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Fun story, for my sister's wedding I really wanted to get a facial because I was noticing that my skin was looking very shit. Texture, spots, blackheads, you name it, it was a lot of work and I needed a purge. My diet was heavily saturated with chocolate because when I am stressed I need chocolate and boy was I stressed. I found a deal through Wowcher (not spon omg I wish love a wowcher) and purchased a cleansing/clearing facial for £19 at Cher Salon in Tooting or Chelsea (link here). Unfortunately, it was a massive fail because the actual voucher code wasn't valid until 11th June, literally the day after my sister's wedding. So I didn't get a facial for the wedding like I intended and instead redeemed the wowcher on Saturday. If you're interested in how I found the experience please keep reading and potentially I might make a quick story time video and leave the link here if you would prefer to watch that instead. 

The salon was in Tooting, as always I was running late and felt slightly nervous just because I didn't know what to expect. I didn't put any makeup on to make the beautician's job easier, I slathered a layer of SPF on and called it a day. The salon wasn't the most upmarket I have been too, the area itself is pretty grim (there is a Primark nearby though which was a definite win in my opinion). There was a small room at the back with a massage table and some dim lighting which freaked me out a little. I would have thought the lighting would be quite bright so she can see what she is doing. 

It started off very peaceful, she cleansed my skin and used multiple cooling products, I believe the product range was Dermalogica. It felt like she put yoghurt on my face at one point which was interesting. She was definitely using very soft exfoliating gloves on my face throughout the first ten minutes which is something I have been doing at home myself now. Then there was a steamer which was terrifying and I found it really hard to breathe when it was on my face but that fortunately didn't last too long. She left the room while the steamer was on and then came back which was when it became quite painful. This was the point where the extractor tools came out to play, she pushed out the blackheads in my nose which was frankly horrible. She pressed down on my nose and it really really hurt, she also used a similar tool on some spots on my face which I hated and I am pretty sure some bled. There was also a tool that literally felt like she was cutting my skin. Obviously she didn't but as my eyes were closed I was genuinely terrified that I was going to look in the mirror and see scratches or lacerations on my face but that was just me freaking out. 

After the pain and incessant fretting, she finished with a face mask and left the room for ten minutes. The face mask felt tingly and pleasant, upon return she removed it and put a sticky gel-like cream on my face and told me we were finished. I thanked her and caught a sly glimpse of my face in the mirror so I could verify that my face was intact, it was thankfully. Once that was over I went to Primark, obviously, and headed home, I  stared at myself in the mirror when I got back to my room and was disappointed. If anything I felt like I looked worse (because I was sweaty and my skin was red and angry in places), I was definitely tanner than I had been that morning. But over the last two days I have noticed that my skin is a lot smoother with less texture and my nose is significantly clearer. Makeup sits better on my face and although I still have spots, in fact more have been popping up since the facial I think a week from now I should notice an improvement (if I can stay away from chocolates which is unlikely because yeah I am still stressed *insert manic laughter*). I have had a few compliments on my skin looking clear which is nice but truthfully I think that has more to do with my trusty Fenty foundation than the facial I got. 

If you would like an update on how my skin has progressed by the end of the week let me know in the comments. Please share your own facial experiences in the comments below, what do you usually go for, what gives you the best results and have there been any experiences that scared the socks off you as well? Do you perform your own facials at home? All in all, I am glad I got it, it was a fun and interesting experience but I am not sure I would get this again. If there are any places in London yo would like me to review, salons, nail bars etc. please let me know I think that would be so fun for me to do. Thank you for reading. Hope you have a great week! Take care.

Have you ever gotten a facial?


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  1. A facial is a real treat and those are the kind of extractions that you just cant do at home, although I know some salons don't do them any more. With regular extraction facials, you will probably notice fewer spots and congestion xx

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    Beautylymin| ImageSkincareBundleGiveaway

    1. I don't know if I can go through it again tbh xxx

  2. I've had quite a few facials in my time but I've never had extractions (of which I'm now glad, as it sounds hella painful!) It's normal to break out after a facial though as all the toxins are coming out so just drink tons of water to flush everything out and it'll clear x

    Rhi |

    1. Oh it was hella painful haha, water is a cure-all! Xx

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  4. Definitely sounds like a very interesting experience! I'm sorry it didn't go the way you planned!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. Haha it was an experience for sure, thank you for reading xxx

  5. A facial does sound like a really good treat every now and again, the steaming and extracting process doesn’t sound the most relaxing though!

    Lily loves |

  6. Not exactly relaxing no, haha, thank you for reading xxx


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