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Huda Beauty New Nude Eyeshadow Palette and Smoke and Smudge, Build and Blend Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brushes
Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, I thought I would share some gifts I got this Christmas. I know that there are mixed opinions surrounding posts/videos like this, but this is all in the name of fun. I love seeing what people get for Christmas it gives me ideas and is entertaining. This is not by any means a luxury haul, but I am really happy with all the gifts I got this year, regardless of price or quantity they are all thoughtful and useful to me. I only took pictures of items I could fit into a square frame, so the scarf I got from my aunt and the pyjamas I got from my mother did not make the cut, but rest assured they are ace and I am very happy with them. Thanks Mum and Massi (aunt). My sister who always comes through for me, legend that she is, got me the first two gifts you see in this post which is the Huda Beauty New Nude Eyeshadow Palette* (£56) and the Huda Beauty Smoke and Smudge Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush* (£14) and the Huda Beauty Build and Blend Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush*(£14). I have wanted the New Nude Palette for a while but couldn't bring myself to buy it, I was gifted the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette last Christmas as well so it has become a bit of a theme, they are expensive and a luxury in my opinion but stunningly beautiful. As for the brushes, I did specifically mention needing more eyeshadow brushes in my Holiday Gift Guide post.  I have a love/hate relationship with dual-ended brushes because I can't think of a cool way to store them, and I feel like Huda products in general are overpriced but the brushes are pretty and work out £7 per individual brush which is not too bad. If you are looking for affordable, high quality brushes I recommend Blank Canvas Cosmetics*, they currently have a price drop on their brushes on the Beauty Bay* site. 

Mon Guerlain Gift Set
The next gift was also from my sister, she got married this year, so I imagine this is a joint couples gift. I know people tend to overspend around this time of year, and I want to reiterate that you absolutely do not have to. My brother is the best example of this, he never wants or needs anything really, except for the odd PS4 game and every Christmas comes around and whether I get him a book or a board game he is always happy and grateful and they never break the bank. If people make you feel bad for spending less they aren't worth your time. When I compare his reaction, and don't get this twisted he can be as annoying as any other fourteen year old, to other people I spent a lot more on and like a lot less it makes me ashamed of myself. I am always disappointed to see how hard I try for people who don't reciprocate, and I don't mean by giving me gifts of equal value because frankly I could care less, who don't treat me as well as I treat them. I want to do a post on toxic people you can;t escape so if you are interested in that let me know, that was quite the tangent, the holidays are a weird time I apologise. 

Mon Guerlain Gift Set Perfume and Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara
The Mon Guerlian Gift Set comprises 30ml perfume and the Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara, out of respect for family members I am not going to mention prices but will include links if I find them. I, of course, linked the Huda Beauty items because I am already well acquainted with her pricing structure and my bank account still hates me for it. The fragrance Mon Guerlain is inspired by Angelina Jolie and is described as a "fresh oriental fragrance" with lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla, which all sound very lovely. I have been wearing it non-stop for the past three days and to my delight I have been complimented several times. It is really nice and is the perfect scent for my tastes.

Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara
I have actually ran out of non-waterproof mascaras and am almost certain that all of them have expired, I need to be more vigilant about what I use especially around the eye area. I have only used this mascara once and so far I really like it. The packaging is cool and luxurious, and most importantly it doesn't take seventeen products to remove. The wand is plastic so be careful not to get too close to the lash line as it can irritate. I plan to try more drugstore mascaras this year like L'Oreal Paris Lash Paradise which is a lot of people's favourites.

Simple Skincare Sheet Masks Rich Moisture, Pollution Protects and De-Stress Sheet Masks
My Mum, sweet angel that she is, knows I am a skincare fanatic with a particular weakness for face masks and she bought me three Simple Skincare Sheet Masks. They are really inexpensive and make such a great gift for anyone who likes skincare products. The three I received are the Pollution Protects Sheet Mask (£3) which is infused with Vitamin E,  Vitamin B3 and Agave Americana that minimise the damaging effects of pollution and hydrates the skin; Rich Moisture Sheet Mask (£3) which is ideal and dehydrated for dry skin and the De-stress Sheet Mask (£3) which is the one I am most excited to use as it claims to soothe and brighten stressed skin which my sleep-deprived skin is looking forward to. Definitely looking forward to trying these out in January.

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Floral Body Spray 250ml
The final gift to be discussed in this haul is the Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Floral Body Spray (£4). The one I kindly received is 250ml which is quite large, but you can get  100ml bottle for just £4 which is a very attractive price. Soap & Glory do so many great deals and bundles for the Christmas period. The mist smells feminine and light which is great, I would love to spritz my body with this after a bath speaking of which: I also received a few different bath bombs, which I am obsessed with, I love taking baths, unfortunately I have used most of them but I still have two left. One of which I am using tomorrow. 

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Floral Body Spray 250ml
Thank you so much for reading, I would love to hear what you got up to for Christmas and New Year. What presents did you get or give? I hope you are having a fantastic start to 2019 and I look forward to writing more posts for you guys and posting on my YouTube, I don't want to be held back my fear or self-doubt in this coming year. Lots of love to you all. Take care.

How was your Christmas and New Year?


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  1. You got so many good gifts!! My Christmas was okay and my New Year's was good!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Happy New Year I hope this year will be amazing for you

    Candice |

  3. I have that huda nudes palette and I freaking adore it!

  4. Wow! SO many really gorgeous gifts! xx


  5. I have been eyeing that Huda palette, it looks absolutely stunning. But I need to swatch it in person before giving in haha.

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