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Juvia's Place New Loose Highlighter Swatches and Details - image via @trendmood1 on Instagram
Like most makeup releases, I first receive the news by peering at @trendmood1's Instagram page, I love her, I love her page, her photos and the attention to detail she provides to all her followers and fellow makeup junkies. If you are a makeup lover and you're not following her you need to check her out, she is the best for makeup updates. I will say after speaking to some readers from different parts of the world I have noticed that a lot of independent brands are not getting the exposure they deserve, and I am working on a post focused on some independent brands that could use some love as their products are exquisite; if you have any in mind yourselves please leave a comment or send me an email. Juvia's Place, on the contrary, is not a new brand by any means, although not as giant as some others it has built a name and reputation for itself in its own right. Ever since, Nikkie Tutorials, waxed poetic about their palettes it is clear that they are a brand to write home about. So much so, I purchased three of their palettes, waited three weeks for them to come in the post and paid an extortionate amount of money for shipping and customs fees. Luckily, Beauty Bay now stocks this brand and hopefully they will be selling their brand new loose pigment highlighters in the coming weeks as well. Released already, on August 25th, I am sure a fair few of them have sold already, but if you're interested and want a deeper look before you buy, please keep reading. 

Juvia's Place Loose Pigment Highlighters Royalty I, Royalty II, The Nubian, Nefertiri Swatches, image via @trendmood1
There are four brand new highlighters, all in power-like pots with red lids and gold detailing. The four shades are: Royalty 1 (light copper shade infused with a peach base and gold reflects suitable for all skin tones), Royalty II (light champagne base with gold reflects ideal for light skin tones), Nubia (pearled bronze colour ideal for deep/darker skin tones) and Nefertiri (pearled champagne shade with light gold reflects ideal for light to medium skin tones). Sold individually for $14 each, you can also purchase the Royalty Collection comprising Royalty I and Royalty II highlighters for $27.50 and the Highlighter Bundle consisting of all four highlighters for $55 (this only saves you $0.25 per highlight though so not really much of a deal but hey a saving is a saving). All the highlighters are very gold toned so I do think they are more suited to people with some warmth to the skin, as they are loose pigments they are also well-suited to being used on the eyes and can actually be really stunning as inner corner highlights or pressed onto the lid in a cut crease look. 

Juvia's Place Loose Highlighters Nefertiri, Nubia, Royalty 1 and Royalty 2 swatches by @trendmood1
 Personally, although I do like and respect Juvia's Place as a brand, I love their branding, packaging, their products have worked really well for me and I do think they are extremely reasonably well-priced, however I will not be buying these. Firstly because although I have it on good authority that these are very smooth and highly pigmented creamy loose pigments, not gritty at all, I shy away from using highlight on my skin in general. I feel it exaggerates all my imperfections including my pores and texture. In addition, loose powders in my experience generate a nightmare of a mess that actually stresses me out. There is just no neat way to get that shit on your skin and I bet my face will be glittering like a mermaid's tail days after putting it on. In a similar vein, I think you do waste a lot of product with loose pigments/powders, or at least I do because I spill it everywhere. Right now, you can purchase these highlighters on the Juvia's Place website, unfortunately individually most, if not all are sold out, but you can still get some of the bundles I believe. 

Thank you so much for reading, I have been insanely busy and stressed so hope you can forgive this rushed post. I hadn't posted in so long and really wanted to get something up. My dissertation is due in exactly a week so until then you will be getting some brief, quick and probably just chatty posts before I can dedicate proper time to getting my blog back to where it used to be. Hope you can forgive me. Please send your prayers and well wishes to me as my dissertation is trying me. Leave a comment down below with your thoughts on these highlighters and this brand. Love you. Take care. 

Have you tried anything from Juvia's Place?


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*Photos via @trendmood1 instagram page


  1. The colours are gorgeous but I'm not a big fan of loose powders!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. I'm not a fan of loose highlighters and these all seem too dark for me.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty
    Instagram | Follow Me

  3. I don't love lose powders, I always get them everywhere! Also best wishes with your dissertation!

    Anika |

    1. Anika* - apologies I replied on my phone - autocorrect (rolls eyes)

  4. I'm noticing that loose highlighter powders are becoming the new trend, closely following the liquid drop highlighter trend. x

    1. I don't see the liquid highlighter trend going anywhere haha x


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