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A skincare review as promised! I actually purchased the L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugar Clear Kiwi Face and Lip Scrub (£10) a few months ago, and I have been using it every other day for almost three months. I have probably about four uses left in my little jar, so I thought it was about time I write up my thoughts. Skincare is a tricky one as everyone's skin is different and we all have our preferences. I have oily/combination skin with enlarged pores and texture. I always look for products that help with acne, blemishes, blackheads, oil control and large pores as well as uneven skin tone and dullness. I know that's a lot, but we are our own worst critics. Here are my thoughts on this product. 

What It Is: A smooth sugar clearing scrub comprising kiwi seeds (to smooth skin, unclog pores and visibly reduce blackheads), peppermint essential oil (rich soothing properties, to visibly reduce blemishes) and lemongrass juice (to purify skin). 

What It Does: As well as exfoliating the skin and lips, yes it can be used on the lips too, it claims to visibly improve skin in one week by reducing blemishes and the appearance of pores. Advised to be used on dry skin with clean dry fingers, use a small amount and apply in small, circular motions upwards on the face, the scrub has self-heating properties so you should feel a warm sensation briefly on the face. Massage until the sugars have melted, it will start to feel runny on the hand, and rinse off face and lips with warm water. Use three times a week

What I Liked: This scrub does a brilliant job of removing dead skin cells and the slimy gritty texture allows you to really take your time and work it in. My skin is unbelievably soft and smooth immediately after use, I especially like using it just before applying my makeup as I find my makeup sits on my skin a lot better and I feel like I can use less. I think it does help with blackheads and my blemishes haven't been too bad for the most part, but it does nothing for the hormonal breakouts that keep popping up on my chin. Fun. I like that is is two-in-one and can be used on the lips as well. Not really relevant, but I like the colour as well, it is summery and perks me up a little. 

What I Didn't: It tastes like shit and it smells pretty strange too, it is slightly off-putting only because the name and marketing makes it sound like the most natural product ever so I literally expect it to taste and smell like sweet kiwis and it doesn't. When I use it on my lips it leaves a strange taste. My skin is instantly quite red initially but that is to be expected, I am quite vigorous. The jar isn't my favourite just because I have to balance the lid and seal on the edge of the sink which is a bigger ordeal than a squeezy tube would be, but I can deal. I honestly don't think it is the miracle product it claims to be, my skin hasn't dramatically improved and I do think I get similar results with other exfoliating products. I also think the results, like the general smooth and soft texture it leaves is quite short-lasting. I could easily use this every night as it is not that potent for me. 

Overall Verdict: 3/5. Might be a little harsh, but I much prefer the L'Oreal Glow Scrub, it takes up less time and gives me a similar feeling. I actually just repurchased one today and I am really excited to reintroduce it into my routine. The Clear Scrub is a great idea and is a good product but it didn't quite meet my expectations, I am still interested in the other scrubs in this range though. Thank you so much for reading, I would love to know if you have tried these scrubs, if so, which ones are your favourites, or which one do you have your eye on? Comment below. Take care 

What is your favourite daily skincare product?


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  1. I haven't tried these scrubs but I tend to prefer chemical exfoliators! xx

    Beautylymin| LauraGellerPaletteGiveaway

  2. I want to try this scrub so bad! It looks so cool and I’ve heard amazing reviews on it! My skin is actually so terrible at the moment, so hopefully this should help it do the job! X

    Kay |

  3. I seriously can't wait for this to make its way to South Africa!

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  4. The taste and smell would probably throw me off and discourage me from using it!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  5. It's a shame that it doesn't smell the best, or give you great results, as it does look pretty cool! :) Thanks for sharing your honest review :)

    Hope that you are having a great week so far! Almost the weekend! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Im not sure how well this actually works but it looks amazing! i think skincare that doesn't smell amazing is a good thing because it not filled with added fragrance which is the number 1 skin irritator in products

  7. I love the smell of this! I actually want to eat it every time i use it haha! I do love the results it gives to xx

  8. I have only tried the face masks from this line but have seen the scrubs in-store. I think this would be a bit harsh for my sensitive skin but I'm going to look into the glow scrub! Great review xx

  9. Oh no, a strange smell is always off putting!

  10. I have not yet see this in USA, or maybe I am not looking right hahaha. want to try it tho!

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