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I am honestly shocked that Manny's latest launch and product for Lunar Beauty is already available on Beauty Bay. Usually, it takes so long for US beauty releases to hit other customers around the globe. Hello, Maybelline, I am still awaiting the Loose Fit Me Powders. That seeing the Beauty Bay post on Instagram, shook  me. I hope you all enjoy this post, for all you need to know about the Moon Prism Powders (£25), including swatches, net weight and price keep reading

There have been quite a few fun launches lately. Today the new Lunar Beauty Moon Prism Powders are live, from Manny MUA's beauty brand. Manny has released four new highlights in a custom component that looks like the powder is encased in crystal. Manny, himself in his reveal video, scroll to the end of the post to see, explained that the name and the packaging of his new product is inspired by Sailor Moon. A show I have never watched, but really want to. Each powder individually costs $26 and is available on the Lunar Beauty website right now if you are interested and also on Beauty Bay, already! The launch was today (17th April) and there are bundle offers too, if you want to buy one or all four.

The Moon Prism Highlight Powder is a smooth, creamy formula designed to be able to achieve a subtle shine and a blinding buildable highlight with just a few swipes. The packaging is created to look like pieces of the moon, and has a handy little compact mirror inside the lid so you can apply your highlight on the go. They come in 4 shades, each shade name corresponds to a planet: Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, that are suited to a variety of skin tones, Manny mentioned that he would love to expand this range even further. Above, you can see the casing is almost opalescent in the sense that it reflects a multitude of colours, is iridescent and partially transparent. Beautiful. I would love to see what it looks like in person, so am hoping they will be available to view at the Morphe Birmingham Store in Birmingham, UK. Fingers crossed. 

The lightest and first shade revealed is Mercury which is a pale white highlight with a gold shift, this would be suitable for fair to medium skin tones. This is also the kind of highlight that can easily be layered on top of darker shades for extra brightness. Manny said the formula is very creamy and smooth, so as not to emphasise texture. Above you can see finger swatches on bare skin and on foundation as well as brush swatches on bare skin and foundation. 

The next deepest and second lightest is a peachy highlight named Mars which would be great for light to medium-deep skin tones. A similar formula to Mercury, this shade feels a little more unique to what is usually available in a highlight range. I am used to a pinkish highlight so I think this is a refreshing colour choice and would look especially pretty on olive and tan skin in the summer months. I can see this shade being very popular. 

Venus is probably the highlight that would suit me the most and be the most popular across all skin types, or at least the majority. It is the ever coveted champagne true medium gold highlight that seems to sell out the fastest in every collection. This again is the same formula as Mercury and Mars, smooth, creamy and reflective. 

Last but not least is Jupiter which is a slightly different formula from the rest of the shades, this is the only formula with a glitter shift hence the inclusion of the photo with flash below. This is a reddish copper highlight that would look beautiful on medium to deep skin tones, the glitter is very fine but in sunlight and under lights would be noticeable and slightly more eye-catching than the other highlights in this range. I also think this shade in particular would look stunning on the eyes

Thank you so much for reading, what I find strange is that the net weight of each highlight is different, I have no idea why that is or could be, so if you have any idea about that let me know in the comments below. Manny's full reveal video is inserted below so have a watch if you would like any more information, or would like to see the swatches in motion. I would love to know what you think of these highlights, do any of them take your fancy. Do you support Lunar Beauty? Do you like the packaging and shades? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Hope you are having a great week so far. One more day of work and then four days off! See you soon. Take care. 

What do you think of this new release? 


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*Affiliate links are used in this post. Images are from Manny MUA's video and Instagram.


  1. I haven't heard of Lunar Beauty before but the packaging looks really cool!

    Anika |

  2. These are so pretty and the packaging is so cool!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. Great Post! I saw his video and I fell in love with the Mars Highlighter. I would love to try it out honestly, but I think the shipping is pretty expensive. I`m probably going to pick it up at a later point. I actually never tried anything from Lunar Beauty, but I do support Manny MUA, I think he´s doing great!!


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