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#BADBETI Look by @dressyourface
Halloween is tomorrow, it's my favourite time of year and although I have been hiding it doesn't mean I haven't been appreciating all the incredible talent that is out there. So this is an appreciation post, one of the reasons I love October so much is that it gives so many people the chance to shine and tap into their creativity. There are so many talented people out there that I couldn't possibly fit them all in here, this post contains just 12 of my favourite looks, if you are interested in more Halloween looks check out my Instagram and of course especially check ot the Instagrams of all the artists featured in this post, they are all tagged and where possible I have linked tutorials of the looks featured in this post. Thank you for your patience, I can't say I am feeling better but seeing all these incredible looks has me feeling inspired. Starting with the #BadBeti look by @dressyourface above if I had Halloween plans this year (my lazy ass is going to go to the cinema and watch a scary film instead) this is the look I would be rocking because it is phenomenal and looks especially good with Indian formal wear. I really like it and there have been so many recreations here are the tutorials available for this look. Obsessed with them all. 

Violet Beauregarde by @ellieaddis
A look that went viral, and deservedly so, created by Ellie Addis and based on Violet from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the first movie and the only movie I acknowledge). You know, "Violet, you're turning Violet, Violet!". Iconic. There have been many recreations of this look and Ellie herself uploaded her tutorial which you can watch here. I love this look especially because it can be achieved relatively easy with a varying skill level and can be made simpler or more complex, you can add glitter, liner, scales, anything you want. Really cool look

3D Cracked Face by @promisetamang
 The queen of transformations herself, Promise Tamang, did this incredible 3D Cracked Face which she posted on her YouTube (watch here). She makes it look so easy and I don't know how she does it, all her videos are creative and exceptional. The cracked lips in particular elevate this look to the next level, her attention to minute detail is what makes her looks stand out from the rest. I love how her look is three dimensional and you could turn it into a broken doll etc. it has many possibilities.

Glitter Skull by @rowisingh
One of my favourite artists all the way from Australia is Rowi Singh, a fellow brown girl and one of the most cool, creative and colourful feeds I have ever come across. I always do a double take whenever I see a new post from her, she looks gorgeous and unique. This particular glitter skull is stunning, I love it so much because it still has an impact but doesn't contain  the detail and heavy shading seen in typical skull looks, which is exactly why I love her art it's atypical, original and beautiful. The glitter brows, the choker necklace, the line work, it's just the right amount. 

Demon by @makeupby_makenzie
This demon look by Makenzie is everything, she is an artist I found through searching for Halloween looks this month which perfectly embodies exactly why I love this time of year so much. I think the eye makeup alone with pale skin would be striking enough but the way the horns are attached and the pattern on the lower half of the face is so well executed and really suits her. Brilliant. 

Poison Ivy by @alyssaroseart_
A look on the prettier side, there are so many Poison Ivy looks on social media but I particularly liked this one by Alyssa Rose because of how simple and striking it is. The blood on the corner of the mouth makes it epic. Also, how pretty are those leaves? So pretty. I think the makeup is really nice especially for anyone with brown eyes and the green shade used in this creation looks like it is straight out of the woods from Red Riding Hood, so beautiful and ethereal.

70s Disco Glam Gone Wrong by @beautsoup
Molly Bee (beautsoup) is an incredible artist and I like this look in particular because it screams Seventies, it is a pet peeve of mine when people get their references mixed up, although lord knows I am no expert, but this look embodies that era perfectly at least to me and the blood placement is so pretty. Isn't she beautiful? All her looks are mesmerising, honestly, her talent is astonishing

Leopard by @beautybysofiewa
Inspired by @milk1422 face chart, see that here, another look I found trawling through the halloween hash tags, it is so good. The talent and skill is irrefutable, I hope one day I can achieve a look as good as this. I think it is especially hard when using someone else's face chart as inspiration as it draws on someone else's skill as well and she did such a good job (original here). I'm not going to lie it took me a while to realise it was a leopard but I love that she only did a quarter of her face as it lends it some ambiguity and draws the eye for longer. 

Clown by @powerpuffmoniq
There are no words, an artist I have been following for a long time and someone who knocks my socks off every damn time. Another @milk1422 face chart recreation, @powerpuffmoniq really did that with this one. She is beautiful and always pushes herself. Clowns have been done to death especially with It coming out last year so really impressed with how well she executed this. Unbelievable. Plus, she really made it her own. Also I am convinced that her hair look would good no matter the colour. Seriously, how gorgeous is this?

Snow White by @lisamarie_murphy
I love Disney and Lisa Marie did this gorgeous Snow White look, who in my, possibly unpopular, opinion is the least loved of the princesses as far as I can tell, but she really made Snow White interesting with this look. The accuracy of the pale skin, red lips and dark heir and the costume that looks painted on makes it unmistakably Snow White. Such incredible artistry with how she did the drawings in specific areas of the skin. She really has perfect features

Exposed Heart by @butterflyjasmine49
This is a collaboration between @natasha_noemi and @butterflyjasmine49 where Natasha creates the art and Jasmine executes the look is my understanding. This is so cool, the eyes are edited, but apart from that the heart is so incredibly artistic I love how it looks like tree roots and is shaped like a commercial heart and not an actual human heart. The dripping blood tears and eerie pale skin all add to the look as well. It really does look like a painting come to life, stunning. 

Spider/Tarantula Eyes by @tinahalada
I have followed Tina Halada since she was around fifteen, she is seventeen now and still a fantastic artist. This is the first look of this kind I came across, I don't know if someone else did this first, but I have seen many similar looks since this look and honestly it is one of the coolest looks I have seen this year. It looks incredible on everyone I have seen it on and Tina is such a talented, but humble and nice person that it is really cool to watch her grow and gain the recognition she is more than worthy of. I highly recommend subscribing to her, she is great to watch and is phenomenally talented as well as really beautiful. Her eyes are amazing! Watch the Spider Illusion Tutorial right here

Comment your  favourites below and if you have created Halloween looks yourselves, feel free to tag my Instagram either @alittlekiran or #alittlekiran because I love Halloween and would love to see them and show some love. Thank you for reading, if you have any accounts you want to recommend to me also leave them below and feel free to follow me on Instagram - all my social media links are below - because I post looks from incredible artists lately and a lot of them are spooky af. I am having a tough time lately, it has been a difficult period for my family but I will post sooner rather than later. I have also been having some troubling skin issues (help!) which has prevented me from making videos but I am slowly starting to get in the eff it mindzone who cares if I have a few (maybe a thousand) spots, if I keep doing this I am never going to do the things I want to do. Love you all.If you did anything this Halloween let me know, are you watching Sabrina on Netflix? I started it yesterday, really hope Salem starts talking . . . Take care.

Which Halloween look do you like the most?


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  1. These are all amazing!! I wish I was this good at makeup!!

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  3. Nice post!

    I love the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina. I like her cousin Ambrose I just don't understand how they are related because there are only 3 spellman siblings Sabrina's dad and her two aunts. And none of them are his parents lol so I don't understand who his parents are, lol.

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