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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Full Collection Reveal With Swatches incl Alien Palette
Jeffree Star just unveiled his Holiday 2018 collection from his eponymous brand including the anticipated Alien Palette housed in, you guessed it, an alien-shaped palette that is described as sturdy and 3D, there is a hinge to open it and the palette alone retails for $52. The exterior is hot pink. There are 18 square pan shadows inside with a mirror and the shade names printed underneath, without further ado let's have a look at the shades. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Full Collection Reveal With Swatches incl Alien Palette
Pluto is an icy duochrome pale shade with a peachy yellow shift named after Jeffree's favourite former planet, Titan is an ivory bone matte white colour and is also one of the moons of Saturn, Alien is a lime green metallic shift named after the palette itself, Interstellar is a white gold metallic shimmer, Abduction is a chartreuse matte like a highlighter green/yellow shade, UFO is a green gold metallic, Gravitea is a soft tan matte perfect for transitioning, Martian Soil is a mustard matte, Flying Saucer is the first shadow in the palette with a saucer actually embossed instead of Jeffree's trademark star print, this is a pretty bluish green matte, Phone Home is a mauvey brown matte that resembles the inside of a Smartie if you know what I mean, Moon Rock is a strain of cannabis I imagine, it is a forest green metallic with a gold undertone, X-Files is also different with an alien embossed in the shadow and is described as a khaki army green matte, Ghost OG also named after a cannabis strain and is a dark deep army green, Area-51 is a rich royal purple matte, Space Cowboy is a metallic brown with a hint of pearl, Probe is a metallic greenish blue with a brown undertone, Tall Grey is a grey with a blue undertone and is named after an alien and lastly is Black Hole which is a true black matte shadow. I actually annotated this hope you appreciate it and it is useful!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics  Alien Palette Full Swatches
Onto the rest of the collection, the Velour Liquid Lipsticks are again in limited edition packaging, they come in a white iridescent box which has a rainbow shift. There are 8 in total. The first shade is called Can't Relate which appears like a peachy nude. The packaging is gorgeous in a glitter container with a white cap. Karma is an army green matte that looks almost greyish. Jeffree Who? is a pinkish rosy warm toned matte, Scandal is a lavender mauve/rose-toned glitter, Hi How Are You? is a glitter red berry holiday look, Clout is a dark purple silvery metallic, You're Still On The Property navy blue metallic and the last shade Triggered is a blackened plum shade with glitter. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Full Collection Reveal  Velour Liquid Lipsticks All With Swatches 
There are 4 Lip Ammunition Shades, starting with Alien Tears which is a satin glitter top coat which can be worn alone and on top of other lip products. These lipsticks come in a white bullet with a silver cap. Galaxy Gold is a metallic gold. The Lip Ammunition lipsticks smell like vanilla bean, whereas the Velour Liquid Lipsticks have no fragrance. Beam Me Up is a multi-dimensional bronzey pink shade. The last Lip Ammunition Shade Area-51 metallic glitter green. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Full Collection Reveal Velour Liquid Lips and Lip Ammunition Shades Swatches
Last are the Velour Lip Scrubs which are vegan and edible, there are 4 of these. The first flavour is Egg Nog, second is Pumpkin Pie, third is French Toast, and lastly there is Salted Caramel. Out of all of them the last one appeals to me the most. An iridescent white makeup bag is also available. The collection launches November 9th and the lip products are all $18 each. Watch the full video below.

Thank you for reading, I will try and update this with links, especially UK links, and better photos as they become available. All of these photos were screenshotted from mostly the YouTube video posted above or Instagram (@jeffreestarcosmetics). As you know I don't personally support Jeffree Star Cosmetics, their aesthetic and products don't appeal to me - I am a boring bitch - but these are just my personal feelings. If you do support the brand and the collection appeals to you I would love to know what you think of the products and whether or not you will be buying anything. The Alien Palette looks interesting, the colour story was underwhelming for me I expected something a bit more vibrant I also wish the exterior was more alien, maybe if it was green or something. I don't think it looks very expensive but it is fun and different and I can always commend that when makeup is being done to death. Hope you are well guys.Happy Halloween! Take care. 

What are your thoughts on the Alien Palette?


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  1. I love this new collection! I love how different the palette is from everything else on the market now. Also all of the lipsticks are so gorgeous, as always! He makes some of my all time favorite products! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I love that gold metallic shade!

  3. What a cool palette! Could be the perfect gift for Xmas.

  4. I'll be passing this collection, mostly because I wouldn't really wear any of the palettes shades (there are a few neutrals, but I already own similar shades in my stash)

    But I'd say it's a really nice gift for any makeup lover!
    Wishing you all the best,

  5. Not much has appealed to me from jefree star cosmetics but it's nice to see his products are unusual and not just following the same repetitive trends.

  6. I not a fan of him anymore and I do like colour palettes. But I think for this type of palette they could of had more interesting bold colour.

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  7. The color scheme is very interesting but this packaging shape :( Very inconvenient for storage:*

  8. Ohh this is such a cool looking palette! The names and the theme is such a good unique idea. I've not seen anything like this xx

    Lauren |

  9. It's very eye-catching for sure, but not particularly wearable for me. And it's quite expensive too! x

    Kate Louise Blogs


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