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Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection All Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Details
Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Cosmetics both recently announced that they have teamed up again for another collaboration. This time, however, it is not just the one product. There are a staggering 4 ten pan eyeshadow palettes available this time around. Jaclyn explains in her product reveal video (scroll to end of post) that these shadows were all the colours that didn't make the cut for the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette (review here). The Jaclyn Hill palette is a 35 colour eyeshadow palette which had huge success and was met with rave reviews by practically everybody. So you can imagine the excitement surrounding this upcoming launch. The news of another collaboration was, however, met with some disappointment as it is no secret that Jaclyn has her own brand, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, in the works. Her followers have eagerly been anticipating her first product from the second she created an Instagram account for her brand and that was some time ago. Jaclyn has addressed this on Twitter and other social channels to say she has experienced some setbacks and although she does intend to persevere with her own brand and makeup line, at present it isn't viable.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Instagram Account. Why Hasn't She Launched Her First Product?

Enough about the past let's talk about the future. Her new launch of four eyeshadow palettes are organised by colour story: green, red, yellow and purple. Her new eyeshadows boast the same formula as the Jaclyn Hill palette which most of us are aware is different to the ordinary Morphe eyeshadow formula. Simply put: it's better. The packaging is also very cohesive with the Jaclyn Hill palette: white, glossy with silver lettering. These palettes actually have a mirror which is something people have wanted forever, similarly the names of each shade are printed below each shadow. Each palette retails for $15, I have a feeling in the UK it will cost more than £15 but I hope not. The names of the individual palettes are: Ring The Alarm (red colour story), Armed and Gorgeous (yellow colour story), Bling Boss (purple colour story) and Dark Magic (green colour story).


Lolli (coral orange shimmer), Rush (tangerine matte orange), On Camera (very warm gold shimmer), Boom (metallic deep red), Alert (pumpkin orange matte), Bomb Ass (metallic pink cranberry), Siren (satin purple burgundy), Mug Shot (yellow-brown matte), Framed (purple matte) and Secret (chocolate fudge matte brown).

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Ring the Alarm Eyeshadow Palette Swatches


VIP (white shimmer), Access (matte mustard yellow), Gilt Trip (muted pale gold shimmer), Coin (metallic green yellow), Agent (muted orange caramel shade), Top Secret (matte army green), Smooth Criminal (warm orange red matte brown), Secret (orange matte), Prowl (cool toned matte brown) and Classified (foiled pewter shade).

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Armed a& Dangerous Eyeshadow Palette Swatches


Bling Bling (pinkish lilac shimmer), Hush Hush (matte cool toned taupe purple), Gem (bright metallic purple), Pizzazz (pink purple cranberry shimmer), Mystic (cool toned deep brown matte with purple undertones), Sparks (matte cranberry red), Glitz & Glam (golden beige taupe shimmer with glitter flecks), Rockstar (matte purple), Ballsy (cool toned lilac purple shimmer with pinky lavender undertones) and Berry Treasure (black with purple pink sparkles).

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Bling Bloss Eyeshadow Palette Swatches 


Poof (matte cream), Powercut (foiled metallic neutral silver), Shhh (matte cool toned brown), Trickery (true green metallic), Diversion (taupe brown shimmer), Potion (matte army green), Busted (matte deep blue), Inside Job (matte dark hunter green with a hint of blue), Mojo (matte dark cool toned brown) and Temptress (jet black matte with a hint of barely noticeable sparkle which makes it easier to blend).

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Dark Magic Eyeshadow Palette Swatches
The palette is set to be released on June 26th, there is no specific time announced as of yet but I will update this post when I know more. As for the UK, I can only assume we will get it later on in the summer. June 26th, as far as I know, is the release date for the Morphe site. Each palette retails for $15 individually but you can purchase all four as a collection for $49. And you can get 10% off by using a Morphe code, whether that's Jaclyn's or another YouTuber's. Watch her reveal video below.

Thank you so much for reading, it has been a crazy week alongside my sister's wedding a lot has been going on and I hope one day I feel like I can share what has happened with you. I would love to know what you think of these palettes, which one strikes you the most? When I first saw them I was quite excited and I do think each palette is a palette in its own right you can create looks just using one of these palettes. Personally, I would have preferred a palette that was a gradient of that colour, I always have to mix different shades to get the green or orange or purple that I want so I think that would have been really cool. I am excited for reviews of these palettes, please share your thoughts below and let me know what content you would like to see. Both here and on YouTube. Take care. 

Which of these palettes are you most into?


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  1. Wow look at those amazing shades!!! The red and purple palettes are on fire!!! x


  2. The shades are stunning but I don't follow Morphe or her so this is a pass for me.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  3. I am so freaking excited about these palettes! ^_^ while doing my Spring makeup lesson I bought Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette. OMG! That's so pigmented and the formula is so good, the colors as well. I really want to try this now! Can't wait to get them in my hand. <3

  4. This is a really helpful and detailed review. I love morphe and I'm desperate to get this vault eye-shadow palettes but it's a bit pricey for me atm. Though recently I did flawless make-up lesson , so I try to experiment with new products to improve my skill. I've also seen these and thought they looked gorgeous but worried they might be a bit too much. Seeing your swatches though, they obviously have great pigmentation but aren't over the top. Definitely might consider getting this now, when I have a bit more!


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