Wednesday, 4 October 2017


October is my favourite month because of Halloween and the run-up to Christmas, the fact that boots are completely appropriate footwear and jumpers are in every single shop, Zara scarves and the gorgeous orange of pumpkins. There is no end to the reasons I love October, the influx of horror movies on Film 4 and in cinemas is a major one too. I did a Goals post a few months ago and really enjoyed writing it as it is away from the norm for me. So I thought with all these changes and to try and keep my head in the game I would share my goals for October as well. 

Coursework: I have coursework due in for the 23rd October and it has been a hot minute before I had to submit an assignment in. Regardless, I am determined to nail it and start the academic year as I mean to go on. 

Halloween: I want to try my hand at some Halloween looks and figure out what I actually want to do for Halloween. If you have any suggestions let me know, I would love to hear them. I love Halloween so much. I definitely want to do an IT inspired tutorial because they are everywhere. 

Videos: Need to pull my shit together and upload more videos to YouTube, this and the Halloween goal are all about building up my confidence. I still hate my face on camera and I am trying to just move past this so I can enjoy my life more. 

Instagram: Still have not got my Instagram back but as I have said previously I am not going to give up. I am going to keep reporting every single day of my life until they return it to me. 

Social: Back to being a student feels odd and it is so easy for me to just stay in my room and be at one with my laptop. Being in London is a fantastic opportunity and I want to meet as many different people as possible. This means trying to talk to everyone on my course and you know actually leaving my place and venturing out occasionally. 

Explore: London is full of amazing things to do. I definitely want to see Aladdin and go to a tonne of restaurants. I have done a lot of the touristy stuff in previous years but again any recommendations are highly welcome. London is my favourite city, it just fills me with joy.

Thank you for reading this short af post. My goals are pretty simple this month and you will notice there was nothing about fitness or drinking water etc. because God knows I fail at this every time. Hope you are having a great week. Take care. 

Do you have any goals for October?


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  1. Haha I love what you said at the very end, my fitness goals always fall through smh. Good luck with your goals Kiran and with school! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  2. Love the idea of exploring London more, great post!!

    Anika |

  3. I hope you're enjoying school so far. Good luck with your assignments and goals for this month. I love October too. Fall is my favorite season.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  4. I still cannot believe you haven't gotten your Instagram back. It's crazy. I hope school is going well for you. I also love October. It means bonfires and pumpkins and of course sweater weather. Granted, it's been pretty warm here in Michigan. Very strange. My October goal is probably to make more money on my blog and of course have more photo shoot or commercial shoot. I hate to be dependent on people. I was super busy with photo shoots in September. I had to put my blog on the back burner for a bit and I didn't like it. So that's another thing, to get more posts scheduled so I don't have to do it again. Have a lovely day Kiran!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. Thank you Jennifer, yeah it is a total pain xxx

  5. Good luck with all of these! So sad you haven't got your Instagram back! I haven't visited London very often, but it's such an amazing city xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  6. I am so sorry about what happened to your IG account, Kiran. It's unbelievable that you still hasn't gotten it back until today, did they at least let you know why?

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

    1. I think it might be copyrighted music but I am not sure, that's just what other accounts have told me. I hope to get it back, a lot of my friends got their accounts back so I am hoping it is just a matter of time and wearing them down xxx

  7. I hope that you will get your Instagram back soon! I don't have many goals for October, just that I would get a job. But good luck with Youtube! I wish that I would have enough confidence to make videos.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner | Instagram

    1. Thank you Heidi, it is pretty nerve-wracking but the trick is just to not take yourself too seriously otherwise you will never upload anything. I look like such a mess in every video but I am trying to embrace it xxx

  8. Great goals girl! I'm excited to see some Halloween posts from everyone. Also, good luck with getting your IG back!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

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