similar, but basically pass.

The Beauty Glow Instant Look in a Palette (£49) is very pretty and if you are a Charlotte Tilbury fan this is definitely worth the money. It would also make a great gift but is not something that suits my tastes. I am either a full glam or no glam kind of girl, I like to play and this has a very muted colour palette. Perfect for if you need to do your makeup in your car before you leave for work but otherwise it's a little boring to me. Pass.
A solid buy for all the lipsticks Charlotte has especially the Matte Revolution lipsticks (£24) and the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks (£24). I would probably pass on the Hot Lips (£24) range. I also would buy the Lip Cheat pencils and the new Lip Lustre Lip Glosses (£16.50). Very few brands do lip products as well as Charlotte Tilbury and they come in a gorgeous shade range with something to suit everybody.

I have felt the Charlotte Tilbury brushes and adore how soft and lovely they feel, not to mention the gorgeous burgundy and gold aesthetic is stunning. Out of all of them I would buy the Powder and Sculpt Brush (£35), I think it fits in the hollows of the cheeks perfectly. Buy.

Phew, almost done. Last but not least Scent of a Dream (£68 for 50ml) is a fragrance I would pass on.  Even though you can get the 30ml for £49 option, I am just not a fan of the bottle and the scent didn't wow me when I smelt it in store. It sounds gorgeous but I prefer a slightly fresher, warmer scent. Pass.

Photo by Em Ford @mypaleskinblog
They have some great sets available so you can try more than one product at a time like this Gift of Goddess Skin Set (£39) where you get 15ml of a primer, the Magic cream and the Goddess mask. Thank you so much for reading this lengthy post. I am exhausted already. I would love to know if you would like a similar post on any other brands, I really want to try some stuff from The Ordinary, like their Caffeine Solution, and Iconic London like their Day to Slay Palette (£45) which most of my friends seem to love. I have also heard good things about the BECCA Multi-tasking Face Powder would love to see how it compared to CT's so please leave me a comment. Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' and check out my other social media. Hope you are having a great week. Take care.

What is your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product?


*Affiliate links used. Photos taken from @ctilburymakeup Instagram account unless otherwise stated.


  1. I tried the lip cheat pencils and i like the formula. I agree with you on the mascaras. They are so expensive and there are some great other options available.

  2. I love CT, its the lipsticks are my are my favorite, absolutely great for the price xx

    1. The lipsticks look really gorgeous, and there are so many amazing colours and finishes x

  3. Thanks for being honest Kiran! Sometimes I try products to see what all the hype is and I don't get on with them.

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. I haven't tried any of her products as I do find them very pricey, but I agree that just because something is an high end brand, that doesn't mean all their products will be really good xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. Completely agree with this, I believe that some products are worth spending on and others not so much especially when there are so many fantastic products available at a lower price point that perform just as well if not better x

  5. Charlotte Tilbury looks like such a gorgeous and luxurious brand! There are so many products I want to try from them. I wish they weren't as expensive in Australia. We pay double the price in Australia then you guys do in the UK.

  6. I used to love the magic foundation but something has changed and it no longer works for my skin either weirdly. It seems to cake and break up after a couple of hours.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    1. Is your skin oily at all, because I found the same thing right from the beginning xxx

  7. I am yet to try any CT products. They look so beautiful. Maybe one day I'll treat myself to a lipstick xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  8. I have 2 of the CT Matte Revolution lipsticks and while they are beautiful colors, they are super-drying for me personally. I felt like I spent all that money to find out that they weren't good for me. I do want the Glow look in a palette though!


    1. Oh no, are they really? That is such a shame xxx

  9. Can you believe that I haven't tried a single product from CT?? If I get the change to try something, it would definitely be their lipsticks, everyone is talking and using and loving these lipsticks and I need to try them too!! x


    1. They are really nice lipsticks but again you can get good lipsticks with the same colour for a lot cheaper x

  10. All these products look super nice! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I appreciate your honesty in that you don't favor every single product from the brand, which many of us don't regardless of the brand. Brands aren't perfect and sometimes, they do miss the mark on certain products and formulas and that's okay! I've never tried any of CT's products, but for the most part, I've heard positive things, particularly about her lipsticks. Those face products sound quite luxurious and ones I'd like to try, so I may put that on my birthday or holiday list :) Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



    1. Completely agree, her face products like the Magic Cream and sheet masks are what appeal to me the most and seem most unique to her brand, thank you for reading Jalisa, hope you have a fantastic week as well x

  12. Interesting post!

  13. I'm obsessed with the full fat mascara! x But, you're right, with all Charlotte Tilbury products, there is that 'is it worth it?' question due to this prices, so it's a bit of a shame. xx PS: I'm not a blush person either! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie x

    1. Thank you Marina, I agree, I have tried the Full Fat Lash and it was lovely on my eyes. I also really like her eyelash curlers but there are so many out there that are just as good in my opinion. They impressed me but they didn't WOW me, hope you have a great week lovely xxx

  14. I tried one of the eyeshadow palettes once and I agree it's a pass. I was so disappointed by the pigmentation that I haven't tried anythong else from CT ever since. I really want to try the pillow talk lipstick that everyone raves about though.


    Tamara -

    1. I am actually glad you said that because I feel like I am the only person who doesn't salivate over her quads, they look gorgeous but they weren't amazing by any means for me personally x

  15. I think CT Light Wonder foundation and Airbrush powder will be my first two products from the brand. I also want a quad from her brand but somehow I am not attracted to her lipsticks.

    1. I think it depends on what kind of look you go for I think her lipsticks are suited to people who go full glam and want that polished, complete look. They are very old school glamour to me, so I wouldn't buy them for myself either but maybe as a gift for someone else. I think you will really like the Light Wonder foundation, it sounds like your cup of tea and the Airbrush powder is supposed to be fantastic but not sure how it works on drier skin types? Thank you for reading Shireen xxx

  16. This was such a good and informative post! I love CT!
    Have a lovely day!

    Kris |

  17. I have a few CT products, and I love them all. Everything she does is so beautiful, as well as functional! Xx

    Kez |

    1. I'm happy you do, she creates some beautiful products x

  18. I have never tried CT products but always wanted to considering all the hype. But I think they are overpriced. Good to know your thoughts!

  19. I own one CT product, but it gets costly when I can buy more for the price. Good post!

  20. Such an interesting post! I have never tried this brand before.

    Gemma x

    1. Really? I thought it was big everywhere but I think because Charlotte is British it is much more well known in the UK xxx

  21. Great roundup Kiran, you're not alone here. I honestly admire CT as a make-up artist; her work is outstanding. I wrote a mini review on her products back in 2015 when I just started my blog. Both products I featured (original mascara and kissing lipstick) were truly disappointing. I actually could only get them in New York at the time; I am so thankful that my mother stopped me right before I bought more. Lipstick is awful, after a few hours it collects into this hateful white gunk on your mouth. Mascara did literally nothing and flaked/smudged like crazy. Charlotte is a good sales woman, that's for sure. But if you look at her videos, where she demonstrates products, she is only working with girls, who have these amazing faces, gorgeous skin etc. No wonder everything will look great on them! Her lip liners are nice, but they are identical to those from Kiko (packaging is even the same, both made in Italy). Her Bronze & Glow duo would be better if highlighter had more glow factor to it; as for me it is just ok. There are better options for sure. Now, the only thing I would consider buying would be her powder, but again - having wasted money on her products before, I will pass! Sorry not sorry.

    Naya //

  22. I'm so glad you put this post together! I've never tried any of her products, but always wanted to. I would always stop because one thing would be good and the other not so much. I keeping this. It will definitely help.

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