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It's been a while my friends, in short on top of my dissertation and presentation my grandmother recently died and I had to move most of my things from London to back home. So it has been a busy, but also shit, time. Let's put that on the back burner for a while and check out some new makeup. Yesterday, Kylie dropped the news of her Jordyn Woods collection that will be available on 21st September. As you all know I never buy anything from Kylie, I think her price point is ridiculous and with the added shipping and customs you can forget about it, but if this is your cup of tea I want you to get a closer look at it, swatches included. The colours are very pretty and definitely autumnal/fall-appropriate

First, there is the eyeshadow palette which is the first thing I look at. It looks good, not to sound cynical but most promotional pictures do, Out of the shades, My Heart, Wild Love and Never Leave Me attract me the most, especially My Heart that vibrant blueberry matte speaks to me. In fact all the mattes in this palette are quite appealing, more on the cool tone side which is reminiscent on the Norvina palette but with a few more dark mattes which make it slightly more deeper skin friendly I think. The colour selection is pretty, I am getting kind of tired of seeing an orange or a peach in every palette. I think we all own enough oranges and peaches, I would really like some more cool toned shades that we haven't seen before because I am sure they exist. All in all, the swatches are beautiful and if it didn't cost more than a dentist's appointment I might consider it. 

Onto the highlighter palette, I am still not convinced by this glazed donut trend, my textured skin just isn't having any of it, but mostly I believe Kylie's highlighters have a decent reputation. Especially, her Wet Set highlights. I am not sure how many highlighters she has available in her line and how similar these shades are to existing ones, however, I think this palette seen below would work for a lot of skin tones from fair to deep, not sure about deep/dark skin tones, but for the most part it is quite an inclusive palette. 

From the swatches below, cute names by the way, these highlighters seem to be the really intense almost glittery kind of highlighters. For me, personally, they are not the highlighters that work best for my skin, but if you do like a blinding highlight and want one palette with a few different options this could be a great palette for you. If you are on a budget, I recommend checking out the Sleek highlighter palettes and maybe the Sophx Makeup Revolution highlight palette. Together Forever looks like a really interesting shade, with lilac pink undertones that can be beautiful on a lot of skin colours. No New Friends appears to be another universal highlight, a traditional champagne gold, Inseperable is a warmer peachy gold shimmer and Best Life is almost a rose gold highlight. 

Kylie is releasing three lip products in total. 2 lip glosses and 1 lipstick. I have no idea what 23 means, or why she decided to use 23 as a name for one of her shades but I am sure she will release a video soon revealing the stories behind different shade names. Most of the names are quite obvious i.e. Woods for Jordyn as it is her last name and the rest are friend-related i.e. No New Friends, Partner in Crime, Never Leave Me. Not outside the box but definitely fitting with the theme

The packaging seems to be the same as the rest of the Kylie lip glosses which makes me think they are of the same formula. I do actually like the packaging of Kylie's lip  products, her old wands were not the one but I think she has improved upon them since the beginning of her brand. 

The two lip glosses are swatched below and Partner in Crime is a seriously beautiful brownish pink nude that would look stunning on anyone with medium or olive skin. Her lip glosses look quite thick, as I have never tried them I can't speak on the formula only speculate but a lot of my friends do really like them. I think the colours are stunning and they have a really wet finish which seems to be on trend right now. Although Partner in Crime is glossy, 23 is a gold with micro glitter for that insane sparkle. It feels very festive to me, which is exciting as Christmas is only 99 days away!

Last but certainly not least is a lipstick. The only lipstick that is part of this collection. Again the same packaging as previous lipsticks just different colours I believe. There is the Kylie embossed in the bullet which is a nice touch that you would expect from a high end makeup line. I think that's my trouble with her brand it veers between simple cardboard packaging for her eyeshadow palettes and then quite luxe packaging for some products. I think if your price point is consistent your packaging should be consistent as well

Woods is a stunning autumnal browny reddish nude, that looks like a cross between an autumn leaf and an oak tree. It is very pretty, it looks like a satin finish here but that might just be the screenshot quality. All photos were either taken from Kylie Jenner's Insta Stories or her instagram page.

Below you can see Jordyn Woods herself wearing the entire collection on her face. I would love to hear what you think of this collection especially after you have seen it on a face. Do you think Kylie Cosmetics is getting better and better? Do you like the collections she comes out with? Or would you prefer her adding to her permanent collection? I think Jordyn is absolutely stunning and everything looks great on her. I especially like the way the 23 gloss picks up on camera, it is very pretty. I just wish more of the colourful shadows were on the eyes so we could see how they perform. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts on this collection. Do you love it, hate it, feel indifferent? As I mentioned, I have moved most of stuff back home, that being said I will be residing in London for the next few days to finish things up. I picked up a new foundation in the interim as I have very little makeup so you will have a review on that soon. Happy Monday, have a great week guys. Take care. 

What do you think of the Jordyn collection?


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  1. It's cool but I'd probably never buy it or use it!


  2. I haven't tried any kylie cosmetics products but her collabs with her family members are cute. x

  3. Definitely not a collection for me but it does look like it has some fun pieces!

    Sorry to hear about your Grandmother, and your move.

    Hope you've been having a nice week and have a great weekend ahead of you after having a less than perfect time recently.

    Away From The Blue Blog


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