Thursday, 23 May 2019


Huda Beauty is fresh off releasing her new Huda Beauty Tantour and Resting Boss Face Setting Spray. Unfortunately, similar to the setting spray which is available to purchase now, her newest release the Neon Obsessions Mini Palettes have been leaked. Huda announced this on her Instagram Stories, a Sephora employee stole the palettes to leak on their Instagram in order to gain followers.

This is not the first time a brand has had to deal with leaks, Jeffree Star recently shared in a video that his Magic Star Concealers were leaked (post here) and Anastasia Beverly Hills and Norvina have taken to Twitter to lament about leaks of their products. The Neon Obsessions launch May 30th!

Huda is releasing three new Obsessions Palette as part of her Neon Collection. She already has multiple Obsessions Palettes including: Warm Brown Obsessions, Ruby Obsessions, Gemstone Obsessions, Coral Obsessions, Topaz Obsessions, Mauve Obsessions, Emerald Obsessions, Sapphire Obsessions and Amethyst Obsessions.  All of which retail for £25, therefore her three new palettes should possess a similar price point. There is the Neon Pink Obsessions, swatched above. You can see it is quite a monochromatic palette in the pink family, with a lilac and purple shade and a coral pink shade too. I am not sure I would get much wear out of this as I already have the Huda Beauty New Nude Palette.

Next is Neon Orange Obsessions, which is a palette that screams summer to me. I love the colours in this palette as they have a nice range, from a gorgeous vibrant yellow to a peach coral matte and pinks. The goldfish orange shimmer is stunning, but for a palette named Neon Orange Obsessions there is not a lot of orange at all, a tad misleading, but I do think you could create some great fun looks with this eyeshadow palette that will inspire a lot of makeup enthusiasts. 

Last is Neon Green Obsessions, which has a similar theme to orange there is only three greenish shades in this palette. Again a lot of cool colours, I particularly like the purples and would love to see them in a green look as purple and green are contrasting colours on the colour wheel. The blue shimmers are a bit of a wild card, pretty but not sure they fit in with this colour scheme. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. At the moment I have no plans to buy these palettes only because I don't see myself using them very much. Out of all of them the Neon Orange Obsessions appeals to me the most, which one do you like best out of the three: Pink, Orange or Green? I am shocked as to how many products Huda is coming out with so quickly but it makes sense given the leaks which is a real shame. Have you tried any other Huda Beauty products, like the Tantour or Resting Boss Face? Hope you are having a great week, guys! Take care.

Which of the Neon Obsessions have caught your eye, would you buy? 


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    1. I have seen so many videos and they look so good!

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    1. I know unfortunate, it happens really often sadly! Xx

  3. Very bright but also very pretty! The Green one is calling me!


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