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Lunar Beauty Greek Goddess Holiday Collection Colour Palette Reveal
Manny MUA revealed his brand new holiday collection on Thursday over on his YouTube channel. His brand Lunar Beauty up until this point only had one product available to purchase, his Life's A Drag Palette. He is following the debut of his brand with five new products all available right now. The collection is called the Greek Goddess Collection with everything themed after Greek mythology, specifically the goddesses for the most part. Included in this collection is a Colour Palette ($48), essentially an eyeshadow palette with pressed pigments, a Greek Goddess Highlighter Palette ($40) and three lip products i.e. one lip gloss and two liquid lipsticks. Above you can see the packaging of the eyeshadow palette which comes in a seriously cool black component with a 3D Medusa head. 

Lunar Beauty Greek Goddess Holiday Collection Colour Palette Reveal
Inside the eyeshadow palette there are 15 eyeshadows, comprising of 8 matte eyeshadows and 7 shimmer shades, 2 satin, 2 pressed glitters and 3 are metallic. In total, there are 4 formulas in this palette which differs slightly from Life's A Drag which possessed 3 different eyeshadow formulas. Each eyeshadow is named after a Greek Goddess and I thought it would be cool to dive into what each goddess represents, as I have always found Greek mythology incredibly interesting and rich. Of course there are bound to be some disputes as to what is true and what isn't but truly this was all information taken from Google including the spellings of the names etc.

Lunar Beauty Greek Goddess Holiday Collection Colour Palette Swatches Eyeshadow
Onto the swatches: Hestia (goddess of hearth, architecture, domesticity, the family, the home and the state) is a light matte creamy white, Harmonia (goddess of harmony and concord) is a mustard orange matte, Selene (goddess of  the moon) is a copper red with intense reflective shimmer, Aphrodite (goddess of love, beauty and fertility) is a maroon matte shade with purple undertone, Hera (goddess of marriage and family) is a golden bronze shimmer, Circe (goddess of magic) is a reddish pink pressed glitter advised to be used with a glitter glue, Clio (goddess of history) is a soft petal pink mate, Iris (goddess of the rainbow) is a rose gold bright shimmer with a silver base, Nemesis (goddess of retribution) is a blue pressed glitter suspended in black, Rhea (goddess of fertility and motherhood) is a warm chocolate brown matte shade, Artemis (goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals) is an orange matte, Athena (goddess of wisdom and war) is a pale champagne shimmer, Persephone (goddess of spring) is a medium toned brown matte, Calliope (goddess of poetry) is a deep dark brown matte shade with a plum undertone and Calypso (goddess of seduction - technically she's not a goddess but this seems fitting) is a brown shimmer with a gold undertone. All of this information is derived from good old Google if it is incorrect I apologise, I hope you found it interesting because I sure as hell did. Greek mythology is cool af.  

Lunar Beauty Greek Goddess Holiday Collection Highlight Palette Reveal
The next product that is also a palette is this Greek Goddess Highlight Palette ($40) designed similarly to the Colour Palette only with a white background to Medusa's fabulous head. This highlight palette contains 6 shades, the formula is described as creamy and Manny stresses that he wanted to create a palette that could be used on a diverse array of skin tones. The layout is similar to the ABH 6 pan glowkits such as Dream Glow Kit, but this palette does contain a mirror. 

Lunar Beauty Greek Goddess Holiday Collection Highlight Palette Reveal
Onto the swatches, each shade here is named after a mythical creature and I will add that to the description as well in case you are interested: Harpy (is a half-human half-bird) is the only duochrome in this collection it is a duochrome peach-pink shift, Muse (goddesses of the science, literature and the arts, also daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne the goddess of memory but there is some dispute about this so let's move on) is a light peach gold, Siren deep rose bronzish shimmer, Pheonix (mythical bird that is cyclically reborn) peach pink shimmer that can be used as a blush topper as well, Medusa (a monster, Gorgon, with wings and snakes for hair who can turn people to stone by looking at them) is a bright silverish yellow shimmer and Sphinx (another monster comprised of the head of a woman, body of a lioness, wings of an eagle and a tail with the head of a serpent) is a deep true gold.

Lunar Beauty Greek Goddess Holiday Collection Highlight Palette Reveal Swatches
Last but not least are 3 lip products including the Selene Lip Gloss ($17)Aphrodite Liquid Lipstick ($18) and Zaya Liquid Lipstick ($18). These are also available in a bundle, where you can get all 3 for $40. Manny stresses in his video that the lip products are limited edition and there are no plans for a restock. The packaging is certainly interesting and unique.

Manny MUA Lunar Beauty Selene Lip Gloss Zaya Aphrodite Liquid Lipsticks Photos Swatches
Zaya, of course, is named after Manny's dog. Selene is a light non-sticky gloss with gold reflective shimmer, Zaya is a nude terracotta comfort matte liquid lipstick and Aphrodite is a true bright red comfort matte liquid lupstick. Swatches can be seen below. The packaging is a gold gradient with gold overspray with a diamond-like object at the top. Manny explains he wanted a component with serious wow-factor and says it looks like a wand. The liquid lipstick packaging is limited edition as are the lip products in general, although I think there is a chance he will bring these shades back, just with his standard Lunar Beauty packaging. He has already revealed that he will have a full range of liquid lipsticks coming in 2019

Manny MUA Lunar Beauty Selene Lip Gloss Zaya Aphrodite Liquid Lipsticks Photos Swatches
Manny explains in detail in his video that the liquid lipsticks have more a silky velvet finish, they do not dry down completely and are not transfer/kiss-proof. He wanted to create a highly pigmented liquid lipstick that feels like nothing on the lips. His liquid lipstick applicator is shaped like a Barbie foot which enables precision lining for the cupid's bow and lip line, the lip gloss applicator is a standard applicator. To clarify the Greek Goddess Highlight Palette and Lip Products are all limited edition, The Colour Palette is permanent

Thank you for reading, at the moment these products are only available on the Lunar Beauty website. The Collection Bundle, with everything mentioned in this post is available for $112 and the Lip Bundle with all 3 lip products is available for $40. Personally, I think the collection looks intriguing, I like the packaging, the colour story of the Greek Goddess Palette doesn't immediately jump out at me and I am not a fan of highlight or lip products in general, so I am not persuaded to buy anything just yet. I think the packaging is beautiful and I appreciate a good theme, I will look at reviews and if this collection comes to Beauty Bay I will  keep an eye out. I would love to hear your thoughts on what you see hear, does anything strike you at all? If you have any personal feelings about Manny following the controversy that occurred this year feel free to share your thoughts and opinions below. Hope you are having a lovely week. Take care. 

What are your thoughts on Lunar Beauty's 2018 Holiday Collection?


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  1. It looks great! Amazing palette!

  2. Beautiful palette and love the theme but I'm not itching to buy it at the moment.

    Angela |

  3. The packaging of these palettes is fabulous! I adore all the shades in them too.

  4. OMG! These shades are everything! That blue, the pinks? I love them all! I wasn't even familiar with this lien until just now. I'm so excited when I find out about new products. I will definitely be checking out their site. Santa is working on her stocking! =)


  5. I love Greek Mythologie, but I am not impressed by the color selection, they don´t really speak to me.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  6. I love the liquid lipsticks and that palette is gorgeous. I have not yet seen his video. Will check soon. I am so interested in Greek Mythology. I want to read more about it. Lovely post! :-)

    Via |

  7. I love the packaging and the highlighters look gorgeous!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  8. After everything I've heard about Manny I really struggle to get behind his brand. That palette does look stunning though xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  9. It looks beautiful collection, but not something I haven't seen before. I don't think I would pick it up x


  10. This collection has beautiful packaging but I'm surprised it's a holiday collection. It's nice but nothing that makes me want to order it.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  11. LOVE the Medusa styling, so cool! What fab shades, although a couple there would be a bit bright for me! Looks a fabulous palette! x

    Samantha |

  12. The highlight palette is absolutely stunning, especially the pink toned shades. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  13. The packaging is gorgeous - very different, so would perhaps make a great gift. I like the choice of colours too as it can go from day to night. Would love to hear your thoughts if you did get your hands on anything from the collection :) Helen xx

  14. The packaging and shades are so lovely <3

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY


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