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Another day another Kylie collection, this time in collaboration with her famous mother slash momager. I, for one, think it is really cool that Kylie's next drop was in partnership with her mother because I was truly thinking it would be Kendall, the only sister she hasn't collaborated with, and I can't tell you how boring I envision that collaboration to be based on her work with Estee Lauder. That is just my opinion though. The packaging in this collection knocks the socks off everything else Kylie has come out with in my opinion. I love that Kris has her face on the palettes and that her names are iconic sayings she has. It is personal and modern whilst still looking high end. The monochromatic colour scheme is cool and timeless. In the collection, there is an eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette, a mini lip collection of eight shades, a lipstick and a lip liner. It launches today which is also Mother's Day in America. Happy Mother's Day! Mother's Day in the UK is in March. 

Let's talk about the eyeshdow palette first. The palette consists of twelve mostly cool-toned shades which embodies Kris Jenner's makeup style perfectly. She is known for her smoky eyes and when I think of her eye looks, brown and grey hues are what immediately come to mind. I love the shade names I think they are really cute and fun, it is something I admired in Kourtney's collection with Kylie as well and I think Kris did even better with her shade names. 

Into the shades: I Love Myself  (matte cream), Gorgeous (gold grey metallic), It's an Emergency (matte beige), Very Nice (metallic maroon shade), Haters (metallic silver grey), Vodka Tonic (chrome gold shimmer), Payback is a Bitch (soft pinkish peach matte, this shade seems to swatch differently to how it appears in the pan, not sure what to make of this matte), Impressed (pewter shimmer), 10% (dark purplish grey shimmer), I'm Watching You (almost bluish dark grey shimmer), Talent (goldish metallic) and Does it Come in Black (black matte shade). If you watch Jaclyn Hill's video you will see that there is discrepancy amongst the colours in the palette, some swatch better than others. There is also quite a lot of kickback and only a few mattes relative to the number of shimmers and frosts in the palette. No mirror, but the shade names are printed beneath the shadows, If you like cool toned taupe shadows this could be a good palette for you, be wary of Payback is a Bitch as it doesn't translate true to colour on the eyes - more of a mauve purple tone than the neutral soft pink peach you see in the palette. 

On the other hand, in the cheek palette the three highlights all seem to be of a similar quality, very alike to Kylie's original powder highlighters, basically pretty but not amazing. It's Snowing Pussy Willows is a beautiful light gold champagne shimmer, Money Doesn't Grown on Trees is a warm champagne shimmer which reminds me of Becca's Prosecco Pop and I Raised You on Mac 'n' Cheese is a beautiful coral highlight which would work well as a blush topper as well as a highlight for deeper/olive skin tones. Last in the palette is the blush shade Your Sister's Going to Jail representing an iconic moment on KUWTK this is the perfect peachy coral blush that suits all skin tones. In Jaclyn's review the blush had next to no pigment whereas Katy from Lustre Lux didn't experience any problems, I think it is important to use a stippling or buffing brush with this blush as you want to make sure you don't lose the product. It also appears quite powdery you can see the dust billowing off Jaclyn's cheeks in her video when she is packing it on. 

Image from @cassydaraiche on Instagram
In the Momager Mini Lip Collection there are eight shades with a mix of mattes, velvet mattes and glosses. It does seem like the gloss is less pigmented in this miniature formula than Kylie's typical glosses but aside from that all the colours are very pretty and most are part of the existing Kylie range. My favourites are Middle Finger mostly because of the name but I do think it is a stunning orange red that will be everywhere this summer, Overwhelmed which is a deeper brownish maroon shade that is really flattering on fair to deep skin tones. 

Also as a part of her collection is the limited edition Gimme a Kiss lipstick and lipliner which match each other exactly, I love that. The two lip products are both the perfect Kris Jenner rosy nude with just a hint of brown, like a rosewood shade. The lip liner is a standard Kylie Cosmetics formula and I do believe her liners are one of her most praised products. The lipstick is beautiful and feels like a comfortable matte but does have a slight cream finish  and does transfer unfortunately. 

You can see the lipstick swatched below, this was a screenshot taken and edited from Jaclyn's video by me. I would really love to know what you think of this collection. Do you think it's too soon since her last collection? I mean she literally dropped Kourtney's collection less than a month ago, I know it is Mother's Day but I wish they would space these things out more. Even as a makeup addict I only have so much excitement to give. Again as always I will not be buying any of these, the shipping and custom fees alone are not worth it but I do think all of Kylie's line is overpriced but in particular her palettes. Their cardboard packaging just doesn't seem very pricey to make, I am sure there are good products in her line even some that I will love but there's just so much makeup available now at all price points that it wouldn't make sense to me. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. A lot of you seem to like and read my posts about new(ish) launches and that is why I still upload them. I also have a lot of reviews that need posting and I am trying to space them out so you don't get ten reviews all at once, check back on Thursday for my next post. Hope you are having a great weekend! Did you watch Eurovision last night? Do you agree with who won? The release date for this collection is today, I am going to try and carve out some time in the day tomorrow to catch up on all my favourite blogs. Take care.

What do you think of the KrisxKylie Collection, is it better or worse than her others?


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*Images from @kyliecosmetics or @krisjenner via Instagram unless otherwise stated.


  1. I haven't tried anything from any of her collections or lines. The collection does look extensive and I can imagine she'll always have a following x

  2. I think the price is way too high, but I like the design of the collection and the unique names. The palette would be a lot better with a mirror for sure - love how detailed your review is!

    Anika |

  3. I was curious just to see what the shades or products looked liked. Some of the shades do look nice, like the highlighters, but it isn't very different to what a lot of other brands are doing right now x

    Velvet Blush

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