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Glossier is a relatively new but popular brand that is known for its minimalist and functional approach to fresh faced makeup, releasing a plethora of skincare and makeup products the latest to  grace the US website is the Zit Stick ($14). For now only available to purchase in US and Canada, the Zit Stick is a novel interpretation of acne and spot treatment which until now was typically treated with harsh and opaque products like toothpaste and sudacrem in the comfort of your own home. Often compared to a Tide Pen, which is a non-American I have no fucking clue what that is, the Zit Stick has a simple easy-to-use design with a metallic roller ball, made of antimicrobial steel, applicator, and it works by first clicking the pen several times (3-6)  to dispense the product and simply rolling it onto the offending blemish. The steel roller ball also has a cooling effect on the skin which should elicit a calming sensation on irritated and inflamed patches of skin. Ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide which decreases levels of acne-causing bacteria and capryloyl salicylic acid which is a milder form of salicylic acid that can be worn through out the day are what makes this product pack a punch. Tea tree oil and cucumber extract all help clear skin and reduce redness as well. 

A key USP for the Zit Stick is the portability as well as its ability to be applied over or under makeup, and not just as an overnight treatment. The formula is transparent so not unsightly as you go about your daily routine, and not as potent as overnight treatments thus not leaving your skin overly sensitive or unprotected if you were to have it on during the day in sunlight etc. 

Importantly, benzoyl peroxide is not available over the counter in the UK< Sweden or Denmark and as such the Zit Stick will not be sold in those countries anytime soon. This is because benzoyl peroxide is a highly potent ingredient, although the Zit Stick has a low enough dosage to be considered safe in the US the same practices are not in place in some European countries. In the meantime, I highly recommend this Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Blemish Stick, it doesn't come with a microbial steel roller ball but is only £3 and works especially well for oily, blemish prone and problematic teenage skin concerns. I have used it on and off for months and don't see myself ever not purchasing it. Thank you for reading, I would love to hear if you have tried and loved any products from Glossier? Please comment below your thoughts on the Zit Stick and your own acne fighting remedies. Hope you are having a good week and wish you a great weekend. Take care. 

Have you tried anything from Glossier?


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  1. This sounds perfect! Fingers crossed it will be as perfect as it sounds!

  2. This product sounds so unique! Wish we could get it in the UK, and just Glossier in general! Loved this post :) X

    Lily Loves |

  3. On my list I have so many products from Glossier and I added this one too haha

  4. this is so cute, I will like to try it

  5. I am yet to try out Glossier - since they aren't released in Europe yet - but I would probably go for other products (like their milky cleanser!) mostly because I thankfully don't really deal with spots anymore!
    The packaging is so cute tho!

    Wishing you all the best,

  6. I still can't believe I haven't tried anything from this brand, I hear so many rave about their products but I am still yet to try anything.

  7. Love that it can be under or over makeup, that's so helpful to know! I totally wanna try this, and a Tea Tree stick too!

    Anika |

  8. I haven´t tried anything from Glossier yet, but this product would actually interest me, I have had great experiences with benzoylperoxide.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  9. I haven't tried anything from Glossier yet. I will have to try them at some point. Great post!

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  10. I have to be honest and say that I admire the fact that a lot of European countries have a much more strict policy when it comes to ingredients in their products and food. So many ingredients that are even banned in other countries because of harmful side effects are unfortunately allowed here. I know that's besides the point, but I wanted to share that, haha. Anyway, I know that benzoyl isn't too harsh, so this one is good to know about. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a great start to your week so far, beauty!



  11. Love that it's in the form of a pen, easy to apply over any zit.

  12. I love glossier so I really need to try this! Thanks for the post

    LJ x

  13. Very interesting product! I would try something from Glossier because I very often see products all over Instagram.

  14. I have never tired anything from Glossier but they are a brand that is on my list. I have been wanted to try them for awhile.

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  15. It looks interesting, I need to try more from Glossier x


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