Thursday, 28 February 2019


As promised this is the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation* Review. I picked up the shade F10.5, described as being for "medium skin tones with a warm golden undertone". I do have the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer* in shade C10 as well. I don't consider this to be a perfect match for my current skin tone as it is a little too warm right now but in summer I think it will be close to perfect. This foundation claims to be an oil-free creamy formula which dries down to a demi-matte finish without settling into fine lines to create an even airbrushed complexion. It is vegan, cruelty-free and oil-free, can be applied with a damp sponge or brush and works well with setting powders and finishing sprays for extra longevity. 

This isn't my favourite foundation, after watching both Nikkia Joy and Casey Holmes review it, both had varying opinions, I went in with an open mind and thought, especially with that description, that there was a distinct chance that I could love this foundation. I find it is an okay foundation, I prefer foundations with a pump dispenser only because it is very easy to overdo it with this wand applicator, but on the other hand, I do like that I can apply it straight to the face without wasting product or getting foundation on my hand. All in all, the most disappointing aspect of this foundation is the wear, it doesn't wear nicely, it does get oily/dewy regardless of how I set my face and it does settle into my smile lines which is the most abject disappointment for me. I look for matte foundations that look skin-like so demi-matte finishes are usually a winner and I want a foundation that will last a good ten hours on my skin to last me through a standard work day without touch-ups. I don't mind a little oil, but separation and settling is a no-go  for me. This isn't one of those foundations you can set and forget, other foundations from the drugstore like the L'Oreal Pro Matte and Maybelline Super Stay Foundation can perform this way for me so this leads me to believe I will not repurchase this foundation. 

There is a great shade range and if you have normal skin this might last really well on you, I have tried it in many ways and the best way to use it for my skin type is to apply skincare and primer, set with powder then apply foundation with another layer of powder. This technique works well and improves the longevity of my base, if I spritz some Urban Decay All Nighter to top it off it is as close to bulletproof as I will ever achieve but it does leave my skin feeling slightly stiff and unable to breathe. I would describe this is a medium, buildable coverage, you can achieve full coverage but I feel like I do have to use quite a lot of product to get a full coverage finish which is a con for me. Other foundations I want to try are the Revolution Matte Base* and the L'Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation. It is the last day of February and I have not purchased a single cosmetic this month (go me!) but I have been testing out the new Laura Mercier Flawless Lumiere Radiance Perfecting Foundation* in Golden. A review of that foundation will be up next week. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this short, snappy review. Leave a comment sharing your current foundation down below, I would love to know what your products you are trying at the moment. Check back on Sunday for some new product discussion. Take care. 

What foundation are you using at the moment? 


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Monday, 25 February 2019


L'Oreal Infallible Magic Prepping Essence Drops
The plan was to post my review of the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation, but I found myself in town today perusing the shelves and actually found some products I hadn't seen before that caught my eye. Not to say these are all new, there is a possibility that these have been out for a while but they are definitely new to me. It is only fair to start with the product that ignited the idea to turn my Sunday stroll into a post which was the gorgeously blue L'Oreal Infallible Magic Prepping Essence Drops. These are priming drops that are formulated with blue toned light diffusing technology (er what?) and infused with acai, kiwi, goji berry and hyaluronic acid. This is a lightwright primer essentially that keeps the skin hydrated for 24 hours without any greasy or sticky residue whilst promoting radiance in the skin. Suitable for all skin types. I am definitely intrigued to say the least, but not sure my oily skin is going to mesh well with this product. I will say the name Essence is quite confusing because as far as I know an Essence helps skincare penetrate deeper but this product is a primer and not an Essence? Correct me if I am wrong. 

L'Oreal Infallible More Than Concealer
Keeping it in the family, the L'Oreal Infallible More Than Concealer comes in 25 shades and is described as an ultra longwear concealer that will conceal whatever you need. Full coverage, lightweight, blendable with a natural matte finish that will last all day, this truly sounds like the ideal concealer. I am constantly on the hunt for a good everyday concealer which is more on the affordable side. So this is one I will keep in my sights

L'Oreal Infallible Magic Loose Powder
A mattifying powder  is also available in this range: L'Oreal Infallible Magic Loose Powder. There is talc and silica in this powder which might be a red flag for some. It claims to control shine and improve the longevity of foundation. Like any setting powder, you can lightly set or bake with it if you want to really lock all that hard work in. This particular powder contains ultramarines which gives radiance to the skin all day. This is a pass for me, I think there are better affordable loose powders available, I am still holding my breath waiting for the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powders to hit UK stores. Seriously, when? 

L'Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist
The first ever makeup setting spray from L'Oreal is the L'Oreal Infallible Mixing Mist. Based on the ingredients I believe this will do exactly what it says, alcohol is the second ingredient and this claims to anti-fade, anti-melt and anti-crack your makeup. Again pass, I can just use hairspray if I really want to lock in my foundation. This mist also has "parfum" in it. I don't really believe in setting sprays the only one that has worked for me is Urban Decay All Nighter, if this is touted as a dupe then I will try it but I haven't heard anything of the sort.

Revolution Matte Base Full Coverage Foundation by Makeup Revolution
I was really surprised when I saw this because I hadn't heard anything about it, and this is the Makeup Revolution Matte Base Foundation*. A full coverage, but lightweight and buildable formula that offers a soft matte finish that claims to blurs pores. I have enlarged pores and texture so this is something I will most likely try, pending reviews of course. I really hope that some wear tests pop up on YouTube. Trying to find a good longwearing foundation is so hard, I want some Maybelline Super Stay kind of lasting power please and thank you.

Glow Revolution Prime Set Glow Illuminating Face and Body Mist by Makeup Revolution
Not something that would interest me at present but the bottle was so pretty in store I had to snap a photo of it. I am talking about the Glow Revolution Eternal Gold. They do come in a bronze version as well, I believe these are dupes of the MAC Fix Plus Sprays which came in highlight shades such as Gold Lite and Pink Lite. Great idea for anyone who adores dewy radiance glowy skin, but my skin does not need any help it glows all by itself. 

I Heart Revolution Vanilla Body Scrub
Not exactly beauty, but I was definitely surprised to see that Revolution Beauty's sister brand I Heart Revolution have bath and body products including the I Heart Revolution Vanilla Body Scrub, out of the three products I mention in this post this is the one that is most my cup of tea. I have only tried one or two loose body scrubs but they came in jars, I am not sure how I feel about how these are packaged. I have a feeling I would always end up using too much and ultimately wasting a lot of product.

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Body Scrub
They also have a chocolate version which is the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Body Scrub. They are supposed to be good for dry skin, so maybe I should try these on my feet or other dry areas like elbows but the chocolate scent is a no-go for me. I have a feeling they will extend this range and include more scents like coffee as the Frank Coffee Scrubs are what this packaging and concept remind me of.

I Heart Revolution Unicorn Fizz
This looks really cute and it is the I Heart Revolution Unicorn Fizz, which are little foaming fizzers that you put in your bath and it releases a citrus scent and essential oils. I like bubbles in my bath and that is all I really care about. I have recently started to add some essential bath oils and Epsom salts, but these are not something I would go for, I also don't particularly like green.

No 7 HydraLuminous Moisturising Foundation
Another item that has no business being in my eye line, just looking at it made my oily skin sweat. The No 7 HydraLuminous Moisturising Foundation is a vitamin-infused (A, C and E) moisturising foundation that gives an all day glow for fresh, healthy, luminous-looking skin. It also contains grapeseed oil and says to shake well before use, it does sound great for dry skin, and I saw that Anoushka posted a video on it which you can watch here if you are interested to find out more, because I don't see myself ever needing to try this. This could be a good option for more mature skin also and dry skin would soak this up. 

No 7 The Full 360 Mascara
Another product from No 7 is this mascara called The No 7 The Full 360 Mascara. I do like No 7 mascaras and this one in particular sounds good and I really like the look of the wand which you can see below. This mascara claims to provide dramatically fuller-looking lashes with a curl that will last. The bristles have quite a distinctive gap between them which I am not used to seeing so this will be a mascara that remains on my radar I think.

No 7 The Full 360 Mascara Wand
Allegeldy, this mascara will hold a curl for up to 24 hours. I always use a lash curler if I have time before applying mascara and I do like my lashes to be curled well it makes such a difference to the eyes and helps them look more awake. We all want that bright-eyed and bushy tailed kind of look especially on a Monday morning. 

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Contour Concealer
Available in 24 shades this is the NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Contour Concealer described as highly pigmented, matte and longwearing. I have watched a few tutorials from YouTubers and this does seem like quite a good concealer. I am wary of NYX complexion products and I am not entirely sure why. I can only attribute it to the fact that their complexion products get such mixed reviews, more so than others. I feel like for a lot of base products there is a general consensus for people with a similar skin type but I know many people with a similar skin type have a varying opinion on the Can't Stop Won't Stop foundation so the jury is still out on the concealer. 

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Setting Powder
Along with the concealer, NYX came out with a loose setting powder called NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Setting Powder. I love that it comes in different shades, I have yet to try the trend of setting my contour areas with darker loose powder and it is something I want to try. This is said to be a featherlight loose setting powder which controls oil and provides a smooth, matte and fresh-looking finish. This powder doesn't have talc in it unlike the L'Oreal Infallible Magic Loose Powder mentioned earlier.

Rimmel Maxi Blush in Third Base
Last but not least, I am really not sure if this is new or not but I have never seen it before and I am talking about the Rimmel Maxi Blushes, there are four shades available I believe and the one pictured is the Rimmel Maxi Blush in Third Base, I was drawn to this particular shade because it reminds me of Benefit Cosmetics Coralista which is one of my favourite all time blushes it even has that touch of shimmer in it too.

Rimmel Maxi Blush in Third Base
Described as a pigmented, blendable, long-lasting blush, that will last from the office to the after party, I am sorely tempted to grab one of these. The shade are Wild Card (deep berry shade), Exposed (pink mauve blush), Sweet Cheeks (peach blush) and Third Base (pictured, coral blush with slight gold shimmer). On second thoughts, the Rimmel Website shows a whole host of one star reviews so this might be a pass from me. Thank U, Next.

Thank you so much for reading, I inserted review of the NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop products as I thought it might be helpful for you guys to see them in action. I hope you are having a great start to the week, comment below if you have tried any of these products or want to, or if you don't want to. I am interested in all of it. Check out my social media links below and check back for the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation review as I have finally found the best way to use it for my skin type. I will be posting that on Thursday. Have a great evening or day. Take care.

Have you tried, or do you want to try, anything in this post? 


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Tuesday, 19 February 2019


If you didn't already know, in my final year of University I had a Greek adventure where my friends and I travelled to Santorini, Mykonos and Athens and it was fantastic. I have also been to Zante and I highly recommend Greece as a holiday destination as it has something for everyone, whether you like partying, night life, beaches, quiet time, or art and history. Greece has you covered. The capital and largest city in the country is Athens, closely followed by Thessaloniki. As well as boasting the longest Mediterranean coastline, with the bluest sea of life, it also boasts many islands, 227 of which are inhabited. Of course, Greece is known for its history, and with such a long coast, the beaches are something else that draws the crowds. 

If you’d like to pay the mainland or one of the many islands a visit, here are some tips to help you make your Greek holiday a memorable one.


There are a wealth of options if you want to enjoy holidays in Greece. Book a cabin on a small sailboat and make your way around the Greek islands. Alternatively, book a luxury villa and enjoy a ringside seat next to your very own private pool. There are hostels, cruise ships, guest houses, hotels and more. Personally I stayed in hostels and hotels most of the time and had a great time, good locations, fantastic and helpful staff and clean comfy rooms. 


If you’re travelling at the height of the summer, you’re not going to need a lot of clothes! The climate is typically Mediterranean with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. If you travel to the mountains in the winter, you could even get a good dusting of snow. Remember to pack your swimwear and a towel, waterproof case for your phone, sun protection, and some modest items of clothing, just in case you’re planning to visit sites such as cathedrals. When I went to Zante in the middle of August it was scorching hot and the metal zip on my playsuit burned me, so do be careful and pack for the climate and remember to carry water with you if it is hot. 


Be prepared for everything to be done at a snail’s pace, much the same as anywhere in the Mediterranean region. Life in these countries is very relaxed; some would say almost horizontal. If you’re the kind of person that likes things to happen when they’re supposed to, or you don’t like waiting, you’re in for a culture shock when you visit Greece. In addition to this, you meet such a wide variety of people and truly everyone is friendly and kind and so relaxed. 


So much so that you might need to sign up at the gym when you get back home! The traditional meal in a Greek taverna consists of meze, something similar to Spanish tapas. Your table will be laid out with plate after plate of delicious food, and you’ll have to be very strong willed not to try them all. Plus, my favourite thing about European destinations is the cheap wine and alcohol, Greece does not disappoint. Drink responsibly kids. Mykonos in particular had some great restaurants, I have been there twice now and their gyros (pita wraps) are divine. 


Wherever you are in Greece, there are going to be ancient ruins and buildings for you to explore. The country is littered with historic relics. Some of the most famous archaeological sites are pretty pricey, but you have to visit at least a couple of them during your stay. Athens, of course, is riddled with history and some of the most gorgeous structures that are world renowned. But there are architectural ruins all over, especially in the Greek islands. 


You’re going to need a strong stomach if you want to explore the area using four wheels. Much of it is very rough terrain, so you’ll find yourself being driven back and forth, often at break-neck speeds. If you’re driving yourself, remember to take regular breaks because such challenging driving can be very tiring. There are bound to be plenty of places to stop and enjoy the views.  Personally, I found ferry easiest and you can take planes to the further islands if needed. 

Thank you for reading, Greece has been one of my favourite places to visit and I think I will continually go back there whenever I can. On ferry rides, at the various stops on the way I would want to explore everywhere and the Agean Sea is the prettiest sea I have ever seen, so blue and sparkly it is hypnotising. Are you going on any holidays this year? Let me know in a comment down below. I hope you are having a fabulous week. Take care. 

Have you been to Greece? 


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Saturday, 9 February 2019


I mentioned in my last post (read here) that I am doing a no/low buy this year because I have far too much makeup relative to how much makeup I actually wear. Just to be clear, guys, this is not a review post. I will have in-depth reviews on both of these with before and after photos so you can really see how it looks. This post is dedicated to why I bought them and how my no buy or low buy is going to play out. I was inspired by a lot of bloggers and mostly just noticed how flippantly I purchase makeup, I have so many eyeshadow palettes and once bought they usually remain unused after a week or so of excitement and that's just not who I want to be anymore. I have so many great products that really deserve to be used. Without further ado, here is how the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation* and L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara made it into my shopping basket in the month of January. You will be pleased to hear so far eight days into the month of Feb and I have not bought any makeup. So far so good. 

As a proud owner of the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer* (C10) which I truly enjoy, I wasn't that excited about the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation*. I watched Nikkia Joy's wear test on it and was left less than impressed, Nikkia, with her beautiful Australian accent, has oily skin like myself so I do trust her reviews and really appreciate her thorough wear tests with close-ups that get right in there. In fact, I just watched her Morphe Fluidity Foundation Review this morning on my way to work. It was actually a different YouTuber than I started watching recently that convinced me to buy it and that is Casey Holmes, a fellow oily skin queen. The shade I purchased was F10.5 - for medium skin tones with a warm golden undertone (this is my perfect summer shade, and in winter I am able to lighten it with concealer), it is described as a "full coverage foundation" with a lightweight but creamy and buildable formula that is oil-free and provides a demi-matte finish. It s also vegan and cruelty free

Genuinely surprised by how much I like the applicator which is like an oversized concealer wand. I usually pump foundation out on my hand or my brush/sponge but with this applicator I can just plonk it on my face which wastes a lot less product. Unfortunately, for me this also means I often overestimate how much I actually need and end up with more coverage than I intended. Overall, I have used this foundation approximately five or six times and I have mixed feelings so far. I think it feels like I am wearing foundation but this might be due to how much I apply and in the following week I am going to play around with it further with different base products as well. The packaging, the shades and the coverage are all wins for me and I do like the finish so I have high hopes. I do wear makeup for over ten hours some days though so a longwearing formula is what I am really looking for when it comes to foundation, that looks pretty all day. Stay tuned. 

The L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara, no bones about it, I like it a lot. The packaging is beautiful, the formula is lovely. The way I apply mascara is to curl my lashes well and wipe as much off my wand as possible so I really only go in with very little, this is because not only is it so much easier to remove but it lasts a lot better throughout the day especially on rainy windy days there is no smudging, smearing or weird flecks on random parts of the face. I like this mascara a lot so far. The formula is a little wet, but that doesn't make much difference to me as I wipe most of it off, and the brush is a little big and not as defined as I would like. So although so far I enjoy using it, I wouldn't consider it my all time favourite. I really want to try the Max Factor Clump Defy Volume Mascara

Thank you so much for reading, I am pleased that the two products I purchased were both affordable or "drugstore", I purchased a mascara because I needed an every day mascara for work, normally I never wear mascara but I am still in that phase when I want to look like I care ya know. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. There have been several new releases, but I actually want to try and create some Valentine's Day Makeup Looks, so hopefully that will be the focus of next week, and there is one release that I am keen to discuss as I have a lot of opinions on it. Please let me know what you purchased this month in a comment below. Thank you. Take care. 

What did you buy this January? 


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Tuesday, 5 February 2019


If you didn't already know I am actually doing a low buy this year, I was inspired by Angeschka or Angelica Nyquist and the rules are basically a maximum of three products per month but I will go into more depth on the rules I have chosen for myself in my next post. Because of this low buy I have been pushing myself to start using the vast amount of products I already own, as you know because I frequently complain about it I never hit pan on anything. In fact the only pan action you will see in this post was created by my sister, isn't that sad? Without further ado, here are the products I have been forcing myself to use this month and these in particular are the products that have made it into my daily routine. Finally on the 15th Jan I started my new job so I wear makeup a lot during the week, otherwise I really wasn't wearing any makeup at all so I am hoping to see some serious usage, and maybe even empties, in the coming months. Let's jump in

In terms of primer, sometimes I skip it and sometimes I don't but when I don''t I am more often than not using the Dr Brandt Pores No More Primer* or the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer which is lidless, hence why it is not featured in this post. I love a pore-filling primer and these two both do the trick for me, I do like the Dr Brandt one more because I feel it provides slightly more coverage and isn't as slippery. Speaking of lidless I have been trying out a number of foundations this month and have been using the EX1 Invisiwear Foundation in 7.0 the most. This is because on a day when I was caught in the rain for forty minutes this foundation stayed flawless all day, and I mean I was drenched. I have this foundation, the longevity of this formula is no joke and the colour match is perfect, and the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder to thank for that. Highly recommend both, will definitely continue to repurchase these. 

I can get away with skipping concealer usually, but lately I have been quite paranoid about my under eyes, I think this might be because I am 24. Although my sleep is usually poor my undereye area isn't usually that bad, but I feel like I need to get into a habit of concealing and using eye cream because I am sure those dark circles are coming. I love the Tarte Shape Tape in Light Medium, Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer and the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer in C10, but the Shape Tape I have is too light and the MUR Concealer isn't bright enough to my eye at least. Unfortunately, my Maybelline Age Rewind has dried out. For this reason I have been using the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Medium Light Neutral, it is a great shade, super lightweight, blends beautifully into my foundation, has medium coverage and a nice soft, flexible applicator. A great everyday concealer, but probably wouldn't repurchase. 

Onto the cheeks, for bronzer I am still obsessed with the Nars Casino Bronzer but you must be sick of seeing it. Apart from that the Wet n Wild Contour Duo in Caramel Toffee* is a product I have been using a lot, the contour side is deep enough for me to use and has a nice neutral undertone. The banana powder is really nice and brightening but I don't use it as much as the contour shade. The pans are so huge that I don't even hesitate when going in on a daily basis and I love a contour. Surprisingly, I have been really enjoying the Laura Mercier Lotus Pink Blush*, it is quite a cool toned pink with shimmer but it is not heavily pigmented when applied with a fluffy brush and I lightly dust this over my cheeks and nose. It is actually very pretty especially in winter I think it looks like I am  playing in the snow or something or like a member of the cast in Whoville. 

One thing I am struggling to get used to is applying mascara daily, we all have that phase when we start a new job or school or something and want to make a good impression. I try to curl my lashes before because it makes such a huge difference. I like lightweight defining mascaras that don't smudge, clump or flake and I have been really liking the L'Oreal Voluminous Extra Black mascara I think it is a nice formula that isn't heavy with a medium sized wand, it doesn't smudge or smear horribly (also wore this in my drowning rat experience) and is very easy to remove or clean up in case you are caught in the rain. I wipe a lot of the formula off my wand before I apply it to the lashes to prevent clumping otherwise I don't think it would be as separating as it is. 

Above you can see swatches of most of the face products, for the EX1 Foundation Review click here. Eyeshadow palettes are my vice, it is the one product I am tempted to buy the most of but I have so so many. The three I have been reaching for the most because they contain very pretty, brown girl friendly neutral shadows that are ideal for everyday wear (I will slowly expose my bright palettes to my work colleagues) are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance and Master Palette by Mario Palette (most likely a copy and not an original), and the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette*. I was only using the ABH palettes for the first half of the month, when the speech therapist I work with came in with really pretty eyeshadow and I asked her what she was wearing and she told me she was using just two shades from the Desert Dusk Palette I decided there and then that I needed to start using it more because it is stunning. 

You can see below that in general the colour stories are similar, we are talking warm, golden and reddish shades. I do want to try wearing more cool toned shadows and will experiment in my own time but truthfully at work I just want to look presentable and these palettes definitely do the trick. Another colleague of mine wears this gorgeous eyeliner everyday and it suits her brown eyes to a tee so I might get that in February and try it out, even though I never wear eyeliner it looks so pretty on her. I have definitely been trying to use the Master Palette more, I don't because it is limited edition and sadly I don't think it is ever coming back, however Mario did say in James Charles' video that he is slowly but surely working on his own makeup line so watch out. But at the same time I don't want the palette to expire because the shades are gorgeous especially Violetta it is my favourite brown shade in life which is saying something. Buon Fresco is one of my favourite all time shades as well in Modern Renaissance. I need to find a dupe for those. 

Below you can see the shades I use the most from each palette and they are, from Modern Renaissance*: Buon Fresco (a soft warm neutral matte lavender pink), Antique Bronze (metallic sable with a satin finish), Raw Sienna (medium brown matte) and Primavera (warm gold bright metallic shimmer). From Master Palette by Mario I use Hollywood (warm gold pearl shimmer), Lula (matte warm taupe shade), Violeta (warm brown almost purplish matte) and Muse (warm metallic reddish copper). Finally from Huda Beauty Desert Dusk*: Musk (similar to Lula, a more neutral matte taupe), Amber (a warm orange matte) and Oud (a warm brown matte, slightly warmer than Violeta). The Huda Palettes don't swatch as nicely as they perform on the eyes in my experience. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and were inspired to dig into your own collection and see what you already own. I have such a bad habit of buying and forgetting especially when it comes to eyeshadow palettes so I feel quite proud that I am wearing, or should I say using, more makeup (weird thing to be proud of I know). This month strongly had me considering a lash lift because god knows I do not enjoy wearing or applying mascara at all. Check back on Friday for my January Low Buy Summary where I dive into why and what constitutes my low buy. Have a great week, guys, hope it is getting off to a great start and leave me a comment sharing what you have been wearing and loving in January. I watched the Kevyn Aucoin Beauty and the Beast In Me documentary on Netflix and the film Wonder, recommend both of those! Take care.

What have you been loving in January? 


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Friday, 1 February 2019


Morphe x Jeffree Star Brush Collection Reveal
Jeffree Star and Morphe Brushes literally just announced and revealed their super secret collaboration. If you recall, a while back there was some buzz surrounding a Pink Chrome Brush Collection that Morphe was going to release in collaboration with Jeffree Star, he even featured them in one of his videos. Jeffree cites the reason for the initial collaboration being postponed as due to the rapid growth of both their brands. My first thought a minute into the video (which is at the end of this post - scroll down m'lady) was wow another brush collection. Both Jaclyn Hill released a Face and Eye Master Brush Collection what felt like weeks after her Morphe Vault Collection which boasted four eyeshadow palettes and James Charles also released a brush collection (mostly of Morphe brushes with some custom thrown in) alongside his popular Unleash Your Inner Artist Palette.

Jeffree Star x Morphe Brushes Brush Collection Reveal
Jeffree states he created 7 Custom Face and Eye Brushes in the pink clear Starstruck Makeup Bag. It looks like a cool pencil case. Retails for $49 (alleged worth: $84/42% discount). The launch date for this collection is February 5th in Morphe Stores and on the website. On the day of the launch on the Morphe website each brush will also be available individually. In terms of aesthetics Jeffree says he was inspired by pink icicles, and described them as diamond cut and does say they feel good in the hand, personally they remind me of the unicorn brushes you can get on eBay, 

Morphe Brushes x Jeffree Star Brush Collection Reveal
JS1 | Foundation Brush,  a buffing brush. Synthetic bristles.
JS2: Point Blank Precision brush. For powder. Synthetic. 
JS3: Iconic Contour Brush, tiny dome brush, especially good for nose contouring and small areas. Synthetic.
JS4: Fly High brush, for highlighting, slightly bigger blending brush. Natural hair. 
JS5: Crease Queen Brush, eyeshadow brush for the crease area. Natural hair. 
JS6; Rule Blender Brush, shorter hair than JS5, for packing colour and under eye work. Natural hair.
JS7: Double Trouble brush. Pink spooly and eyebrow brush in one. 

Morphe Brushes x Jeffree Star Brush Collection
Morphe x Jeffree Star Beauty Sponge Trio ($16) comprised of three "custom" beauty sponges, the custom I think refers to the pink shade and not the shape but don't quote me on that because I have not tried the Morphe sponge. The large one is called the Highlight and Contour Sponge and it is in custom baby pink, the two minis are miniature sized versions of the larger sponge designed for concealer and smaller, harder to reach parts. This also launches on February 5th, and everything including the brush set are limited edition.

Thank you so much for reading, I am slowly getting back into blogging. Hope you all had a good January, I am happy to be moving into February for lighter days and lighter hearts, I don't know about you but my January was grim. Leave your thoughts on this collaboration below, do you think this brush collection is overkill based on the recent brush collections with other high profile influencers. My personal opinion is I don't see anything I haven't seen before and don't think the actual brush design themselves look particularly original but they might look a lot more unique in person. hare your opinion in the comments below, I am excited to catch up on my favourite blogs this weekend and step a toe back into this community, hopefully I haven't been gone too long. Follow me on Instagram for updates between posts, I share my blog posts and my life on the platform. Links are below and share any suggestions of what you want to see. Have a fabulous weekend. Take care. 

What are your thoughts on the Morphe x Jeffree collaboration? 


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*All photos screenshotted and edited by me from Jeffree Star's video.  
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