Sunday, 16 July 2017


I read on one of Rebecca from From Roses' posts that you either love moisturising or you don't. I am firmly in the don't category because it is time consuming and frankly tiring, I got a lotta body surface area to work with. I am, however, trying to change that I have purchased a few different moisturisers lately and I was kindly sent these two gorgeous Hand & Body Lotions from Yope. Yope is an incredible brand that focuses on using natural ingredients in their products as much as possible, they sell a variety of hand and body products including liquid soap which I am keen to try next. Their products are of great quality, seriously adorably packaged, gentle, natural and beautifully scented all for an extremely reasonable price

The two body lotions I have are Vanilla and Cinnamon which has the most delectable sweet, but slightly spicy scent and Verbena which smells like lemon sorbet, perfect for summer. I tend to go for sweeter, warmer scents so Vanilla and Cinnamon is my favourite of the two and the bottles are both 500ml meaning they will last you forever. I only need approximately 3 pumps for my whole body, they don't instantly sink in and do require a little massaging but I am starting to think this is really good for my body as it promotes circulation. In addition, they contain a whole host of stellar ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil and shea butter for the Vanilla and Cinnamon Lotion which instantly makes your skin feel smooth and supple, perfect after shaving. Verbena contains marigold flower oil, coconut oil, aloe gel, shea butter and olive oil, thus making it ideal for sensitive and irritated skin. I am thankful to have been introduced to such a wonderful brand via Instagram and love that you can get such high quality, gentle products that really work for such a great price. Each hand and body lotion is £13 and you can find out where you can purchase Yope online and in store here according to your country. In the UK, you can buy Yope from Notino. Thank you for reading, hope you are having a great Sunday, leave a comment below. Take care.

What body lotion/cream do you use?




  1. This sounds fabulous. As it is natural, i can use it on my son's skin too. Thanks for sharing Kiran.
    Ash |

  2. I adore the packaging, they're so cute, and the scents sound lovely too! I get pretty lazy with moisturizing my body as well but I find that having a product I enjoy use really helps!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  3. I'm a big fan of moisturising my body and do it daily because my skin is so dry! I absolutely love the sound of the Verbena lotion! xx


    1. It sounds gorgeous, right? Thank you for reading x

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