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I saw these gorgeous colours scrolling through my Instagram feed and had to share them with the world. If you don't know about Elcie Cosmetics or the owner Lilit Caradanian then please let me enlighten you and direct you to her fabulous YouTube channel comprising of in-depth tutorials accompanied by a sophisticated delivery. Lilit is a well known, world-renowned bridal makeup artist and teacher who has a sparkling reputation, she launched Elcie Cosmetics with the Micro Silque foundation which is a favourite among brides and influencers alike. She recently decided to stop her freelance makeup artistry to commit to her YouTube and cosmetics line, since they have come out with a hydrating mist, bronzers, highlighters, eyeshadow palettes and of course The Jewels. So far there are 6 jewel shades available, for the purpose of this post we are focusing on the Mauve Series, consisting of just three beautiful mauve-toned shades: MorganiteRubellite and Amethyst. For context morganite is a pinkish gold gemstone, rubellite is a reddish violet sometimes pink transparent gemstone, and of course amethyst is quite well known but is a violet stone. They are available individually for $22 or £17 or as a pack for $65 on the Elcie Website

The Jewels are a metallic pressed foiled eyeshadow, not completely a cream and not completely a powder. It delivers maximum colour payoff when used with a finger, without creasing like a cream or crumbling like a powder. If using an eyeshadow brush, first wet with Fix+ or something similar for increased metallic shine. Morganite is a light bronze shade with silver reflects. Rubellite is a stunning purple with silver reflects and Amethyst is a gorgeous pinkish purple with silver reflects. These shades are flattering on all eye colours: brown, green and blue especially. The Jewels are cruelty free and would be a great addition to any eye look, in my opinion they are pricey but do scream high quality so I am interested. 

Overall, I think these shades look exquisite as someone who loves purple I can definitely appreciate this series, the formula and consistency looks divine. My one issue with products like this is that they can dry out quickly, one way around this is to use a drop of oil to moisten the product if you find this happening. I do this with gel eyeliner all the time. A personal problem is that I lose lids all the time, seriously it is an epidemic. I wish they have flip-up lids to prevent that possibility especially as leaving the cap off too long will inevitably dry out the product faster, but alas they don't. Aside from that I do love the packaging and I am excited to see what other shades they come out with it, I don't think this is a particularly unique product as Dose of Colours and Tom Ford have very popular versions of this already in existent but I do think these are solid contenders to what is already available on the market. What do you think? Have you tried anything from Elcie Cosmetics? If you are from the UK, their products are available on Beauty Bay. Thank you for reading. Take care. 

Have you tried anything from Elcie Cosmetics?


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  1. These are gorgeous! I haven't tried anything from the brand but I would love to.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty
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  2. LOVE these purpley-pinky shades! Not the most wearable but so up my street x Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

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