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How to prepare your nails for the perfect manicure. Image via pixels
We all wish we could go to the nail salon every week to keep our nails looking their best. Unfortunately, that’s not possible for most people so it’s important to know how to get salon quality nails at home! With the right preparation, habits, and supplies, you can get that chic salon look without the salon price! Whether you’re new to painting your nails or you’re looking to perfect your skills, this guide is for you. Read on to learn how to prepare your nails for long lasting color!

First, choose the right polish. 
Before you prepare your nails for long lasting color, you need to have the right polish picked out. Traditional nail polish is quickly becoming a trend of the past since it simply doesn’t hold up compared to the new gel polish trend. Top-quality gel polish like Pink Gellac is designed to stay on your nails for two weeks without chipping or cracking. That means you can spend less time worrying about your nail polish! The right polish can revolutionize the way you paint your nails, but you need to know how to use it properly. Gel polish isn’t applied the same as regular nail polish, so read on to learn how to get the best results with gel polish. 

Next, work on your cuticles. 
Your cuticles can be the most difficult part of preparing your nails for polish. If you have dry cuticles, you should soak your fingers in warm water for a few minutes to soften the cuticles. From there, you can use a pushing tool to gentle press back the cuticle from the nail. If you get into the habit of treating your cuticles weekly, you’ll notice you need less prep each time. You can also invest in a cuticle cream to use daily that will help with your overall nail health.

File your nails with a glass file.
The best nail file for filing before painting is a glass file which creates the smoothest edge. A lot of people tend to instinctively file with a back and forth motion, but this actually creates an uneven edge. Instead, file in one direction. It’s up to you and your personal preference whether you want curved edges or smooth edges of the nail on the corners. 

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Wash your nails thoroughly.
One of the biggest mistakes people make when painting their nails is failing to wash their nails fully before painting with polish. When you have unclean fingernails, there might be specks of dust or other debris that can get trapped under the polish. You might not see anything on the nail until you’ve already painted over the nail. If you forget to clean the nail you’ll notice lumps or even cracks in the polish since your nail isn’t smooth. The best way to clean your nails fully before painting is to use a bit of alcohol on a cotton round or cotton swab. Brush the cotton along your nail quickly to remove anything that might be lingering. After you dry your nails be sure to dry them fully before you start painting! Use a paper towel or even air dry as needed to make sure they’re fully dry. 

Never skip the base coat. 
When you’re using gel polish, you need a base coat. The formula is much thicker than regular polish, and the color is already more vibrant. Skipping the base coat is harmful for your nail and can lead to even more damage when the polish is removed. Unlike traditional polish, gel polish is much harder to remove. You’ll need a gel-specific polish remover to fully remove the polish from your nail without any damage. A base coat will guarantee your nails are ready for long lasting color! 

The right prep makes the perfect nails! 
It takes some practice to fully get the hang of gel polish. Unlike traditional polish, you have to do some more prep to really achieve salon quality results. It’s well worth it because the color will be brighter and last longer! Less is more when it comes to gel polish, and you don’t need to layer coats to get a powerful look that lasts. As long as you paid attention to the steps above, you’ll have long lasting color you love for weeks!

What are your tips for perfect nails?


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  1. OMG I always skip doing a base! Thanks so much for sharing these tips..

    Candice |

  2. base base base base base! seriously it kills me when people say they don't base #firstworldproblems

    katie. xx

  3. This is actually crazy - I didn't even know that you shouldn't file in both directions omg mind blown and to wash my nails beforehand (so simple yet I didn't realise). Thanks so much for this post - I always wondered why my polish would constantly chip.

    Beckie || The Pale Tails

  4. Thanks for these tips! I need this right now as my polish has gone after a day. A DAY!!

    Fix Me In Forty Five


  5. I need to try these tips! It seems that no matter what I do my nails always chip right away!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  6. I always skip the base coat, haha, I'm so bad!

  7. Such lovely tips, I definitely need to try these out. My nail care game is appalling.

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