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I feel like weddings are everywhere at the moment, as most of you know my sister is getting married next year and barely a week goes by without the news of an impending wedding. One of the biggest struggles bride's face apart from choosing the dress is trying to find a beautiful dress that suits all your bridesmaids. Here are some top tips and advice to help you keep everyone happy on your big day. Becoming a bridesmaid is considered an honor. In reality, it’s also occasionally stressful, daunting, uncomfortable, inconvenient, too expensive and even a sacrifice. Doesn’t sound all that glamorous when you think of it that way, does it?

As the bride, you can do so much to make the experience positive and affirming for all of your dearest friends and loved ones. Start by choosing an array of bridesmaid dresses that will make them look forward to wearing their ensemble. 

One Size Does Not Fit All
Choose a color and fabric and let your bridesmaids individually select a style that is most flattering. Or, narrow the options to a single style like a tea-length, A-line dress that looks good on most body types, and give your bridesmaids a palette of colors to choose from. Love grey bridesmaid dresses? Provide the style numbers, dye lots, color specifics – any guidance that you can to point your attendants in the right direction, and give them the luxury of some personal control over exactly which grey dresses they ultimately choose. Everyone is different, shapes, length, skin tone, hair colour and this is all something to bear in mind, especially if you have a lot of bridesmaids. You are setting yourself up to complete an impossible to task if you are trying to find one dress that impresses seven different girls.

If you do decide on one color, attempt to pick something that will go with the complexions of all of your bridesmaids. This is where allowing various shades of your favorite color could come in very handy. The important thing to remember is the dresses can be cohesive without being the same, there is room for adjustment and alteration so everyone can be pleased as punched as they enter the wedding. 

Prioritise Finding a Dress That Can Be Worn Again
Okay, yellow may be your favorite color, but perhaps you could incorporate it as an accent and choose gowns in a hue that is more likely to be worn again like red, black, or dark blue (yellow looks amazing with grey bridesmaid dresses too). Even affordable dresses can stretch the budgets of bridesmaids who may also be on the hook for travel, party expenses, gifts, accommodations, shoes, hair, makeup, accessories and more. Let's face it: weddings are expensive for everyone so be kind and choose dresses they could potentially wear again and again.

Keep It Timeless
Of course you want your wedding to be representative of you and your relationship but this might not be the best time for experimentation. These pictures will be around forever and although many people stick with certain fashion eras and styles there is a chance you may regret the punk rock theme you chose, or the 90s theme. Trends come and go, stick to what you like and what looks good. Your bridesmaids will look a lot better with a smile on their face.

Choose Patterns Cautiously
Overall, this year’s hottest trends support the popularity of patterned dresses, especially those with oversized floral prints. Some are much more subtle than others, though. Think about how easily loud, bold prints might fit in at future parties and events. If it’s pretty clear that the dress you’re considering will be out of fashion a year or two down the line, it’s probably not your most versatile option, even if it made all the runways this year. Designers live at the edge of the fashion universe – generally, bridesmaids do not. 

Weddings are all about the brides and grooms, but it’s important not to let the other important folks in your life be forgotten. Start by choosing bridesmaid dresses that will inspire good feelings instead of complaints. It’s a first wedding step in an awesome direction and when they are chuffed to bits you can enlist their help in making invitations, wedding favours and thank you notes once the wedding is over. Thank you so much for reading, if you are going to any weddings next year or ig you have had any great or nightmarish tales of being a bridesmaid, please share below. Take care. 

Have you ever been a bridesmaid?


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  1. Great post! I think this is a very helpful post for someone trying to figure out what to do. You want to make sure your bridesmaid likes the dress and feel comfortable.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

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  3. Wonderful post …………..keep updating!!
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  4. This is such an amazing guide, Kiran and I know it will help many!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  5. This is such a brilliant guide, so helpful to those getting married in the new year!

    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Mental Health Blog


  6. Great tips and guide Kiran, I am currently planning my wedding for next year so any tips help me a lot!! xx


  7. I let my bridesmaids pick their own dresses, as long as they felt confident, comfortable and happy in what they were wearing - I was happy too. They ended up picking something very similar to the high-neck ones in this photo although in purple!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

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